Why I Play Pirate101 (Logan)

Ahoy! Name’s Logan. So ye be askin’ why I play Pirate101? Arrr let’s go!

So what is Pirate101 at first? Pirate101 is Kingsisle 2nd MMO Game and the sister MMO Game of Wizard101. Instead of Wizards, Pirates! Instead of moving from an area to another, There’s Skyways! Instead of walking, There’s ships to fly through islands! The game falls in the same universe as Wizard101, The Spiral. But with a different story of course. You also make new friends and gain new allies and companions to recruit to your side while questing in this Journey of a lifetime on your very own ship in order to plunder loot, Defeat the rogue Armada and save the Spiral from Kane’s Tyranny!


Why I play Pirate101?

There’s a few reasons that I’m more than happy to tell as to why I’m playing Pirate101. Let’s start, Shall we?

1. Storyline

Totally not joining Kane’s side at all… Just wanted to take a selfie ?

What really got me into Pirate101 was the obvious. Storyline and the way it’s packed with potential, Rebels, Mutiny, Betrayal and the race for the biggest land of treasure, El Dorado! Captain Avery is looking for a promising Captain with a tough crew to find the 7 pieces of Marco Pollo’s Map that leads to El Dorado, The shining city of gold. But, On the way… Someone or Something is also chasing the map pieces to reach El Dorado and Conquer the Spiral to rewrite it without any existance to Pirates and to seek the ultimate Perfection, The Armada. Are you the one with the Strengths of Million Pirates to Defeat Kane?

2. Companions

Companions System is the most thing I love about this game and a good reason to play it. The Companions are all to assist your pirate in battles and you can control them on your own. Not only that, You can send them into Orders to bring you loot, XP, Gold and Pet Snacks and Who knows what else could be added in the future?

Not to mention, Companions also do speak in Storyline Quests and Side quests. They give the game a great flavor to enjoy the experience overall of being a Pirate! You do recruit some from side quests and Storyline quests. And some will remain as surprises till you unlock them! Did you also know that you can promote them at certain levels? They get additional Powers and Epics to get tougher and assist you better in Combat. Let’s not forget how Companions are really really important in PvP inlcuding their setups. Companions can’t be just obtained from quests, You can also Buy special companions exclusively in the Crown Shop!


3. Puppet Shows

Hands down. If there’s a favorite thing I love about Pirate101, It’s definitely Puppet Shows. Something that isn’t in Wizard101 and keeps the Pirate Realm, Unique. Puppet Shows are a bits that are explaining the story of Pirate101 in a funny way you’d enjoy from sense of humor to the biggest detail the Puppet Show is all talking about. They come with different Stories, Shape and style. And every world has a decent amount from Puppet Shows too. So make sure not to skip these while questing!

A picture from the puppet show that tells you about Kane’s Tyranny in Valencia.


4. Pets

Pets are definitely a huge thing as we all know about Wizard101 and you can train them at Pet Pavilion by playing the same mini games over and over and over. But, Have you actually tried Pet training in Pirate101? I’m sure you’d love it even more! Mini games? No need for more mini games, You can put your pet in a certain mission called Pet Activities. Once you order your pet to do a Pet Activity, A Countdown timer of how long it’ll take until your pet is done with it will show.

While you wait, You can quest or decorate your house or PvP or do whatever you like until your pet is done training. And you’ll receive a notification for sure! Asking for hatching and a pet area you see? There’s Bestia in Skull Island, Where you meet Decius Duelmaster, the Pet Pavilion area master of Skull Island to do Pet Sparring or Morphing (Hatching) Pets in the Morphing Tent!

In Wizard101, Once a pet reaches a stage, You get a talent or a Spell that you can use or your pet can use/grant to your wizard. It is the same once a pet reaches a stage after training it on Pirate101. Your pet can have selfish talents or grant you Powers and Talents that could help you through your adventures or doing PvP! Not only that, Have i mentioned that pets join you in combat to fight by your side in Pirate101? The animations of some pets are truly amazing and funny to see!

If you ask me about me favorite pet? It’s definitely The Mechanical Owl. Pirate101 has so many unique pets that are adorably amazing and you’ve never seen them before!

Logan training his fellow loyal Mechanical Bird, Jasper!


5. PvP

What’s that ye say? We’re at reason #5? It’s my favorite for sure. Pirate101’s PvP. You definitely tried PvP in many other games including Wizard101 and maybe the results weren’t fun at times with all the max level PvP and what not, But Pirate101’s PvP Systems are decent and fun for sure I tell you, There’s 2 Halls in Pirate101 for PvP, Brawlin’ Hall which is for Ranked PvP with a matchmaking system and vendors to buy PvP loot, pets, mounts, weapons and decoration items and a Practice Free for All old fashioned PvP sigils in the Spar Chamber.

Difference between Wizard101 and Pirate101 PvP you ask? Pirate101 has unique rewards to assist you in PvP once you reach the final rank stage for you to buy specially weapons. Every weapon comes with a unique power to use that is really strong and helpful around to assist you in tough PvP matches. Not to mention they are decently balanced too.

In Wizard101, A PvP age starts when KI decides to, But in Pirate101, The age changes 4 times every year because there’s PvP Seasons. The PvP Seasons are Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Every season lasts 3 months and your rank resets every 3 months back to the start point. With the beginning of a new season also the PvP Vendors are changing their rewards to offer new rewards for you to buy specially the weapons and pets vendors. So make sure to collect them all!

In Pirate101, The ranks are named differently and here they are listed correctly:

Contender: 0 – 19 Rank points
Brawler: 20 – 49 Points
Warrior: 50 – 99 Points
Gladiator: 100 – 149 Points
Veteran: 150 – 199 Points
Hero: 200 – 299 Points
Paragon: 300 – 399 Points
And Champion: 400+ to Infinite Points

You get your Rank badge after the end of every season among with a scrip currency bonus for your accomplishment in the season you’ve played ranked pvp at.

Swashbuckler’s PvP Sabres Weapons for all seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Credits to Big Bad Wolfy for this idea! ?


6. The Focus on Graphics and Details

Pirate101 as we all know, Has a great amount of potential, From the smallest detail to the biggest graphical FX. The main goal for the developers when they first made Pirate101 is making something different and colorfully amazing and an improved game in graphics a bit compared to Wizard101. Which they successfully achieved in making Pirate101 from animations for Companions, Weapons, Gear and even pets



7. Flying ships in Pirate101

That’s right, Maties! You read it right. Flying ships. In every typical Pirate game you basically sail in an ocean full of water, Islands and ships. But in Pirate101, This is all different. You get to fly the skyways on your ship and even PvP other players in a Skyway Zone that is only for Practice Ship PvP which was introduced earlier this year’s Update. You get to fight with cannons, Summon beasts and board the opponent’s ship and fight in Epic Battles!

Ships can be obtained in 4 ways, First way is quest rewards while doing the storyline, Second is from Crown Shop (Keep an eye on the Crown Shop in Christmas and Halloween for very special and limited cool and powerful ships to buy with equipment ready) , Third is from World vendors with Gold and finally the Fourth way is from Bundles such as Empire Bundle, Hoodoo Bundle etc.

8. Taverns

Something I’ve always loved in Pirate101 was the beauty of The Taverns. Every world you visit has a special Tavern and Tavern Cellar where you find your crew awaiting for you and where you speak to them for their Promotion quests (Yes, They give some cool quests to promote them! While Side quests companions can be Promoted for gold). You can get your Special Tavern to decorate also in the Smuggler’s Cove house that you can buy from the Crown Shop for Gold!

“One bottle of Yum? Such a generous crew and a generous Captain… -_-” ~Angry Bison


9. Ship Cabins

Aye ye heard it landlubbers! Ship Cabins do exist in Pirate101. You can decorate your own ship cabin and put your companions inside them (Or also place them in your dorm or house) And have some fun and make parties with other pirates and friends to enjoy. What’s better than being a Pirate with a Cabin? There’s 3 ship Cabins in Pirate101, The one your ship comes with, A Crown Shop cabin which is larger at size and finally the largest cabin from a Scrip Vendor in Skull Island’s Black Market for 23,000 Scrip!

Old Scratch and Hoodoo Cornelius guarding my Cabin of Death


10. Creativity

Finally, The last reason I play Pirate101 for, Creativity. The Game and it’s Team both always surprised us in the past 5 years with the amount of creativity and making Pirate101 the Unique game it is. For example we have Artbooks to see the concept arts of Pirate101 that we’ve NEVER got to see and showing the prototype stages of the game to appear and become the Pirate101 we love and see as it is today. There’s huge details in every world, Every Skyway, Every Island, Even in modelling everything in game from Creatures to gear pieces. All are greatly detailed in a high quality of graphics and texturing.

If ye like what yer’ spying here maties, Go visit Pirate101.com for your Free Trial of Kingsisle’s Pirate game, Pirate101. From the makers of Wizard101


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