Mirage Faction Vendors

Faction vendors is a new concept introduced with Mirage. Basically, there are a set of vendors that sell exclusive items for gold after you obtain certain badges. The idea is not that different from other basic NPC vendors. The only difference here is having badge requirements to buy the items.


Faction Vendor Locations & Items

There is a total of 6 different factions in the world of Mirage. Each Faction has a different NPC that are spread all over the maps. Here are the details on how to find them:

Guillermel – Caravan

Robin – Aggrobah

Captain Kettay Caterwaul Canyons

Advisor Francy Fries – Rubal Wastes

Destro-Uctor – Istanboa

Prefect Josapat – Yakhal Mountain

Do keep in mind that some of these faction vendors can only be accessed to after you complete a certain main line quest. The NPCs are no different than any other NPC you encountered before. The only difference here is that they sell items that require badges. Faction vendors serve as both a Housing and an Equipment vendor, but don’t get too excited as the gear (hat, robe, boots, banner wand) they sell is purely for stitching reasons. Each faction vendor offers the same variety of items, which include:

Equipment Shop

  • Hat, Robe, Boots (No Stats + No Trade)
  • Banner weapon (No Stats)
  • Flying Carpet Mount

Housing Shop

  • Apartment (No Trade)
  • Faction Decorative Banner
  • Teleport Tapestry
  • Several House Guests

Something you will first notice upon interacting with these NPCs is that you won’t be able to buy the items they sell. The “BUY” button will be all greyed out. This is purely because of one reason, you need the respective badges for the faction. This is the entire concept of ‘factions’ in Wizard101. Unlike in some other games where you can only select a single or few select factions, in Wizard101 you earn faction respect by collecting the badges.


The Badge Requirements

The badges required for the factions are those very same badges we’ve been collecting since Wizard City. Remember the badges you obtain for defeating a certain amount of creatures? Those are the ones we are talking about here. Don’t worry, though! The amount of creatures required is perfectly reasonable and nothing like the elusive Undead Badges.

Mirage badges only require 50 or 100 creatures, unlike the wintry world of Polaris which require 500 creatures to obtain the highest badges. If you already are a notorious badges collector, then you will absolutely find no issues here. Additionally, the very same faction vendors and several other NPCs will have side quests for you that will require you to defeat those same creatures you require. Upon unlocking these badges, you’ll be able to buy items from faction vendors. These are the badge requirements for each faction vendors:


Ghultures’ Bane” – Defeat 50 Ghultures

Trengil Thrasher” – Defeat 50 Trengils

Conscript Crusher” – Defeat 50 Conscripts

Archaeologist” – Sell 50 Antiquities reagents to Guillermel

Treasure Hunter” – Sell 100 Antiquities reagents to Guillermel

Robin – The Hoods

Aggrobah Enforcer” – Defeat 50 Ferals, Thuggies or Fangs

Aggrobah Sheriff” – Defeat 100 Ferals, Thuggies or Fangs

Captain Kettay – House Tabbi

Tabbi Soldier” – Defeat 50 House Purrzian Assailants

Tabbi General” – Defeat 100 House Purrzian Assailants

Caterwaul Conscript” – Defeat 50 Sand Wurm Larva

Wurmslayer” – Defeat 100 Sand Wurm Larva

Advisor Francy Fries – House Calixco

Boa Bruiser” – Defeat 50 Boas

Unconstrictable” – Defeat 100 Boas

Calixco Commando” – Defeat 50 Vipers

Vipers’ Bane” – Defeat 100 Vipers


Dunes Warrior” – Defeat 50 Djin

Dunes Veteran” – Defeat 100 Djin

Serpentine Scout” – Defeat 50 Calixco Guards

Serpentine Avenger” – Defeat 100 Calixco Guards

Prefect Josapat – House Sayameez

Dunes Marshal” – Defeat 50 Sandwitches

Sandwitches’ Scourge” – Defeat 100 Sandwitches

Sayameez Sergeant” – Defeat 50 Bumbai Rebels

Rebellion Crusher” – Defeat 100 Bumbai Rebels



Apartments are basically the same concept as the Dorm Room and the Arcanum Apartment. When you exit both, you end up in different locations in the Spiral, such as when you exit the Dorm Room you end up in Ravenwood. Thus, when you exit any of the 6 apartments you will end up in one of their respective areas. Additionally, the apartments take up a housing slot and will require an Additional Castle Elixir if your wizard is maxed out.

Whether they are worth getting or not is a different question though. Each apartments will require you to defeat 100-200 creatures and still cost a considerable amount of gold. Still having an open plan apartment is a great decorating tool especially for mazes.

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