Fort Rachias, Khrysalis


Two Bosses — One Battle

Gevan Wishbleeder & Jovan Hopedrinker in the Metamorphosis Chamber

“Egads, a Wizard!” Gevan Wishbleeder exclaims as you enter the Metamorphosis Chamber. They are NOT pleased to see you or the mouse Dyvim WhitehartThe bosses team up to omit you from their post.

Wishbleeder-statsWishbleeder is a Rank 13 Ice Boss with 20,600 health. Hopedrinker is a Rank 13 Myth Boss with 20,250 health.  They have two Goliath Black Bolt minions Rank 12 Storm with 3,450 health. Luckily Dyvim is again with you to boost your stats during the battle.



Stun Van 1 & Van 2?

Not this time. Gevan and Jovan are both stun immune.

Get In and Get OUT!

Gevan-IceThe worst part about this fight is dealing with the stuns and blade removal at the same time you need to stack blades and Feints on both of the bosses. While Gevan stuns you with a Frost Giant, Jovan will wipe out your blades with an Earthquake.

Other spells for which to prepare: Fortify, Legion Shield, Lord of Winter, Basilisk, and Medusa.  The minions won’t make it easy either, expect Fortify, Storm Lords, and yucky blade stealing Sirens and Leviathans.

Don’t bother bringing a field unless you plan to have a team member put it up the turn you hit.  Gevan casts Balefrost, Jovan casts Time of Legend and the Goliaths cast Darkwind making it difficult to keep any field up for long.

To get in and get out of this battle fastest, bring only the spells you absolutely need.  Spells to bring: Multiple blades, Feints, Reshuffle and an all enemy hit.  Ice will need one Ice Prism. Myth will need one Myth Prism.


Watch how to win!!

I used five (5) blades and two (2) Feints on each of the bosses with a Deer Knight successfully.



Have you seen any changes in the quest or know any other great tricks to complete this quest quickly? Let us know in the comments below.


Happy Questing


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