Pirate101 April Fool’s PvP Tournament

We are excited to announce our April Fool’s Day Pirate101 PvP Tournament! Unlike many other tournaments, this one doesn’t take itself very seriously, as you’ll see from the rules ;). Before any of that, here are the logistics of the tournament

pirate101 april fool's tournament preview

Basic Rules

  • All participants must be on the US Pirate101 server and be level 60+. You will declare a single pirate during sign-ups. There will be no switching pirates between rounds.
  • The tournament will be a single-elimination, bracketed tournament (the finals, and only the finals, will be best of 3) and will start April 1st.
  • All participants will join a tournament-exclusive Discord server in order to schedule their matches with their opponent.
  • Participants are given 1 week to complete the matches for each round. If you and your opponent cannot schedule a mutually acceptable time, let an organizer know and we can look into providing an extension.
  • All matches will take place in the Spar Chamber.
  • Your internet connection is your responsibility. Should both players disconnect simultaneously (due to a server DDOS attack, for instance), the match will be restarted with no consequences to either player.
  • Prizes are as follows:
    • First place: 10,000 Crowns + Ball ‘n Chain Mount
    • Second place: 5,000 Crowns + Ball ‘n Chain Mount
    • Third place: 2,500 Crowns
    • Fourth place: 2,500 Crowns
    • All players that complete all of their matches will receive a code for a 399 Crown Pirate101 Booster pack

As I noted before, the rules for this tournament are very unique. Please read them extremely carefully, as to not accidentally break them. Should you have questions, you can contact us in the comments, on social media, or on Discord.

Gear and Power Rules

  • All “No Auction” gear is banned.
  • All pets are banned.
  • The following powers are banned:
    • Valor’s Fortress
    • Blast of Discord
  • Any two pieces of gear that you equip cannot have the same power grants. For example, I can only run 1 piece of gear with a revive power on it. Running 2 or more would be illegal.
  • Weapon restrictions: (pay close attention)
    • All weapons used must be of a singular type (ex: only 1 of smashy, slashy, stabby, shooty, or staffy).
    • No hybrid weapons (slashy stabby weapons are banned, for instance)
    • Melee pirates (swashbucklers, buccaneers, and privateers) cannot use melee weapons (smashy, slashy, and stabby weapons). They must instead use either shooty or staffy weapons
    • Musketeer pirates cannot use shooty weapons. They must instead use staffy or melee weapons (smashy, slashy, and stabby weapons)
    • Witchdoctor pirates can not use staffy weapons. They must instead use shooty or melee weapons (smashy, slashy, and stabby weapons)

Companion Rules

I’m sure many of you have heard of “meme” companions. Units like Nurse Quinn, the Monquistans, and the Chicken Miner are units that largely fail to see play in PvE or PvP. The idea for this tournament is largely based on forcibly giving these “meme” tier companions a chance to shine. So, we’ve made a list of companions that are legal for each class of Pirate. The companions on this list are all obtainable from storyline and side quests exclusively. Purchased companions of any sort are not allowed in this tournament.

pirate101 april fool's tournament - nurse quinn companion

Remember, your companions must come from your class’ list of companions. If you think we’ve missed one, contact us. Just a note, we have pre-emptively banned some side quest units for power level concerns.


  • Chicken Miner
  • Crab Hermit
  • Crazy Monquistador
  • Froggo Villa
  • Ju Hao
  • Lt Springer
  • Monkey King
  • Monquistador Veteran
  • Nurse Quinn
  • Stormy Sky
  • Weasel Gambler
  • Yakooza


  • Batacuda
  • Bat Masterson
  • Bones McGee
  • Crokagator
  • Dan Drake
  • Ghost Singer
  • Helephant
  • Ju Hao
  • Monkey King
  • Samoorai Musketeer
  • Scorpius
  • Skyfire
  • Sky Snake


  • Bagha Khan
  • Ju Hao
  • Lost Ranger
  • Monkey King
  • Monquistador Crossbowman
  • Mustang Gaucho
  • Nadya
  • Pig Raider Crossbowman
  • Taro Moomori
  • Water Mole Slingman


  • Bison Hunter
  • Black Storm Elder
  • Corporal Sanders
  • Eagle Archer
  • Hidenari Kuga
  • Ju Hao
  • Masamune Goto
  • Monkey King
  • Romba


  • Bison Shaman
  • Eric Jolly
  • Horse Crossbowman
  • Inoshishi Chief
  • Inoshishi Necromancer
  • Jim Masterson
  • Ju Hao
  • Kzinti Singh
  • Monkey King
  • Monquisitor
  • Monterey Jack
  • Mustang Rowdy
  • Nanu Nanu

Signup Link

Here is the link to sign up for the tournament. They will remain open through the start of the tournament on April 1st, 2019. At that point, we will create the bracket and matches will begin. Best of luck to any interested participants!


April Fool’s Tournament Signup


Best of luck duelists!
If you have questions, contact us on social media or in the comments below.

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Matthew was an avid Pirate101 PvP’er and was active in the PvP scene since the release of Valencia part 2, before retiring. He was a swashbuckler main, who reached champion repeatedly and innovated new, powerful companion loadouts. Nowadays, in addition to administrative work for the site, he will write the occasional article when new content is released and hosts Pirate101 PvP tournaments a few times a year.


  • Are we allowed to wear pieces of gear with a power we already have, for example a Witchdoctor with a piece granting Mojo Storm?

    • Yes you can!

  • Hey Smiling Evelyn Windlass (Shadow179 on discord), I need the 4 number tag following your name to invite you to the tournament server. You can find it on the bottom left corner of your discord screen. It should look like this: Shadow179#1234. If you’re reading this, please provide this 4 number tag or another means of communication. We look forward to having you participate

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