Professor’s Hoard Pack

Released in April 2017, this pack is full of surprises! Let’s get straight to it: shall we see what wonders lie hidden within the exciting Professor’s Hoard Pack?


School Specific Gear Sets

The main highlight of this pack is that you can get gear designed like that of our favorite Professors in Ravenwood! 7 different sets, one for each school, and the hats offer new powerful spells! The gear is available through levels 0 to 120.

Dalia’s Smoldering Hairdo

Dalia’s Blazing Suit

Dalia’s Sweltering Shoes

Dworgyn’s Havoc Hood

Dworgyn’s Sinister Smock

Thanks to Destiny Rain

Dworgyn’s Dire Boots

Alhazred’s Karmic Fez

Alhazred’s Resolute Raiment

Thanks to Destiny Rain

Alhazred’s Consistent Clogs

Lydia’s Frigid Hat

Greyrose Glacial Jerkin

Lydia’s Frozen Footwraps

Moolinda’s Hardy Headwrap

Wu’s Wild Kimono

Moolinda’s Spirit Sandals

Cyrus’s Secret Skullcap

Drake’s Reflection Robe

Cyrus’s Scholarly Striders

Halston’s Eureka Hat

Balestrom’s Blast Jacket

Halston’s Stormy Slippers


Cast Symbol Mounts

We’ve been seeing a lot more school themed mounts lately, like the Ghultures and the flying carpets. However these are something else! There’s one for each school and each one is as awesome as the other!


Headmaster’s Staffs

Brand new, unique and powerful weapons for our wizards to use! Also, there are some very interesting spells as may casts from the wand hits. The wand’s may casts that cost ‘X pips’ don’t actually use up all your pips when they are triggered. Needless to say that this goes the same for other spells such as Monster Mash, which doesn’t actually cost 6 pips.

Headmaster’s Doom Staff

Headmaster’s Crystal Staff

Headmaster’s Sky Staff

Headmaster’s Dream Staff

Headmaster’s Law Staff

Headmaster’s Glowing Staff

Headmaster’s Zeal Staff

Thanks to Destiny Rain

Owl Protégé Pet

The Owl Protégé pet will surely win you over with it’s adorable eyes. Even better, Gamma approves of it!

What’s your favorite new item from the Professor’s Hoard Pack?

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