Wallaru Eloise Quest
Guide to the Golden Wattles

In your journey through Wizard101 you will notice a series of side quests from Prospector Zeke who is always accompanied by Eloise Merryweather. Most of the time, Eloise simply has gear you can buy for stitching, but in higher level worlds she will also provide you with a quest. Her quests are also one huge scavenger hunt for select items hidden in each world. In this article we will be looking at the Wallaru Eloise quest and what you will need to find to complete it. Eloise sends you after the Golden Wattles, a flower native to South Australia- I mean Wallaru.

Why should I do these quests?

There is one simple answer to the question. Besides being fun and unique, they award you with a training point when the quest is completed. You can then use the training point to learn new spells from other schools.

This time round, this quest doesn’t provide you with a training point. Instead, the reward includes a Gold Skeleton Key and a couple spellements for your school’s Wallaru spell.

Where are the Golden Waddles?

You will generally find one in each map of the world that the quest is located in. Let’s take a look at Wallaru locations below:

Hope Springs Golden Wattle

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Kingsland Golden Wattle

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Outback Golden Wattle

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Wobbegong Territory Golden Wattle

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Collie Ranch Golden Wattle

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Eucalyptus Forest Golden Wattle


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Billabong Resort Golden Wattle


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