Wizard101 Spring 2020
Test Realm Teasers

The snow melted, the sun is shining brighter and the flowers blooming more than ever. All this can only mean one thing, Spring started and that means we are soon getting the first update for the year of 2020. If you kept a close eye on what has been going on in the community, you will have noticed a set of test realm teasers already out there. This is possible thanks to Kingsisle and their community manager, Sparck, that is engaging with Youtubers and Fansites so that together we can provide these exciting teasers. Let’s take a look together, shall we?

Kyle IceWielder

Kyle shared this intriguing image below that started all the excitement for test realm. Looks like Triton Avenue but with new creatures and added graphics to the buildings. What could this mean exactly? Will the Haunted Minions be replaced? Is it a new quest? Perhaps part of FTUE?

Spring 2020 Test Realm Teasers - Triton Avenue

On top of that, Kyle shared a video showing a feature that is coming to pets. You have to check this one out to see how wonderful and adorable it can be!


The Beastmoon Hunt is getting several updates! We have two new stunning maps to try out – the Celestia and the Aquila arenas. Additionally, it seems that there will be more matchmaking updates for the hunt.

KI Live

KI Live (home edition) also teased some test realm features that are coming up soon. Including an update to the FTUE (First Time User Experience) questline and pet training game masteries. This feature will basically allow you to train and feed a pet without having to play (or fail) the game. However, in order to be able to do so you will need to play the game a certain amount of times in order to master it.

Legends of the Spiral

What are those shadowy figures in the waters of Khrysalis? That is right! We are getting several new locations to fish in spread throughout the world of Khrysalis. Take a look at Legends of the Spiral through the image below for more details.

Spring 2020 Test Realm Teasers - Fishing Khrysalis


Pets seem to be a huge focus in the Spring update. Swordroll brings us yet another pet related teaser – Will Casts. These are new talents a pet will be able to learn. However, they work differently than anything we are already used to. Check out Swordroll’s article for more details about these talents and definitely take a look at his video showing these off.


We are also apparently getting a new gold skeleton key boss located in the Wizard City Catacombs. This can only mean one thing, a challenge is afoot! Prepare your best gear and gather your friends to fight Fellspawn. Read more about this boss on MMORPG.

Final Bastion

Surprise! We have a teaser of our own for you guys – Set Bonuses! This update will introduce these stat bonuses to some gear sets we have in the game and more coming in the future. When you equip more than one piece from the same set you will start getting bonus stats like the example in the below image.

Spring 2020 Test Realm Teasers - Set Bonus

This set provides the following stat bonuses depending on how many pieces you have equipped:

  • 2 gear pieces: +3% universal accuracy
  • 3 gear pieces: + 2% universal damage & +140 pip conversion
  • 5 gear pieces: +12% power pip chance
  • 7 gear pieces: +3% universal damage & +101 critical block rating & +25% stun resist

The more items you have equipped, the more stat bonuses you get up to a certain limit. What you are seeing is the universal Dragoon set and the bonuses you can get from it if you equip multiple items of the set. Some sets should be based per school in some cases, but we will have to wait for more to learn what that fully means.

Spring 2020 Test Realm Teasers Dragoon

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With his main focus in Wizard101 PvE, you will find Cody knee deep fighting one of the Spiral's major bosses with an army of wizards at his disposal. Proficient in quite a few other areas of the game such as gardening, fishing, and most of all monstrology. Why monstrology? He chases after every single creature out there and catalogs them for all to see!


  • I’m most excited for the new boss that’s coming, the gear comparing tools, the ability to check out the stitch gear vs the stats gear…honestly, there’s just so many to choose from! I’m also super excited for Khrys to get their own fish! While catching all the fish is certainly just a “for the future” dream, knowing there will be even more places for me to fish on zero energy fishing day is always a plus for me šŸ™‚

  • I hope they nerf the recipes for some of the dragoons gear with this update. 300 extract per piece of gear is absurd!

  • I would love to see if we can choose to be evil or not, would definitely give the game a twist and, it will be in another reality of the game, where instead of going around saving the spiral you go around and cause chaos.

    • When will we know when all the new features are ready to actually play. I’m dying to try the be your pet quest from sergeant Muldoon in old town then the new triton quest

      • They’re currently in test realm, which is available for members and crown players. It should hit live within the next 1-2 weeks.

  • I just wish they have more variety of sets with this addition, with all honesty, one of the reasons why the game seems so repetitive for me is the lack of different sets, all the people farm for the same sets, and its so predictable, like if you dont have more good options besides the level 30 Mount Olympus, level 60 Waterworks, level 100 Darkmoor, level 130 catacombs. This is just lame, resulting in all the fire wizards, or myth wizards, or any wizard, having the same stats at that level. Even the pets are duplicates, like you see only damage stats or critical stats in them, no way. Like really, what makes you different from another max wizard who also wants best stats?

    • Yeah like instead of having tiers 1 to 3 where tier one and two being trash and tier 3 being the best they can have tiers where tier 1 be for offensive, tier 2 for defensive and tier 3 as a healing set in case you are a support class or wanna be a supporter like balance and or death.

      • same kind of wizard should have to ability to have good equipment. it sounds like you are talking about pvp and you want an advantage over a similar wizard

        • I don’t even like to do pvp, i am talking about the variety of equipment in the game, everybody uses the same.

  • Only way I will get all that gear is if they give us a plant that drops the Alchamical reagents. I am not interested in farming for them. I mean 300 Alchemical Extract per gear, times 7 pieces of gear, 2100 per wizard times 7 wizards 14,700. at a rate of 3 per fight. That is an average of 5,000 fights, no way.

  • I wonder how the set bonuses will affect Darkmoor gear? Will it work with different tiers?

    • A Dev has confirmed set bonuses will never be on Darkmoor Gear

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