Spiral Villains Hoard Pack

This article is updated as of Feb 2023

The long-awaited Spiral Villains Hoard Pack was first introduced to the Loyalty Store in June 2022, and then to the Crown Shop in July. We’ve had gear designed like that of our Ravenwood professors since 2017 with the Professor’s Hoard Pack, and now we can also dress up as some of our favorite villains from the Spiral! Within this pack are three different gear styles, for Malistaire, Morganthe and Grandfather Spider, as well as the Drake Hatchling mount and Shadow Webling pet.

The Spiral Villains Hoard Pack costs 399 Crowns to buy in the Crown Shop. I opened 40 packs to test the contents, and managed to get most of the gear, two permanent mounts, the new Webling pet as well as many other pets, and lots of furniture items.

Villainous Gear Sets

The main attraction of this pack is the new gear, letting you embody your favorite Spiral Villains. There is one gear set per school. Death and Life get Malistaire, Fire, Ice and Storm get Morganthe, while Balance and Myth get Grandfather Spider.

Each gear piece gives dual-school stats, but you can only equip your school’s set. Each gear piece also gives cards of the other school; these are usually minions and/or spellemented Rank 2 spells. Because there is a set for each school (and drops are not class-restricted), there is a total of 28 gear pieces in this pack and a good chance of getting gear dropped. The gear is available through levels 0-150.

Grandfather Spider’s Steady Cowl

Grandfather Spider’s Steady Raiment

Grandfather Spider’s Steady Boots

Malistaire’s Deathly Locks

Malistaire’s Deathly Vestment

Malistaire’s Deathly Boots

Morganthe’s Fiery Arachna Crown

Thanks to Jason FireSword

Morganthe’s Fiery Trappings

Morganthe’s Fiery Heels

Morganthe’s Icy Arachna Crown

Morganthe’s Icy Trappings

Morganthe’s Icy Heels

Malistaire’s Spirited Locks

Malistaire’s Spirited Vestment

Malistaire’s Spirited Boots

Grandfather Spider’s Mythic Cowl

Grandfather Spider’s Mythic Raiment

Grandfather Spider’s Mythic Boots

Thanks to James GiantPants

Morganthe’s Stormy Arachna Crown

Morganthe’s Stormy Trappings

Morganthe’s Stormy Heels

Villainous Weapons

As with the other gear pieces, there is one wand for each school. It seems these wands are geared towards Pip Conversion Rating and Shadow Pip Rating, with moderate Critical and Damage too. Interestingly, the wands provide spellemented versions of Tier 4 and 5 spells as well. I can see these wands being useful in PvE, but if nothing else, they have great stitch potential.

Grandfather Spider’s Steady Staff

Malistaire’s Deathly Staff

Morganthe’s Fiery Staff

Morganthe’s Icy Staff

Malistaire’s Spirited Staff

Grandfather Spider’s Mythic Staff

Morganthe’s Stormy Staff

Drake Hatchling Mount

Remember riding the dragon on your way to defeat Malistaire? Now you can ride that dragon all the time! The new Drake Hatchling mount looks almost exactly the same. You’ll certainly be the center of attention with this mount; it is one of the biggest I’ve seen. The pack drops the 1-day, 7-day, and Perm versions.

Shadow Webling Pet

Is this new pet creepy or cute? I have to say, even though I’m scared of spiders, I’m leaning towards cute. The Shadow Webling provides one +30% Storm Trap card at Baby, and has Storm and health-related talents in its first generation talent pool.

Shadow Webling Talents


  • Extra Mana
  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Early Bird
  • Storm Shot
  • Spirited
  • Add Health
  • Storm Away
  • Health Boost
  • Storm Giver
  • Unshakeable

Miscellaneous Items

As well as all the new gear, and the usual pet snacks, reagents and seeds, the pack also drops several pets and housing items from Dragonspyre and Khrysalis. Interestingly, there are no treasure cards.


  • Bloodbat
  • Fatesealer
  • Firebat
  • Fire Salamander
  • Mander
  • Sandman
  • Skeletal Brigand
  • Skeletal Rogue
  • Skeletal Scoundrel
  • Skeletal Skulk
  • Skeletal Sneak
  • Skeletal Warrior
  • Spirit of Nature
  • Stormbat

Housing Items:

  • Battle Standard
  • Burrower Burial Urn
  • Burrower Ceremonial Urn
  • Burrower Pot
  • Cinnabar Flooring
  • Dragon Bust
  • Dragon Claw
  • Dragon Pedestal
  • Dragon Shield
  • Dragonfire Brazier
  • Dragonmoon Plaque
  • Gold and Azure Chest
  • Great Dragon Bust
  • Plain Burrower Urn
  • Regal Dragon Statue
  • Smoldering Tree
  • Tyrian Gorge Rockwall

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