Professor’s Hoard Pack
Boots Update

The Spring update is now out of the test realm and onto live realm. Back when test realm was up and running we had a weekly 50,000 (fake) crowns to play around with! Once I saw a few packs had been updated, I couldn’t help but open a few too many packs to see the stats on the new gear and what was worth trying to get. You can find the following update regarding the packs in the April 2019 new game update notes under Miscellaneous Miscellany and Spells, Decks, and Packs/Bundles.

Some CCG packs have gear and weapons updated to level 130, including the Professor’s Hoard, Wysteria Lore, Alphoi’s Hoard, Unicorn’s Hoard, and Decaversary Hoard. More to come as the year rolls on!


They updated a few of the many packs in the Crown Shop but one pack had a certain piece of gear that I wanted to focus this article on and that pack is the Professor’s Hoard Pack. In this pack there are boots for each school that are comparably one of the best crown boots in packs and they drop pretty often from what I noticed while opening them in test. I compared my paradox boots on my death with the 130 boots from the pack when I got them and the stats were not that bad. Here is a comparison of the 120 versions versus the new 130 boots that are now available for all the schools.


Alhazred’s Consistent Clogs

Level 120
Professor Hoard Pack Boots Balance
Level 130


Dworgyn’s Dire Boots

Level 120
Professor Hoard Pack Boots Death
Level 130


Dalia’s Sweltering Shoes

Level 120
Professor Hoard Pack Boots Fire
Level 130


Lydia’s Frozen Footwraps

Level 120
Professor Hoard Pack Boots Ice
Level 130


Moolinda’s Spirit Sandals

Level 120
Professor Hoard Pack Boots Life
Level 130


Cyrus’s Scholarly Striders

Level 120
Professor Hoard Pack Boots Myth
Level 130


Halston’s Stormy Slippers

Level 120
Professor Hoard Pack Boots Storm
Level 130

Let us take a look at the main changes / upgrades for the above boots. The boots each give health, power pip chance, universal resist, shadow pip chance, school accuracy, critical, damage, and a small amount of school resist. The only changes observed were:

  • Health – Increases varying from 185 to 210 each
  • Critical – Increases varying from 14 to 15 each
  • Damage – Increase of 1 percent damage for each school
  • Shadow PiP Chance – Increase of 1 percent shadow pip chance for all schools

Are these increases enough for you to purchase
the boots at level 130?

Let us know in the comments below!

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