Wizard101 Eclipse Towers


 Let’s Defeat Sofia Darkside!

The mouse mage Sofia Darkside is the key to unlocking powerful Shadow Magic. She will share her wisdom with you once you prove to her you are worthy of your Promethean title. Are you worthy? To reach mouse Darkside, you travel up a bridge you create above Celestial Lake. This is all through the main quest line in Khrysalis. You must complete two Eclipse Towers, each with their own terrors.

Free the Shadows
(First Eclipse Tower)



The first battle is against four (4) cursed mice. Easy peasy.

  • Rank 12
  • Life School
  • 3,540 health
  • Begin with 3 Pips holders
  • No Cheats

This is a straight-forward battle. Add blades and Colossal to your favorite all enemy damage spell. Done.


The protector of the Moon Shrine has horrors to show you! Seriously! His horrors include his death field, which you can ignore. Defeat Ravik Dreamscape and his mousey minions with Feints, Blades and a Colossal all enemy hit. (Ice will need a convert)

  • Rank 13 Boss
  • Ice School
  • Shadow Magic
  • 25,750 health
  • 3 of the above Cursed Mouse Knights

Ravik-stats Eclipse Tower

The battle begins with Ravik and one of the mice. In round 3 another appears and in round 5 the final mouse is summoned. Wait to defeat all in one shot or you will be stuck reloading for the final mouse. Round 4 is a great place to hit too.

Ravik will continue to issue his death field, so I would avoid bringing a field of your own. He does use a Volcanic Shield and may Tower. It might behoove you to bring Pierce, Shatter or Steal Ward.

Time to free mouse Darkside from her crystal statuette and restore the Moon Shrine. This is the end of the first Eclipse Tower.


Sofia Darkside explains how Shadow Magic was forbidden by Bartleby and Grandmother Raven as it touches the true essence of the spiral.

Pfft! Leave it to Morganthe to tap into it. I have to hand it to Ms Darkside, she calls Morganthe’s mind shattered! Seems fitting to me.

Touch the Shadows
(Second Eclipse Tower)

Shadow-of-the-LandYaxche returns as the Shadow of the Land.  This guy packs a huge PUNCH!

  • Rank 12 Boss
  • Balance
  • Shadow Magic
  • 16,335 health
  • Begins with 6 pip holders
  • Cheats with a HUGE Nova
  • 3 Laughing Calaca minions

This cheat of his caught us off guard when we first encountered him.  You could wear resistant gear or even use Tower and Legion Shields to prevent damage.  Luckily, we have the marvelous spell Unbalance. This is the easiest fix here.  He uses the Nova every four (4) rounds, but does not seem to use other balance spells that set off the Unbalance.  If you do not have a Balance wizard in your group, then you can purchase treasure cards in the Bazaar or Killiman Copperleaf for 1,500 gold each.

Big-Nova-Hit Eclipse Tower


Next stop is your last battle.  Defeat Sofia DarksideSophia-life-symb

  • Rank 12 Boss
  • Life School
  • Shadow Magic
  • 18.550 health
  • Begins with 6 pip holders
  • 3 minions, Myth (5,200) and 2 Ice (1,200)

Like in the final battle of the last tower, the final two mice are summoned in the third and fifth rounds.  Don’t make the mistake of hitting before they are actually in the battle.  Sofia likes to use heals, might as well take this lot down in one shot too.   Blades, Feints, Colossal=typical take down.  She will also cast a field, might as well leave yours at home.

An alternative to waiting for the Ice minions to appear and enter battle is to defeat the first Myth minion before it has a chance to summon the others.

Killer Graphics!

Along with great characters, don’t miss the graphics here. There are these nifty floor lights that rotate in and out of darkness.  Also, after the towers you add the crown to the Lunar Warden Statue.  It in turn sets off a beacon in the sky, clearing away the evil darkness.  I do show both of these at the end of the video too.

moon-lights   Lunar-warden-statue Eclipse Tower


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Happy Questing!


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