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KI has a really cool mobile game – EverClicker! It’s available to everyone on most devices. What is this mobile game, you might ask? Well.. keep on reading to learn more!

EverClicker is a mobile game, and is part of the “clicker genre”. In clicker games, the goal is simple – smash your way using clicks (tapping your device) and other forms of advancing through levels (in the case of EverClicker, you have click damage and then DPS – damage per second). EverClicker also has a vastly different progression system compared to any KingsIsle game so far, and can be confusing for users new to the clicker genre – so let’s break it down!

All photos were provided from KingsIsle – big shout-out to them!

Stage Progression


In EverClicker, users can progress through stages – each which have 10 rounds of enemies. Every 5 stages, you will have a boss enemy that is harder than the normal enemies. Once you defeat all the enemies, you move on to the next stage, and so on, until you hit The Star Devourer. This guy is the big bad guy of EverClicker, and first appears on stage 40. Once you defeat him, you gain Essence (read on a little further for the run-down on Essence!).

Once you defeat The Star Devourer – you get a star, and you are done with that specific “world”. Also, you can use a hero trait point to receive various boosts through your journey. After that, you are warped back to stage 1, and it appears as if you are starting over from the beginning again. That is not true. Each time you finish a star, an additional 20 stages are unlocked, and you can progress further through the game each time you finish a star.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The hero levels you unlock are not transferred over once you complete a star, but permanent increases from using essence will stay through each star. Also, any power-ups you obtain will stay until you use them.



EverClicker has a wide roster of heroes, ranging from Tina, your first hero who enhances your click damage, to Hansky – a painter who uses his art brushes to strike down his foes, and many more! When you first unlock a hero, it will give their hero power – which range from additional clicks per second, to stealing items from enemies – how evil!

As you level your heroes up higher and higher, you will get to unlock power-ups for them, which will make your team even stronger. These can range from increasing their DPS, to gaining additional stats (crit chance, increased gold from enemies, and even adding a portion of your DPS to your click damage!). As you complete more stars and progress through the game, additional heroes will become available for you to fight with – making your progress through EverClicker even faster!

The higher you level your hero, however, the more gold it will cost to level them. Keep that in mind when you are choosing who to level and how far to level them!



Essence is a key part in EverClicker.. but what exactly is it? Well, this is a drop that you can obtain from:

  • The Star Devourer
  • Warped bosses (Warped refers to bosses that you have already fought once, and are re-fighting, they have a chance to become “warped”, and they will drop essence.)
  • Certain achievements, one for example is unlocking a certain amount of boosts from essence.

Speaking of boosts, Essence’s main function is to unlock your account PERMANENT stat increases to your account, in the form of spirits! These can be a ton of different things, some of which include:

  • DPS, in forms of click damage, idle damage (not clicking for an extended period of time), and normal DPS
  • Shorter hero power cool-downs, and extending the length of the hero powers.
  • More Gold Income
  • Increase the Stage you start on
  • Much, much more!

When trying to decide which spirit you may want, you also have the option to reroll your options. Fair warning – the more times you want to reroll, the more expensive it will get!

Please note, the reroll function has changed from Essence to Diamonds.


Spells are another way to get some temporary benefits. To get spells, you have to create them! How might you do that?

When you defeat enemies, they have a chance to drop items, which can be a number of different things. Over time, you will collect enough to craft spells, as shown on the left. Some of these items are more rare than others, so it may take time to collect the required number to cast these spells. Each spell is a one-time use, and lasts for varying amount of times based upon the spell (for example: Deadly Aura spells will last 30 seconds, and grant you 40/60/80% DPS depending on the level of the spell). There are even some rare spells – only obtainable through the store, or through the daily log-in rewards (Goldsplosion is on Day 3, which is a big chunk of gold that can level your team up very quickly, and Time Distortion on Day 7, which grants you Essence!)

There are quite a few types of spell you can craft, ranging from critical hit damage, to dropping rare items to help you along your journey!

Feast Hall

The Feast Hall is the¬†main hub to spells, and various types of enchantments to your hero – let’s go over which each tab does!


Spells – the green spiral tab on the far left! This tab is where you cast each spell you desire. There is an identical tab once you return to fighting! There is an option to sort spells by only ones that you can currently cast, so you aren’t searching through ones you cannot currently use.

Feast Hall Upgrade Рthe next tab over! This tab allows you to give your feast hall upgrades which result in quicker and longer hero powers. and additional critical chance on your click damage hits.

Hero Quests – this tab allows you to send your heroes on quests – which after a short duration (scales up after each completed quest) – increases their DPS by 25%! For Tina, it will increase her click damage by 25%. These are permanent, and carry over from star to star. Once you complete one of these quests, you will also get essence, and the amount varies on how many quests you complete.

Enchant Weapon – After collecting certain ingredients, you can enchant a random hero’s weapon – which will increase their DPS even more! There is an option to reroll which hero you can get, but it will get more expensive each reroll.

Cauldron – through your tapping, you may get certain foods as drops. These foods have varying EXP amounts, based on what level of food they are. In this cauldron, you can throw the foods in there, and gain levels, which give you 1% DPS per level.

There is a lot to this clicker, and hopefully this guide helps you transition into EverClicker a little more smoothly. Get smashing, and beating those baddies!

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