Troggy Treasures Booster Pack Guide

A splendid Valentine’s Day Surprise, the Troggy Treasures pack was suddenly released following a Pirate101 morning maintenance! Included in this pack of a highly-requested theme are five brand-new Troggy Companions! This is the first companion pack we have received since the Pirate Nightmare Pack in 2019.

Alongside the Troggy pack were a series of buffs and reworks for the two pre-existing Troggy companions: Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah and the Yule Trogg. They are now significantly more usable, so be sure to take another look at them with their new changes!

What are we waiting for? This Troggy pack is here to stay; let’s rib-it open and get started!

Troggy Companions

Let’s get croaking about all these Troggy companions! There are five as usual, and one for each Pirate class. These troggy companions are definitely the most unique we’ve seen ever before, noticeably in their epic talent choices.

Since everyone seems to open companion packs at max level, I’ve opened it on my level two so that we can see exactly what each start with and extrapolate their progression! None of these Troggy companions have promotions, so they get their best powers right off the bat. This also means they start with a ridiculous number of epic selections! They all have the Jump talent, since a Troggy is a frog.

Troggy Buccaneer

This troggy buccaneer introduces a brand new epic to the game – Retaliation. Functioning similar to Vengeance Strike, the companion will make an extra hit when attacked. However, unlike Vengeance, this applies to shooty attacks only instead of melee attacks only. Unfortunately it does not work on staffy attacks!

Ook starts out at any level with all 3 of his powers: Super Strike, Leviathan’s Cry (Kraken’s Lament, but blocks ranged and staff based attacks instead of melee), and Troggy Smash (hit and reduce agility and will by 50% for 3 rounds). He also has three starting epics, being Turn the Tide, Witch Hunter, and Retaliation. Seeing as he finishes with 6 epic selections, he gets the basic progression of an epic at levels 15, 35, and 55. In summation, that’s 9 total epics. Make sure to look closely at his talents, otherwise his Jump and Alert (which is a rarity on buccaneer units) might slip right by your eye.

He can train (yes, train) up to Tide 3. Other possibilities include Retaliation 2, Witch Hunter 2, Blade Storm 2, Relentless 2, and Cheap Shot 2.

When I mentioned how unique these Troggy companions are, I wasn’t kidding! This Troggy buccaneer is a counterplay unit, with both Witch Hunter and Retaliation as great ways to counter Witchdoctors and Musketeers respectively. His high strength as a buck unit will prove criticals to be easy work! Why not capitalize on this strength (pun intended) and go for a cool ranged counter build?

I personally will be running something along the lines of Witch Hunter 2, Retaliation 2, Relentless 2, Blade 2, Tide 1. If I find that he does not critical on muskets and witches as much as I’d like, I will likely drop a level of Blade Storm for another in Turn the Tide.

Troggy Privateer

So the Troggy buccaneer has his niche, but what about Mr. Gloryfoot over here? Well, he’s certainly securing glory in the Troggy Hall of Fame for being the first companion to have trainable powers! Contessa was technically the first, back in test realm for Valencia Part 2, but that didn’t stick around.

Glorrip begins his journey with Super Strike and Focus Fire powers, and his base epics are Second Chance and Flanking. Yes, it’s less than Ook, but guess what’s not less? His epic selections. He gets a whopping 8 choices: a massive 5 to start, alongside the typical level 15, 35, and 55. And, of course, he has the standardized Troggy jump talent. So if you’re counting, that’s a clean 10 epics!

His possibilities for trained epics include Second Chance 3, Flanking 3, Repel Boarders 2, Cheap Shot 2, Relentless 2, Blade Storm 2, and Witch Hunter 2. Now, I hope that training powers piqued your interest, because he’s got quite an interesting selection. If you’re not quite feeling giving him 8 more epic talents, you can choose to give him Call to Arms or Walk in Darkness instead. Yes, he can train hide. This power-training option is present at level 70 but not at level 2, so it clearly unlocks at some level in-between.

While a lot of players seem to hate the Flanking and Repel Boarders on hide companions such as Fan Flanders and Sarah Steele, Glorrip takes no shame in his talent selection and is a master of movement. Maybe that’s why they named him Gloryfoot? His interesting epic selection to juxtapose his hide power (that we know everyone will be running) gives him a unique playstyle unlike any other companion so far. Where you choose to place him matters, and he serves an interesting support role with focus fire and many movement-based epic choices. You probably will not want to hide immediately, instead timing it strategically.

In my opinion, I see no issue with hide and these movement epics so long as you make your placements right! I’ll be using Flanking 3, Second Chance 3, Relentless 2, Blade 1, and Walk in Darkness. If I don’t find hide advantageous with his moveset, I’ll swap to Witch Hunter.

Troggy Witchdoctor

What Witchdoctor playstyle does Eep Urp cater to? Summoner. Which this Witch (me) wished for. Maybe that W alliteration bit your tongue more than he bites… eyes? Hmm. Dunno where I was going with that one. Anyways, not only is he the first ever companion to get Soul Harvest, previously only available on Baron Samedi’s Masque (a rare Nefarious Five eyepatch drop), but he is also the first companion to have Styigan Chorus as a power!

The Eyebiter will certainly make a name for himself with his powers and epics. He begins with Jobu’s Embrace, and you can never go wrong with that. Followed by both configurations (straight line & X) of Stygian Chorus, he’s a great compliment to any witchdoctor undead banner or summoner strategy. In terms of epics he’s got Readied Spell, Improved Mojo Blast, and Soul Harvest. Just like Ook, the Troggy buccaneer, he gets 6 epic choices. 3 immediately and the other 3 at levels 15, 35, 55 as usual. That’s a total of 9.

Readied Spell 3, Improved Mojo Blast 3, Soul Harvest 2, Jobu’s Ruse 3, Bloodsucker 3, and Retribution 3 are his epic choices. Yeah, did I mention he trains bloodsucker? And he’s the debut of Soul Harvest rank two? Reminder, he also has jump. It seems the Malus wasn’t the only thing popping out of Nightmares recently.

This Troggy witchdoctor companion is, in my opinion at least, the coolest we’ve ever seen. It’s great for mojo strategies, it’s great for summoner strategies, and it’s even just a great standalone companion. With such a diverse selection of epics, you really could run this one any way you want.

What I’ll probably do with this mean eyebiting machine is Readied Spell 3, Bloodsucker 3, Improved Mojo Blast 2, Soul Harvest 1. While you could run Soul Harvest 2, I really don’t see any situation that you’d need it to activate thrice in a round unless it’s summoner-on-summoner action, but that doesn’t happen all too much.

Troggy Musketeer

I feel like Deeglu is pretty self-explanatory: Two bombs and a crackshot. What else is there to say? Everyone and their frogfather will be using this one for farming and mojo spam. He’s like Louis LeBisque except just better.

The epic selection is quite fun, though. Like most of the others, he starts with 3 choices and gets another 3 from the typical level band epics (I’ll spare typing out the level numbers this time, you should know them by now). He’s got Parting Shot 2 and Crossfire off the bat, so with his 6 additional choices he’ll have 9. I hope you’re seeing a pattern here!

Unlike the others, his epic choices are quite brief. Parting Shot 5, Crossfire 3, Quick Adjust 2, True Grit 2, Double Tap 2. Nothing insane, but that Parting Shot can be a cool utility epic while you’re raining bombs. I can say with complete certainty that Mr. Deadshot, here, will be very well-acquainted with Old Scratch.

Might as well give a unique Troggy musket some unique epics, right? My Deeglu Deadshot will have Parting 5, Adjust 2, and Tap 1 alongside the base Crossfire 1. I don’t see a point going for crossfire considering you want ranged units to, well, stay ranged, and crossfire only triggers if an enemy is adjacent. Hopefully the new Pirate developers consider changing this, but until then, I’ll steer clear.

Troggy Swashbuckler

The star of the show, the best for last, whatever you want to call him – he’s the best of the best, at least in my opinion. While all of these Troggy companions have their own specialties, Eloo is such a swashy Troggy swashbuckler. The only thing slipperier than a swashbuckler is a frog, and he covers both bases ridiculously well.

He starts out with two powers – Leviathan’s Call and Cloak & Dagger. The latter, Cloak & Dagger, is one of the new powers from the Sinbad Chapter 3 weapons, and absolutely nuts. It’s quite literally an assassin’s strike and hide combined into one power, a swashbuckler’s dream indeed. And to top that off, he gets Sneaky Sneaky, Riposte, and First Strike as starting epics and both Jump and Alert for talents. With 4 epic choices to start, plus the three progression-based ones, he gets 7 choices for a grand total of 10 epics.

But oh no, that’s not all. Eloo is the first companion to have Sneaky Sneaky 3, as he has the option to pursue it as an epic. From experimentation, this rank activates nearly every round, while rank two was more hit-or-miss. In summation, he’s got the ability to train Sneaky Sneaky 3, Riposte 5, First Strike 3, Repel Boarders 2, Second Chance 2, and Blade Storm 2.

Eloo the Slippery is definitely a slippery foe if he isn’t on your side. He said he’s stealing Yohr’s job, and he did so indeed. Yohr is now unemployed. He’s on the streets. I would say F to pay respects for this fallen Grizzly Beast, but unfortunately Eloo has ensured that we are unable to do so in the current chat filter.

Jokes aside, yes this companion does completely replace Yohr. While Eloo doesn’t get relentless, the Troggy’s extra rank in Sneaky Sneaky compared to Yohr, alongside his amazing powers, carry him to victory. That’s why I’ll be running Riposte 4, Sneaky 3, First 2, Blade 1 to start out. Since he goes into hide at the end of almost every turn, I don’t quite see a point in First 3. However, I plan to mess around with his build a bit and may update this section if I find something that seems best-in-slot.

So with all that in mind, what Troggy companion is the best?

They’re definitely all fun, interesting, and special in their own way, so this is a tough decision. However, it remains quite obvious that the Troggy swashbuckler, Eloo the Slippery, is the best of the five Troggy companions due to his amazing hiding abilities and great powers.

Eep Urp the Eyebiter (Troggy witchdoctor) and Deeglu Deadshot (Troggy musketeer) are also amazing. Eep is versatile, with plenty of builds and ways to use him. On the other hand, Deeglu is a go-to for bomb spamming, which can make farming a breeze.

While I definitely still enjoy using Ook (Troggy buccaneer) and Glorrip (Troggy privateer), their uses are a bit more niche than the others and I would therefore say they aren’t the best to pursue. However, if you have a setup in mind that could benefit from their interesting builds, they can really shine.

Overall, all five Troggy companions in this pack completely blow other companion packs out of the water! Every single one is a king of the jungle compared to other packs.

Troggy Totems

By far one of the pack’s most unique qualities is that it drops a special any-level totem for each class. These totems are quite rare, though not as rare as mounts, and give one rank of an epic talent on each. While the Buccaneer, Witchdoctor, and Musketeer idols provide unique epics for the gear slot, the Privateer and Swashbuckler idols are inferior to Aquilan idols which give the same epic. However, these can still be great for questing low levels, as they do not have any level restriction!

Troggy Chief’s Idol

Troggy Warrior’s Idol

Note: The “Manticore’s Sting” item (level 60+) provides this same epic on an idol for all classes, and has a small amount of weapon power as well.

Troggy Shaman’s Idol

Troggy Hunter’s Idol

Troggy Slayer’s Idol

Note: The “Eyes of the Cobra” item (level 60+) provides this same epic on an idol for all classes, and has a small amount of health and magic resist as well.

Troggy Jungle Weapons

The pack contains a handful of interesting weapons of various types. Each one has an epic or power related to what the troggy companions have; most notably, the troggy buccaneer’s brand new epic “Retaliation” is on a couple of the weapons! Some of these are fairly interesting, and may prove useful in some unique setups and builds. Interestingly, all of the max level weapons have the same exact powers and epics as the low-level weapons. The only noticeable differences are numerical stats. Take an eye-bite! Eep Urp will be proud.

Note: While the official webpage for the Troggy Treasures Pack mentions that there are 12 weapons, I have only received 9 and do not know anyone who has any weapons from this pack that I do not yet have. Hawkules, the Pirate101 Community Manager mentioned “9 new weapons” in the Pirate101 Official Discord server, meaning the website is likely incorrect. We are awaiting confirmation.

Jungle Hunter Arms

Jungle Raider Arms

Jungle Warlord Arms

Jungle Crossbow

Jungle Staff

Jungle Stalker’s Arms

Jungle Wand

Jungle Warrior’s Arms

Jungle Shaman’s Arms

Troggy Chief Gear

The gear is nothing crazy, and the powers are medicore. There isn’t much to write home about, but take a look at the cosmetics! The first image is the full gearset, and it is dyeable. The second is the rare Jungle Warlord Headdress – essentially the “main treasure item” in the pack. It is very rare and purely cosmetic, averaging about one drop per 250 packs from data I’ve seen (including my own).

Buccaneer Gear

Privateer Gear

Witchdoctor Gear


Musketeer Gear


Swashbuckler Gear


Frog Pets, Wing Mounts, and Jungle Decorations

This pack will give you a chance at the brand new Troggy Wings mounts. There are five variations, each with slightly different feather and ribbon colors.

There are also ten new frog pets, each a different color, and apparently one new hybrid combination! The pets are nothing special though, so I won’t bore you with the details.


This pack includes plenty of troggy and jungle themed items to decorate your house! Most notably, the Troggy Tree Fort is massive and a really cool decoration to add a tiny troggy touch.


Is It Worthwhile?

So… after all that, is the Troggy Treasures Booster Pack worth the purchase? What should you go for? Well, I think that’s a fairly complex question. Here are my pack opening stats for those curious.

In about 180,000 crowns worth of troggy packs (approximately 450), I was able to get all 5 troggy companions, 16 troggy idols, several of each weapon, several of each gearset, 13 permanent mounts, and one Jungle Warlord Headdress.

So, if you want some of the weapons for fun and unique epic builds, go ahead! Weapons are not very common, but they’re not too rare either. You might also get a Jungle Warlord Headdress or companions in the mix! Permanent mounts are also fairly easy to get, although it took me a while before I got my first. But if your main goal is a specific companion, you might be out of luck. This pack seems to have comparable (if not the same) drop rates for companions as the others from years ago.

The idols are quite desirable due to their unique epics, and are reasonably rare to get. If you’re going for a specific one, though, buckle up. It may take a little while.

As for the Headdress, it seems to be much rarer than companions. Consider it a bonus to get one, I would not open packs explicitly to get it.

Maybe we’ll see a 6 for 5 deal in a year, maybe a super variant with 3x the odds in a few years. Only time will tell, so keep that in mind. To those of you who will be opening this pack, good luck!

What do you think about the Troggy Treasure Pack?
Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions!

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StormCloud has been a frequent Wizard101 player since 2013, and began playing Pirate101 in 2021. He started his adventures in the game as a Life Wizard, and had always been a fan of using Storm spells in his journeys. If he isn't testing out new Dual School strategies and setups, then you'll find him making custom pets, collecting P101 companions, or participating in the W101 and P101 Twitter community. He is experienced in game mechanics and lore, so feel free to reach out with any questions!


  • i went through every talent that Ook StrongLegs give, and there is no alert rank 2 in any talents..

  • It’s been so long since I’ve gotten excited by a companion’s power increase… I just hate that they’re from a pack and not story. Why didn’t they make Sinbad like this? They clearly know what we want.

    • I totally agree! These are some very unique and cool companions, but unfortunately they’re all pack-locked. Hoping that we get more like these in the near future that are free or at least more accessible.

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