Back to Basics Spell Ideas: Ice

Welcome once again to another spell idea article! In celebration of Wizard101’s ten year anniversary, I designed some spells that revamp some familiar mechanics with some unique twists. We are going back to the basics with a new blade, shield and convert for each of the 7 main schools of magic.

Much as all the original blades, shields and converts were 0 pips, these new spells will all be 1 pip to reflect their increased power. Today we will be introducing the Ice school version of these spells. All cards created with Legends of The Spiral’s Card Creator!

  • Name: Infuriate
  • Type: Positive Charm (Blade)
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Cost: 1 pip

Description: Next ward recovers 1 pip and max taunt to all enemies
Explanation: The Ice school acts as the tank of the group and this spell enables them to do just that. It allows the Ice wizard a small pip recovery on spells such as tower while forcing the enemies to focus on the caster.

  • Name: Ironclad Shield
  • Type: Positive Ward (Shield)
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Cost: 1 pip

Description: -80% to next incoming attack. Immune to manipulation.
Explanation: The ultimate in shielding power, this shield is completely immune to manipulation meaning it cannot be affected by spells such as shatter or steal ward.

  • Name: Flash Freeze
  • Type: Manipulation
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Cost: 1 pip

Description: Convert next incoming attack to a heal. Increase the pip cost of this spell by 3 each cast.
Explanation: A very potent manipulation that not only stops an attack cold but converts said attack into a heal. Balanced by the fact that each cast of this spell increases it’s cost by 3. The first time you cast this spell it cost 1 pip, second time 4 pips, third time 7 pips etc.

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