Badge Busters Chapter #3
Marleybone Badges

Welcome back to Badge Busters! This time we’ll be covering none other than Marleybone, the third world in the Spiral and home to many fantastic literary references! Get ready to run some rooftops, because this place has a total of 16 badges!

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List of Marleybone Badges


  1. Mastermind – Defeat Meowiarty
  2. Hero of Marleybone – Complete all main and side quests in Marleybone (excluding Kensington Park)
  3. Honorary Detective – Complete the side quest “Clean Sweep”
  4. Aeronaut – Ride all four shuttle balloons in Digmoore Station
  5. Member of the Watch – Complete all main and side quests in Scotland Yard and Scotland Yard Roof
  6. Honorary Engineer – Defeat Meowiarty, then complete the quest “Bad News…”
  7. Marleybone Explorer – Complete “Stray Cat Strut
  8. Smogger Smasher – Defeat Smogger
  9. Cat Curtailer – Defeat 100 Cats
  10. Cat Herder – Defeat 250 Cats
  11. Meow Master – Defeat 400 Cats
  12. Crusher Crusher – Defeat Spike the Crusher
  13. Machine Master – Clear Kensington Park
  14. Rat Catcher – Defeat 50 Rats
  15. Rat Trapper – Defeat 100 Rats
  16. Pied Piper – Defeat 200 Rats

Main Story Badges: 2/16

Unfortunately, you only get two of the 16 badges in Marleybone by completing the main storyline. If you’re aiming to get badges here, looks like you’ll have to go more out of your way in order to do it… 🙁

  • Mastermind (Defeat Meowiarty)
  • Honorary Engineer (Complete the quest “Bad News…” after defeating Meowiarty)


Side Quest Badges: 5/16

More badges based on completing all the side quests? Who would’ve thought?

  • Hero of Marleybone (Complete all main and side quests (minus Kensington Park) in Marleybone)
  • Honorary Detective (Complete the side quest “Clean Sweep”)
  • Member of the Watch (Complete all main and side quests in Scotland Yard and Scotland Yard Roof)
  • Marleybone Explorer (Complete “Stray Cat Strut”)
  • Machine Master (Clear Kensington Park)


Other Badges: 1/16

Only one “Other” badge this time around: “Aeronaut.” Obtaining this badge is as easy as visiting the four areas accessible through Digmoore Station: Hyde Park, Chelsea Court, The Ironworks, and Kensington Park. It’s honestly one of the easiest badges to obtain in the game!


Enemy Smashers: 8/16

Marleybone introduces a new kind of Enemy Smasher badge, something I like to call the Secret Boss Smasher. As the name implies, you get these badges by taking down secret bosses hidden within Marleybone’s dungeons; on top of going over the regular Enemy Smashers, I’ll also be covering these secret bosses and telling you where you can find them!

  • Smogger Smasher:

For obvious reasons, you’ll have to defeat Smogger to obtain this one. Smogger can be found in Katzenstein’s Lab, just before Katzenstein himself. Getting to him is a bit tricky, so let me go through step-by-step how to reach this elusive secret boss!

marleybone badges smogger

To the left of Dr. Katzenstein, you’ll find a small stairway. Go up, in, and out the exit on your left and you’ll be greeted by this prompt message:

marleybone badges wooden planks

In the vicinity you’ll be able to find 4 bundles of planks, with which you’ll able to get across the gap.

Where to Find the Wooden Planks?

Return to where you received the message to build the bridge, and it’ll build itself automatically. Just like magic! Walk up the ramp, and sure enough, dead ahead is none other than Smogger himself!

marleybone badges smogger location


  • Crusher Crusher:

Defeat Spike the Crusher! Spike the Crusher is a LOT more straightforward of a secret boss. Getting to fight him is as easy as knocking over a few stray milk bottles in Big Ben; no, seriously! As you progress through the Big Ben dungeon, you’re given 3 chances to knock over a bottle of milk (on Floors 6, 10, and 13 respectively). He’ll keep warning you not to do it, but don’t be afraid!

Milk Bottle Locations

Floor 6
Floor 10
Floor 13

After you knock over the final bottle, he’ll appear on the 14th floor, ready to be pummeled!

marleybone badges spike location


  • Cat Curtailer (100 Cats) –> Meow Master (400 Cats) + Rat Catcher (50 Rats) –> Pied Piper (200 Rats):

Here in Marleybone, the two enemies you’ll be seeing literally everywhere are cats and rats… with a few Golems sprinkled in here and there. That being said, no need to limit yourself to farming just the easiest enemies of each type here; but on the off-chance you DO want to do just that, just go to Hyde Park. It’s the first enemy-ridden area in Marleybone and has the easiest enemies of both kind–O’Leary Scurriers and O’Leary Burglars–right there at the entrance.

marleybone badges rats

marleybone badges cats

LOCATION SPOTLIGHT: Spiral Geographic Society Warehouse

Instead of going to a specific enemy, today’s shoutout goes to a location: the Spiral Geographic Society Warehouse in Regent’s Square. (You know, that place that used to be a requirement for getting to Celestia?) If you’re high enough level, up for a decent challenge, and want to knock off multiple Enemy Smasher badges at once, give this dungeon a visit; this place has plenty of Golems, Cats, Rats, and Undead (plus one Crab!) for you to farm!

And that does it for Marleybone!
See you next time for Mooshu!

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