Wizard101 Member Benefits Guide

Players with a membership get all kinds of perk that crowns players don’t get. This is true for both Wizard101 and Pirate101, though the system is more developped in Wizard101. You can read about the pirate101 benefits here.

The year is almost done and, with that, I present to you an overview of a whole year’s worth of Wizard101 Member Benefits!


These are all of 2018’s member benefits organized chronologically.

  • January 5th until 7th: Double Pet Experience
  • January 10th until 14th: Double Gardening Rewards
  • January 19th until 21st: Free Training Point Buyback
  • January 25th until 28: Double Pet Experience
  • February 2nd until 4th: Double Animus
  • February 9th until 11th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • February 16th until 19th: Zero Energy Fishing
  • February 22nd until 25th: Double Pet Experience
  • March 1st until 18th: Daily Assignment Members Rewards Bonus
  • March 22nd until 25th: Double Pet Experience
  • March 29th until April 4th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • April 5th until 8th: Double Pet Experience
  • April 13th until 15th: Double Animus
  • April 20th until 22nd: Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents
  • April 27th until 29th: Free Training Point Buyback
  • May 4th until 6th: Zero Energy Fishing
  • May 11th until 13th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • May 17th until 20th: Double Pet Experience
  • May 23rd until 28th: Double Gardening Rewards
  • June 21st until 24th: Double Pet Experience
  • June 29th until July 1st: Unlimited Crafting + Doubel Reagents
  • July 6th until 8th: Free Training Point Buyback
  • July 13th until 15th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • July 20th until 22nd: Double Animus
  • July 26th until 29th: Double Pet Experience
  • August 3rd until 5th: Zero Energy Fishing
  • August 9th until 12th: Double Pet Experience
  • August 17th until 19th: Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents
  • August 24th until 26th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • August 30th until September 3rd: Double Gardening Rewards
  • September 4th until 9th: Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents
  • September 10th until 12th: Zero Energy Fishing
  • September 13th until 16th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • September 17th until 19th: Double Animus
  • September 20th until 23rd: Double Pet Experience
  • September 24th until 30th: Free Training Point Buyback
  • September 30th until October 3rd: Double Gardening Rewards
  • October 5th until 7th: Double Animus
  • October 8th until 11th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • October 12th until 14th: Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents
  • October 19th until 21st: Zero Energy Fishing
  • October 25th until 28th: Double Pet Experience
  • November 2nd until 4th: Double Animus
  • November 8th until 11th: Double Pet Experience
  • November 12th until 14th: Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents
  • November 16th until 18th: Free Second Chance Chest Roll
  • November 21st until 25th: Free Training Point Buyback
  • November 30th until December 2nd: Zero Energy Fishing
  • December 5th until January 6th: Daily Assignment Members Rewards Bonus
  • December 12th until 16th: Double Pet Experience
  • December 25th until 31st: Double Pet Experience

Double Gardening Member Reward

During the double gardening rewards event, you will get double the xp AND double the rewards from harvesting plants. With it, you can double or even quadruple your seeds during one event! You’ll have all the Evil Magma Peas and Couch Potatoes you desire! This member benefit usually lasts three days. It happens only rarely, four times during 2018.

The event was extremely popular when it was first introduced. It continues to be highly valuable for newer gardeners. However, us oldies have kind of had enough of this one! For us, our backpacks and banks are so stuffed with seeds that they’ve become a nuisance rather than something longed for. Personally, I’m also a bit fed up with the pet snacks I’m carrying around everywhere as well.

Double Animus Member Reward

Trying to collect animus from a tough boss like Malistaire in Darkmoor? This member benefit is the ideal opportunity for you to farm for animus! Basically, if you have an active membership when using an Extract spell to collect animus, you get double the amount. Additionally, there is the Triple Animus Elixir that stacks with this benefit and makes the chance of getting 18 total animus from one creature possible. Find out exactly how in this article here.

This event has taken place six times during 2018.

Daily Assignment Members Rewards Bonus

Each daily assignment sheet has 15 days, of which the 5th, 10th and 15th day are “chest” days. These chests can contain housing items, seeds, pets, jewels and 7 day mounts. The non-chest days give you small amounts of gold and crowns (and double of each of those during the benefit!).

Daily assignments are pretty nice if you are a little short on Crowns. Granted, they don’t give a lot of crowns, but if the goal is stitching a hat, and you’re totally broke, then this might get you enough. If you really are that broke, you could also do the Free KI Trivia games.

I don’t think the whole concept of daily assignments has really caught on. However, there are still people who do them every day. Some people only do their daily assignments on days that require you to visit a certain place, while they skip all the days you have to defeat a certain creature. We’ve had this member benefit twice during 2018.

Zero Energy Fishing Member Benefit

Many people love fishing and find it relaxing. It’s popular among decorators for example, as well as among people who love to collect badges and collect things to put on display. Other players – often PvPers – think it’s boring and a waste of time.

However, fishing is not just limited to fish! You can go fish for rare wands in the Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria and the bundle houses can have chests with a permanent version of the bundle’s mount. Jeremy tells you more about this in his article. This benefit has been active six times during 2018.

Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents Member Benefit

During this event, crafting won’t result in any crafting timers. This means you can craft as much as you want without having to wait! Also, when reagents are dropped, harvested or collected, you will get double of whatever reagent you obtained.

While this benefit is active, you could go collect some of the most rare reagents in the Spiral:

  • You could farm for Amber at Gladiator Dimachaerus. He’s the secret boss inside Mount Olympus in Aquila. Amber is used to craft Lore spells, so it’s really valuable.
  • You could farm for Flying Squid Ink in the Secret Tunnel in Empyrea. The Revered crafting weapons all require a fairly large amount of Flying Squid Ink. Check our guide out here.
  • You could run around and “realm hop” in Empyrea to collect Aethyr Dust and Aethyr Ore. These are also an ingredient of the crafted weapons. Check our guide out here.
  • Cody Raventamer presents other ways to use this benefit in his article here.

This benefit has been active six times in 2018.

Free Training Point Buyback Member Benefit

Some might think that this is a pretty useless member benefit, after the first time they use it. However, there are more sides to this member benefit than you’d think.

For example, did you know there’s this rare badge called “Master of Shapes”? You can only achieve this badge if you’re level 98 or above, because of its requirement. To get it, you have to train ALL the moon school spells in the game. These spells include all the Polymorph spells and the Shift spells.

In addition, if you’re a PvPer, you could use this benefit to craft a large amount of mutated spells, like the Deadly Minotaurand Inferno Kraken. You can read more about this here.

This event has been active five times during 2018.

Free Second Chance Chest Roll Member Benefit

I haven’t personally taken advantage of this benefit at all. Its concept is a little confusing if you hear about it for the first time. You have seen these chests that are located near the harder bosses, where you can try to get the item you’re farming for in exchange for crowns.

The idea of this member benefit is to give you one chance to open the silver chest free of charge. You can only get one free chest every day for a specific boss, but if you go and farm several bosses, you can open one chest for free for each boss. For example, you could open one free chest at Loremaster, another at Gladiator Dimachareus, another in Tartarus and one more at the end of Empyrea. The next day, you could do them all again for another free chest. Our article on the matter gives you a few examples of places that would be worthwhile to visit during this benefit.

This member benefit has been active eight times in 2018.

Double Pet Experience Member Benefit

The double pet xp member benefit is the favorite benefit of many, next to the double gardening event. I think it’s also the one KI gets the most money through. You can read more about that topic here. While the Double Pet Experience event is active, every snack you feed your pet will be worth twice the amount of xp. This means you can level up pets at top speed!

This is the one benefit that happens every single month. Its popularity hasn’t gone down much over time. There are always newer players, as well as more experienced players working on new pet projects. We’ve been reaping the benefit of this event 14 times during 2018!


Let us know in the comments!

What’s your favorite benefit? Which one do you wait for the most? Are the benefits worth getting membership for?

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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • Ca you use an double xp elixir during the double xp and double up again?

    • Nope. If you use an elixir it will freeze until the event is turned off.

  • Apparently having only a 1 month membership, I don’t get double rewards.

    • Regardless of length of membership, you will still have access to any member benefits that are currently active. Why do you think you aren’t getting doubles?

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