Lady Stonegaze – Aquila Key Boss

Feeling that Summer heat? Maybe it’s time for a little excursion to Aquila for the sights, the weather, and of course Wizard101’s new skeleton key boss! With the latest update, Wizard101’s Summer Update unleashes a variety of new key bosses wreaking havoc in the Spiral. Aquila Key Boss, Lady Stonegaze has taken residence in the Garden of Hesperides. So let the hunt begin!

Lady Stonegaze Overview

Finding Stonegaze shouldn’t be to hard, she is residing in the only building in the Aquila hub, right next to Vesper. As part of the skeleton key rework, most skeleton key bosses will now require a gold key. So grab your key and head on over.

Before we get any further, I recommend giving the fight a try yourself as my first few attempts proved to be very entertaining. It’s obvious the devs put a lot of thought into this and other key boss fights.

Lady Stonegaze is a myth boss, because gorgons always pick the best school. She doesn’t have any minions and her cheats are pretty straightforward. As part of the Key Boss Rework, this fight will scale off of the lowest level player – similar to how housing gauntlets work.

  • Tier 4 – Levels 110+ – Lady Stonegaze is Rank 20 and has 12,425 health.
  • Tier 3 – Levels 51-109 – Lady Stonegaze is Rank 14 and has 10,080 health.
  • Tier 2 – Levels 36-50 – Lady Stonegaze is Rank 9 and has 4,500 health.
  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-35 – Lady Stonegaze is Rank 7 and has 2,700 health.

Lady Stonegaze


Rank 20 Boss

Classification: Gorgon












Hover or Tap stats for more details


Lady Stonegaze’s Stunning Personality

“Mind Your Gaze, Lest Ye Be Turned To Stone”

In short, don’t look directly at a Gorgon – or in this case – don’t use any spell that targets the boss.

Her passive cheat will be to give players a ‘Blindfolded Hit‘ item card every other round.

There are seven versions, one for each school. Each item card has a chance to cast a variety of damage spells, including shadow-enhanced hits. These spells are used to damage Lady Stonegaze.

“HAHA! Another Statue For My Garden”

If you are foolish to target the boss with a spell other than one of the blindfolded hits, Lady Stonegaze will add you to her statue collection. Players will be turned into a wizard statue polymorph, with little hope for escape.

If you find yourself in this position, do not fret, not all hope is lost.. yet. Players will likely happen upon some spells in their hand after awakening in their new stone form.

You’ll be left with a deck of 76 pass cards. But wait, you have 77 cards! That’s right, somewhere in the 77 card deck lies your salvation, the ‘Break Free‘ spell.

With 50% accuracy, this spell could have you back to your wizardly form, or it might fizzle and you’ll be right back to where you started, trapped forever in Lady Stonegaze’s statue garden.

One final cheat, if the player kills Stonegaze with a standard attack spell from their deck, she will revive herself to full health and turn you into a statue. So despite how tempting it might be, keep the blindfold on!

Gorgon Strategy

Getting a grasp on those cheats turns this fight into a piece of cake. Generally players should attempt to buff themselves or teammates. Because the blindfolded hit spells cost 0 pips, there is a lot of room for healing and buffing so this fight isn’t very difficult whether it’s soloing, dual-boxing or running with a full team.

Keep applying buffs to yourselves and teammates and time will fly. Spells like frenzy, dark pact, balance blade, spirit blade, elemental blade, and blade storm will really help buff those hits, especially if you aren’t getting the one that matches your main school. Alternatively, if you really want to get the most bang for your buck, throw on a universal damage set. This will help boost all of the item cards if you get unlucky with too many ice or life hits.

Lady Stonegaze Goodies

There are two main drops from these new or reworked Key Boss fights. Lore spells and Lore pack gear. In this case, Lady Stonegaze is hoarding all of the Immortal Lore’s pack goodies. Athena Battlesight, Hephaestus and Queen Calypso spellements drop generously each run. Players can get about 14-20 spellements per run. On average, it will probably take players about 7-9 runs to get the 35 spellements needed to unlock all 3 spells.

Each run is also guaranteed to drop a piece of gear from the Immortal’s Lore pack. Aquila housing items are also mixed into the the loot tables. Lucky players will also see the chance to get their a gold key back for another run.

Final Thoughts

This is without a doubt one of my favorite fights added into the game in recent years. The idea of incorporating gorgon lore into the fight to change up the PvE experience was a great decision. Other key bosses added in this update similarly had creative fight mechanics to get away from the typical blade, blade, aoe meta that dominates most of PvE.

Additionally, standardizing a way to get pack gear that was locked in the crowns shop is a great improvement. The spellement drops are once again a reassuring step in the right direction as the devs continue their overhaul of the system. Excited to see what else is in store for us with spellements and other key boss fights!

How do you like the new fights? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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Shadow entered the Spiral in 2010 and has since been wandering the worlds seeking adventures and challenges. He knows his way around every aspect in Wizard101 to varying degrees but has untamed enthusiasm for team pvp and difficult bosses. On rare occasions Shadow dons a pirate hat and can be found swashbuckling around the Spiral in P101.


  • Pets with pierce or enfeeble will get yourself turned to stone LOL.

  • Yeah my 130lvl can’t beat her so don’t know what you guys used but it was not blades shields and every heal known to wizard as I did and so good on you

    • use a deck with only Blades, shields and Heals and use only the card she gives, just do this and she will be easy

  • Thanks for the info. Really appreciate your hard work here.

    • Happy to help! Was a really fun boss in one of my favorite worlds.

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