Pirate101 Best PvE Gear
for All Classes

Much of our Pirate101 content in the past here at Finalbastion has focused on PvP guides and strategy. This time, I’d like to look at the PvE side of things and answer the question I’ve heard a lot from new players, “What gear should I use for farming?”. Below is the optimal gear for each class (generally optimized for both team dungeon runs and solo questing), along with the most effective place to farm it. A quick side note, although much of this gear will be relevant for PvP purposes, these gearsets emphasize taking advantage of how ridiculously quick and efficient Old Scratch makes PvE battles. Thus, a direct translation to PvP will likely give you too many mojo based attacks and too few defenses. How did I make these recommendations? Here’s what I think an optimal set should include:

  • Protection – This is going to come from Valor’s Fortress and Valor’s Armor item cards. I’ve generally listed the highest level (and thus best stat) option, but there may be other options available.
  • Heals – Revives are good. You won’t always need them, but it’s good practice to carry one.
  • “Universal” Offense – Universally available offensive powers that are hyper efficient. This includes things like Blood Flames, Frozen Tide, and Mojo Storm.
  • Secondary Offense – You might need to do something other than stack Scratch buffs and use Blood Flames and Mojo Storms. Powers like Assassin’s Strikes, Super Strike/Shots, and charges are found here.
  • No Crown/Bundle Exclusive Gear – While this gear is good, I’ll only be recommending gear that’s achievable through farming only.

This will focus on gear only. If you’re looking for tips on a pet, I suggest this article. Although it focuses on PvP, all the information is applicable to PvE


Best PvE Gear


  • Hat: Tantojutsu Headband (Valor’s Fortress)- Friar Sand
  • Robe: Captain Blood’s Jacket (Blood Flames)- Captain Blood (both Obsidian and Miranda versions)
  • Boots: Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu (Frozen Tide)- Moo Manchu (Tower of Moo Manchu); Boots of Sanctuary (Valor’s Fortress)- Friar Sand
  • Weapon: Haywire Armada Blade (Haywire Strike, Haywire Shot)- Dreadnaught; Nefarious Knives (Flanking, Walk in Darkness)- Nefarious 5
  • Eyepatch: Asclepius Talisman (Valor’s Fortress)- Sssiva or Diskylos
  • Totem: Ornament of Moo Manchu (Walk in Darkness, Assassin’s Strike)- Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Charm: Seven Lamps Locket (Revive)- Bazaar
  • Ring: Brain Thief Ring (Assassin’s Gloom, Assassin’s Strike)- Tower of Moo Manchu


Generally all these recommendations will be straightforward. As you can see above, bucklers get 2-3 forts (Moo boots are very rare), a revive, some secondary offensive gear from Moo Tower and Blood flames. Flames and Tide will be recommended for all classes. They’re both very potent on their own, but combined with Scratch they’re insanely good.

Pirate101 Best PvE Gear - Swashbuckler



  • Hat: White Heron Crown (Revive)- Bazaar; Oishi’s Greathelm (Assassin’s Strike)- Monkey King
  • Robe: Captain Blood’s Jacket (Blood Flames)- Captain Blood (both Obsidian and Miranda versions)
  • Boots: Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu (Frozen Tide)- Moo Manchu (Tower of Moo Manchu); Dragoon’s Heavy Boots (Walk in Darkness)- Tyson
  • Weapon: Haywire Armada Greatsword (Haywire Strike x2)- Dreadnaught; Dragon-Axe of Doom (Turn the Tide 1, Flames of Corruption)- Nefarious 5
  • Eyepatch: Schemer’s Eyepatch (Assassin’s Strike)- Tyler; Ornament of Sumuru (Revive)- Bazaar
  • Totem:  Bloody Charm (Assassin’s Strike)- Water Guardian
  • Charm: Right Hand Chain (Vicious Charge, Leviathan’s Call)- Moo Tower, Ki-Rin of the West (Valor’s Fortress)- Jinzaburo
  • Ring: Brain Thief Band (Super Strike, Leviathan’s Call)- Moo Tower; Ring of the 47 (Valor’s Fortress)- Jinzaburo


Buck has a lot of options for gear. Leviathan’s Calls are almost always going to be the same as a fort in PvE, since not many enemies have magical attacks, so you only need 1 actual fort at most. Skipping out on the Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu for a hide is fine. Despite not using Scratch, flames are just too good to pass on, even on a buck. You probably want to have 1 revive and at least 2 strong attacks (super strike and/or assassin) as well.

Pirate101 Best PvE Gear Buccaneer



  • Hat: Corrupted Warlord’s Headgear (Valor’s Fortress, Revive)- Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Robe: Captain Blood’s Jacket (Blood Flames)- Captain Blood (both Obsidian and Miranda versions)
  • Boots: Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu (Frozen Tide)- Moo Manchu (Tower of Moo Manchu); Corrupted Warlord’s Boots (Big Guns, Valor’s Fortress)- Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Weapon: Haywire Warmage Regalia (Surge of Technomancy, Haywire Strike)- Dreadnaught; Bound Oni’s Bulwark (Hold the Line)- Nefarious 5
  • Patch: Patch of Strobing Blasts (Big Guns)- Diskylos; Death’s Bargain (Soul Shroud)- Nefarious 5
  • Totem: Kannushi’s Beacon (Assassin’s Strike)- Water Guardian; Bauble of Moo Manchu (Valor’s Fortress, Revive)- Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Charm: Special Branch Ribbon (Assassin’s Strike)- Tyler
  • Ring:Brain Thief Ring (Big Guns, Valor’s Fortress)- Tower of Moo Manchu; Exorcist’s Ring (Assassin’s Strike)- Water Guardian


Get familiar with Moo Tower, because pretty much all your gear comes from it 😉 There’s not much available in the weapon slot. Anything that’s will based with some other up-side will do. Furthermore, you’re welcome to replace one of the Moo Tower pieces with a second assassin. You’ll generally not need so many forts.

Pirate101 Best PvE Gear Privateer



  • Hat:  Matador’s Headgear (Valor’s Armor)- Tyson; White Heron Crown (Revive)- Bazaar
  • Robe:Captain Blood’s Jacket (Blood Flames)- Captain Blood (both Obsidian and Miranda versions)
  • Boots: Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu (Frozen Tide)- Moo Manchu (Tower of Moo Manchu); Auric Peril Boots (Walk in Darkness)- Bazaar
  • Weapon: Haywire Thunder Rifle (Sniper Shot, Haywire Shot)- Dreadnaught; Phule’s Wand (Witch Hunter)- Servus Albus (Phule’s Wand is optimal only in group scenarios with 2+ other players that are using Scratch)
  • Patch: Patch of Tyche’s Blind Luck, Patch of Asterion’s Ruin (+15 Accuracy, Trick Shot)- Diskylos
  • Totem:Jewel of Moo Manchu (Hail of Cannonballs, Super Shot)- Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Charm:Right Hand Charm (Hail of Cannonballs, Bear Trap)- Tower of Moo Manchu; Seven Lamps Locket (Revive)- Bazaar
  • Ring: Southern Cross Gem (Valor’s Fortress)- Water Guardian


Again, you have a lot of potential options. Look to pick up 1-2 extra sets of bombs, a couple of absorbs or forts, and ideally a heal. Adding a hide will better mimic a PvP gear set, but hides tend to be unnecessary in most PvE fights.

Pirate101 Best PvE Gear - Musketeer



  • Hat: Hades’ Cowl (Big Guns)- Grohl, Diskylos, Corrupted Wushi’s Hat (Mournsong, Jobu’s Embrace)- Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Robe: Captain Blood’s Jacket (Blood Flames)- Captain Blood (both Obsidian and Miranda versions)
  • Boots: Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu (Frozen Tide)- Moo Manchu (Tower of Moo Manchu); Swami’s Slippers (Big Guns)- Sato, Rooke
  • Weapon: Phule’s Wand (6 range, Witch Hunter)- Servus Albus
  • Patch: Eyepatch of Recuperation (Revive)- Sato, Rooke
  • Totem: Marshal’s Medallion (Valor’s Armor)- Johnny Ringo; Eyeglass of Reverence (Valor’s Fortress)- Tyler
  • Charm: Right Hand Amulet (Moursong, Mojo Storm)- Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Ring: Brain Thief Loop (Mojo Storm, Jobu’s Embrace)- Tower of Moo Manchu; Wrangler’s Ring (Valor’s Armor)- Johnny Rigno


You should look to have a variety of attacks (Big Guns, Mournsong, Mojo Storm) and a bit of defense (an absorb and a revive). Shroud isn’t really that great for the PvE set, as you’ll just be doing too much damage to your companions.

Pirate101 Best PvE Gear Witchdoctor

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Matthew was an avid Pirate101 PvP’er and was active in the PvP scene since the release of Valencia part 2, before retiring. He was a swashbuckler main, who reached champion repeatedly and innovated new, powerful companion loadouts. Nowadays, in addition to administrative work for the site, he will write the occasional article when new content is released and hosts Pirate101 PvP tournaments a few times a year.


  • Will this ever be updated to take the gutting of Blood’s Flames into account?

  • Is this all still up to date even with the June update?

  • Hades’ Cowl also drops from Obsidian Captain Blood

  • how do i get Oishi’s Greathelm from monkey king??

    • Monkey King’s Dopplegangers in that cave next to monkey king’s cage in mooshu

  • I love the article! Though I’m curious, since you mentioned that you avoided crown gear, what crown gear you avoided? I’m not very interested in PvP, but I want to be ready for if there’s a new update for PvE, and I’d like to have the best gear, even if I should dish out a little money. What crown gear would be good for PvE, and would it be better than what’s already listed?

  • So, What gear should I look for early level? Like, when do I stop using bazaar gear and am able to get good gear at like lvl 20? (Specifically for Swashbucklers)

    • I wouldn’t spend much time farming early on, outside of getting yourself a charm/totem/ring from the Aztecosaur, Prawn, and Dutchman dungeon from around level 5. One drops every fight, so you can always get something decent pretty quickly. If you happen to get a piece of no auction gear with a power, use it, but otherwise, just use dropped/bazaar gear until you start farming the high level dungeons.

      You can also consider farming Captain Blood at level 35 for his robe, but I’d only do that if you have max level friends.

    • Early levels, you aren’t left with other choices but stats gear. Viable gear with decent powers start exactly from Cool Ranch (Gambler’s Stetson for absorb for ex.) So around level 15+ and higher once you go on progressing with worlds. I’d recommend waiting until you max, then start farming for gear pieces needed for your Swashbuckler’s gear. And yes, we do have guides for gear pieces too if you want to check them out!

  • Why level 45 gear?

    • Good PvE gear generally gives a balance between defensive powers (forts, revives, absorbs, other shields) and offensive powers (assassins, super shots/strikes, charges, AOE spells, etc). Most of the good defensive gear comes from low to mid levels, including level 45 gear. For example, swashbuckler fort gear comes from level 45-55 and musketeer absorb gear from 25-35, among others. There just aren’t many good defensive pieces for level 65+, outside of privy-exclusive tower gear, so we have to use lower level items The good offensive gear, on the other hand, mostly comes from Marleybone and Aquila (in the case of privateer) and from Moo Tower, all high level fights.

      I believe I always mentioned the highest level option available that minimized farming, so if you noticed I missed a higher level option, let me know. (I did decide to only mention the level 45 swash boots, since you already get gear from Sand, minimizing farming, while keeping the stats nearly equal)

  • Maybe you could make an article detailing the best builds for companions in PvE?

    • Glad you liked it! Yes, that’s definitely a post I’d be interested in writing.

  • Really useful post, thanks Matthew!

    • To be honest they don’t got good buccaneer gears. The only good gear I see is moo manchu hat lvl 65, the lvl 45 one with assassins strike don’t got good stats in my opinion and there’s no other good gear. I’m not talking about the ones from bundles I don’t like that one either.

      • To be honest, stats don’t matter whatsoever in this game. Having the best stats on a certain piece of gear, while good, isn’t as important as it would be in Wizard101. Instead, you have to focus on powers. The gear we recommend for PvE prioritizes having powerful attacks (2 Assassin’s Strikes + an extra super or vicious), good defenses (some number of Leviathan’s Call and Valor’s Fortress + 1 revive), and the normal suite of fundamentally busted powers (frozen tide and blood flames). I’m not a fan of running full level 65 tower gear since you’ll very rarely need all of the attacks you receive from it.

  • I was surprised to see that Nefarious staff wasn’t on the list, particulary for a class like privy (I like using it on privy the best because range usually doesn’t matter as much since you are mostly buffing / bombing). Granted not so good when you are in a group, but in a solo fight they can be a good distraction. I also like using voltaic fangs from hydra because the skeletons are actually very loud, and I noticed mobs will tend to go after them instead of you more often than with scorpions (this is really useful when you don’t draw tide or flames).

    • On Privy, I tend to prefer melee weapons, due to how powerful having 1-2 assassins available is. However, I can definitely see the scorpions or fangs being a good choice while solo questing or farming in say, Valencia 2. It comes down to a question of whether you prefer speed/efficiency or safety. On witch, you definitely need the range from a 5-6 range wand. On musket, any wand or staff will do in a group scenario. I tended to avoid recommending summons on these lists for a couple of factors, the main one being that, as you said, they’re subpar in a group setting. Also, you have powers like Battle Zeal, Knockback bombs, trained summons, htl units, etc (depending on your class) which can fill the defensive role that summons do

  • I think you can run phule’s wand for musket if your farming group is all witch privy and witch cause bombs are all you really need.

    • Yes, that’s true in a group farm (really any wand will do since your bombs’ range aren’t affected by choice of weapon). I picked thunder rifle since it’s the optimal choice for solo fights and fights where (for some odd reason) you don’t have many Scratch users. I’ll update the guide accordingly

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