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They may look like crickets, but they are Khryckets. Zeke misses their sweet chirpin’ songs and needs your help to locate the tiny troubadours. Zeke is hanging out with Eloise Merryweather down in the southern section of the Silent Market.

There are six (6) Khryckets to find throughout Khrysalis. Zeke has a precious Training Point waiting for you once you tackle them. This guide will help you hunt them down in super speed.  We have a video guide for you too!  Special thanks to speedy quester Jewel Shadowcaster for great screenshots!




Bastion [Video 3:00] – In the Mausoleum

Enter the left door & defeat the Crypt Spiders that lurk there.  Rank 12 Death with 3,520 health. Add blades and hit with an all enemy attack.

In the next room, walk around to the back.  (You can skip the battle)  You will find the Khrycket in the center of the room against the wall.

1-Bastion-KhrycketBastion cricket map- Mausoleum West 2nd chamber

Duelist Note: The Khrycket quest will not be available at Zeke until you after get the ‘War Plans’ quest to enter the War Room. (After the red cloth.) It is possible to port back into the Bastion Khrycket if someone waits.


Silent Market [Video 4:05] – In the War Room

Enter the War Room on the sigil.  The Khrycket is on the right standing on stone blocks.

Silent-Market-KhrycketSilent Market cricket map

Moon Cliffs [Video 5:08] – Behind the Tree by Ezzric

Head toward Ezzric.  To the left you will see a large tree.  The Khrycket is standing on the edge of the cliff behind the tree.

Moon Cliffs cricketMoon Cliffs cricket map

Last Wood [Video 6:45] – Inside Chihooly Glassshaper’s House

Glassshapers house is not marked by a sigil.  It is near the Last Wood Teleporter.  Directly to the left of Christy Woodlane, Athame and Amulet Vendor. If you have reached this area, you may have a lighted entrance.  If not, at least in test realm, you may still enter the house and retrieve the Khrycket’s location for Zeke. The Khrycket waits for you in the back left corner of the house.

Last Wood cricket - Glass Maker houseLast Wood cricket map - Glass Maker house

Tyrian Gorge [Video 7:50] – In a Tunnel

This little bugger is lurking in a tunnel near the Silent Market’s entrance to Tyrian Gorge.  Veer right after descending the two ladders.  Follow the cave to the right and it will lead up the tunnel to the Khrycket.

1-tyrian-gorge-khrycketTyrian Gorge cricket map


Fort Rachias [Video 9:00] – In a Cave

After averting all the enemies in Tyrian Gorge to get to Fort Rachias, a feat within itself, pass up the first two enemies.  I found passing them on the left easier.  After passing the Goliath Black Bolts, look to your right.  There is a small comfy cave, bed and all!  Ok, maybe its not so comfy, either way, the Khrycket waits for you just inside the doorway.

Fort-Rachias-KhrycketFort Rachias cricket map - after Hisser boss

A shiny new Khrysalis Explorer badge.

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