Empyrea: Dream Shrine
Defeat the Headmaster

Note: No spoilers for those of you who don’t want any! We’ll just focus on the battle and the cheats. If you want to find out more, you better get to questing!

Your 17th quest in Empyrea past 2 takes place in the Reverie. Once the dream turns into a nightmare, you will be facing the nightmare version of the Headmaster, who’s checking if you did your homework!

This battle is actually very interesting because it’s – as far as I remember – the first where our enemy actually has control over the cards in our hand. During the five first rounds of the battle, you will not be able to use your own cards, but will have to complete a couple of assignments through which the Headmaster checks if you learned your lessons.

The headmaster is a rank 999 boss, which “unknown health” (through testing we found out he has in fact about 9,000 health in total). He’s from the Star school. Ravino knew that currently in test realm he has +100% out. damage and 23% Pierce.

Notice that joining late in the first round results in a painful attack: he will cast Star Insane Bolt for 75% of the player’s max health. It ignores his damage stat, his blades and your resist. Thanks to Songibal and Ravino for this!

Without further ado, let’s defeat the Headmaster!

Round 1: A Math Lesson!

In round one, the Headmaster puts up 7 -999% shields, one for each school. Your deck will miraculously have a different content than normally:

defeat the headmaster

Your deck will be filled with 4 numbered wand cards: 1, 2, 3 and 4. They do zero damage on the Headmaster, but that’s of no consequence. Contrary to what you might think, the correct solution is NOT to cast them in order 1 – 2 – 3 -4. Instead, each player should pick the number of players in the battle. If you have a full team of 4 players, each of you should put the 4. So: 4 – 4 – 4 – 4. So if there is only 2 of you, both should pick number 2.

If you pass the test: nothing happens.

If you fail the test: every player that picks the wrong number will be punished

At the end of the round, the Headmaster will cast a star school spell, which looks like a raven, on each player who get the number wrong. This attack removes 10% of your max health and doesn’t take your resist into account.


Round 2: Time to Hand In Your Homework!

This round is pretty simple too!

Your deck is filled with a wand of every school. The logical solution to this round is to pick your own school’s wand. When you do this, the Headmaster says “Check mark for you!”. If you pick the wrong school, at the end of the round, the Headmaster will say “You did not complete the assignment”, and punish every player except the one in first position.

After the seemingly inevitable “You did not complete your assignment” message, you will be attacked with a spell that 20% of your max health and doesn’t take your resist into account. The only person spared from this treatment is the one in first position.


Round 3: The lecture is about to begin…

Another round and another deck! The names of the spells should help you find the correct solution.

defeat the headmaster

So which one should you pick? Listening, taking notes, asking questions and participating are all good things during a lecture. Taking a snack break is NOT a good idea. So take your pick!

If you pass the test: Nothing happens.

If you fail the test: You get stunned.


Round 4: Pop Quiz!

defeat the headmaster

The headmaster will cast an aura on each player. Pay attention to which school’s aura you get. Your job is to pick the wand of the opposite school.

If you pass the test: The aura is removed without doing damage on you.

If you fail the test: The aura will be removed by the Headmaster and take 40% of your max health.


That’s it! After these rounds, you get your own spells back and you can kill the Headmaster! Try to do at least 10,000 damage.


Did we miss any cheats? Do you have more information?
Let us know in the comments!


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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • can i flee and return or is it bad?

    • nvm 🙂

  • Do not use take notes. the negative will cause you to fizzle on the next headmaster question and he will hit you with damage

  • I tried to set up for a scion kill, however he made me hand in homework again and forced me to remove all blades.

    • Try passing your turn when that happens.

  • Okay can confirm he has more than 10k health. I didn’t kill with around 10,800 damage but I think I remember killing with around 11k.

    • My estimate is around 11300, as he got hit by a backlash of 1130 when his shadow self spell hit him for 10%. I have seen 2260 at 20% as well.

  • Opposite School: What does my Balance Wizard need to do. Balance has no opposite school. Or are all schools opposite of Balance?

    • It doesn’t mean YOUR opposite school! Its the aura’s opposite school. The Headmaster will cast a spell on you at the end of the previous round and that aura will looks kind of blackish for death, flamey for fire, blue for ice etc. It will be a random aura, so you have to look at the color of it while you’re in the battle.

    • On the Opposite School turn, you need to play the wand that is the opposite of the aura the Headmaster puts on you, not the opposite of your school.

  • I don’t like these kind of battles becuse there is no idea what they expect

  • Notes:
    1. It’s not that his attacks during the cheat mode ignore resist, we just don’t have any. The deck change is because of a hidden polymorph spell which turns every player into a form with no resistance and with 10,000 Health.

    2. His tardiness cheat is a Star Insane Bolt that takes 85% of the player’s MAX health. It ignores his dmg stat, his blades and your resist; it just takes an exact 85% of your HP.

    3. Currently in Test he has +100% out. damage and 23% Pierce.

    4. His health appears to be 10,000. At least I’m sure he didn’t have over 15k any time I fought him.

    • I should just quit writing how much health I think bosses have in my guides, lol. My number blindness makes it really hard to get it right!

      Thanks for your notes, I added them to the article 😀

      • His tardiness cheat now takes 75% instead of 85%.

  • So I have figured out what “time to check homework” is. It is where you can choose which protection you can remove from the Headmaster’s immune shield. Apparently, however if you passed or missed a turn, it triggers the “You did not complete the assignment” cheat. Not sure if you did it in a group, but if you were alone when you tested it, it may of been because it was only affecting the player that is not in the scene.

    Another thing to note for that cheat, the cheat will not effect the henchman’s spells at all (Idk about minions), but any spells they cast will do no damage or heal effects and yours and the henchman’s health bars are changed to “???” like the boss’s health. That was mostly all I’ve discovered. And also when the round ends and you attempt to remove the headmaster’s shields, he will re cast them back until you choose to remove the shield during the “time to check your homework” round.

    Overall from what I saw, it was quite amazing.

    • Yes, I made the choice to use my own school’s wand as well. It’s the best choice because gets rid of the school shield that you need gone in order to have your team attack.

      However, when you do this (pick your own school), it still triggers the “You did not complete your assignment” at the end of the round. It’s not only if you pass or miss a turn. Hence, I assume it’s not the correct solution.

      Yeah, it is amazing, isn’t it?! I LOVE this battle. Such a cool mechanic!

  • If you try to exit the room you have to go back to Ariel Shore

    • I suppose they’ll fix that. Did you report it as a bug?

  • hmm, you should do a gear guide for test realm incase you find any interesting gear … such as the crafting gear and compare it cabal’s gear or the 125 crafted wands.

  • hmm, you should do a gear guide for test realm incase you find any interesting gear … such as the crafting gear and compare it cabal’s gear or the 125 crafted wands

  • For round 2 all you need to do is all pick a different school from each other.

    • Just 4 different schools? Can they be your own school?

  • If you join late, he will insane bolt and it will always hit you for around 3.8k.

    • Oh! Good to know, thanks Songibal! 🙂 Didn’t test that. I’ll add it.

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