Back To Basics Spell Ideas:

Welcome once again to another spell idea article! In celebration of Wizard101’s ten year anniversary, I designed some spells that revamp some familiar mechanics with some unique twists. We are going back to the basics with a new blade, shield and convert for each of the 7 main schools of magic.

Much as all the original blades, shields and converts were 0 pips, these new spells will all be 1 pip to reflect their increased power. Today we will be introducing the Death school version of these spells. All cards created with Legends of The Spiral’s Card Creator!

  • Name: Revenant Blade
  • Type: Positive Charm (Blade)
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Cost: 1 pip

Description: A blade that only activates on self hit spells. Once activated, said self hit spell will not trigger death damage blades and the caster will gain a power pip after casting the self hit.

Explanation: This is a blade that makes self hits usable in the current high speed meta and also gives death a way to avoid sacrificing its entire set-up.

basics death spell ideas

  • Name: Lethe Barricade
  • Type: Positive Ward (Shield)
  • Accuracy: (100%)
  • Cost: 1 pip

Description: A shield that also removes the effects of the spell it is blocking

Explanation: This is a shield that reduces damage while removing effects. So if a Balance cast Loremaster into this shield, the damage would be reduced and the mantle and weakness would not cast.

basics death spell ideas

  • Name: Elysium
  • Type: Manipulation
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Cost: 1 pip

Description: Convert 2 power pips to white pips or two white pips to power pips. Can target any player, friend or enemy.

Explanation: A powerful conversion tool that brings pip manipulation back to the death school (its first pip manipulation since empower). When it targets an ally it prioritizes converting white pips to power pips. When it targets an enemy it prioritizes converting power pips to white pips. However, it will always convert 2 pips so be careful how you use this spell. For example, if you cast it on a teammate with all power pips it will convert 2 power pips to white pips)

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