Double Monstrology Animus
Member Benefit

The weekend is finally here and with it comes a brand new member benefit! That’s right! Now that the Spiral was blessed with Monstrology, we also have Double Monstrology Animus to top it all off. If you’re a member, head over to Wizard101 right now and start fighting any creatures you can collect animus from. Not just that! You can also use a Triple Animus Elixir to get even more animus. Shall we do the math?

  • 3 Animus per usual reward: 3
  • Double Animus event: x2
  • Triple Animus Elixir: x3
  • = 18 animus from just one creature

Which means that you can get a maximum of 72 animus from a battle with 4 creatures in it! The place I like to farm with my max lvl storm wizard is the first 3 levels of Briskbreeze Tower. It contains 3 fights with purely undead creatures in it. After I complete the third level, I quit and start over in order to get the most of the elixir. On the other hand, it just costs 150 crowns.

Double Monstrology Animus Overload

You can also take a completely different way and farm high leveled creatures like the Vault Conscripts in Mirage’s Alkali Barrows. Those minions are easy and are also great minions if you want to start questing on a low level wizard… lifehack, shhhh. Additionally, this sounds like a great opportunity to go for the new animus and undead badges that have been added with the Monstrology update.

Double Monstrology Animus Undead Badge

Double Monstrology Animus Animus Badge

Hurry up! This member benefit only lasts till May 21st, so make the best use of this weekend. For a quick reminder on which creatures you can get animus from, see each of our Monstrology creatures lists (divided by world).

Monstrology Guides

Which creatures are you planning to farm for animus? Let us know in the comments below!

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