One in a Million AND Elixir Vitae Badge

One in a Million badge


The Badges

One in a Million has been around for a couple years.  Make a 1,000,000 hit and get the badge.  If you have the badge, you will find it on page 23.  Elixir Vitae is rather new.  We recently featured it in Wizard101 Elixir Vitae. This badge is received when making a heal of 1,000,000. Obtaining these badges requires a bit of thinking about ways to boost for damage and healing.


Charles, Roslyn and I set out to find out if it is possible to obtain both of the badges with the same hit in a drain spell.  We attempted this with a massive hit using Dr. Von’s Monster. Our attempt failed due to the current maximum damage cap at 1,000.000.  As will all drain spells, Dr. Von’s Monster returned half of the damage as health in a 500,000 heal, despite the fact that our damage was well over 2 million.  Watch our attempt in this video.

Stealing Health

At level 25, you may train Steal Health at Croaky, the secret trainer under the Digmoore Station in Marleybone. It is free to Death school wizards, but may be obtained with a training point by the other six schools.

Since it is a trained spell, you may enchant this card to boost the hit and thus the heal.  This one pip spell steals health from your minion in the amount of the damage.

Steal Health can also be found in the Bazaar as a Treasure Card.  There are different versions of the treasure card most dealing 350 damage; however, the highest damage comes from the Eye of Bartleby pack card at 400.

Other healing spells from minions do have specific amounts of heal such as Siphon Health, Draw Health, Drain Health and Sap Health.


How We Did It

Charles added gear that gave him 105% damage, two damage elixirs, a critical elixir, and used the Berzerk aura.  Then the three of us piled on blades using deck cards, enchanted cards, treasure cards, and gear cards. We used the Red Ghost +25 damage field too.  We were particularly motivated to do this in one shot.  We had quite a bit of overkill.  Watch the video below to see the action!

Here is a list of what we used to give you an example of the types of cards that are available if you search.  (If you are not a Death wizard, you could find a friend that is willing to add the trained Deathblades to you, if needed.)

    • 20% Bladestorm
    • 25% Balanceblade
    • 25% gear Bladestorm
    • 25% pet Balanceblade
    • 30% pet Dragonblade
    • 30% amulet Balanceblade
    • 30% Hydra Hoard Pack Dragonblade
    • 30% Sharpen Bladestorm
    • 30% Dark Pact
    • 35% gear Dark Pact
    • 35% gear Dragonblade
    • 35% Nightmare Pack Dark Pact
    • 35% Sharpen Balanceblade
  • 35% Spirit Blade
  • 35% Spirit Blade from gear
  • 35% TC Dark Pact
  • 40% Deathblade
  • 40% pet Deathblade
  • 40% TC Spirit Blade
  • 40% TC Deathblade
  • 40% Sharpen Dark Pact
  • 45% amulet Deathblade
  • 45% TC Deathblade
  • 45% Sharpen Spirit Blade
  • 50% gear Sharpen Deathblade
  • 50% Sharpen  Deathblade



Be Creative

Although I have not taken the time to do it, I am sure you can do one million damage with a wand.  I even imagine you could do one million heal with a Minor Blessing if you search long enough for ways to boost the 65 heal.

What other spells have you tried? If  you were successful, share in the comment section below. You may offer the exact information someone is seeking.


Happy Badge Hunting!


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