How to Play Shock a Lock
Silver Chest Game

If you’re reading this, I suppose you’re trying to get shocked keys for your crafting quests! In this small guide, we will look at how to play Shock a Lock. This is one of the two games randomly chosen whenever you open a silver chest. The other game is Catch a Key.

To win Shock a Lock, you have to make a path from the beginning point (1) until the end (2), before the timer runs out. At the beginning, all the pieces are turned so you can’t see what they contain. You can reveal them by clicking them once.


Revealing the pieces

There is a timer, but you do have enough time to turn all the pieces around, if you so desire. Note that this is not necessary to win the game. It just makes it easier in the beginning to see what pieces you are dealing with. Here’s what one of my boards looked like when I turned them all around:

How to Play Shock a Lock

Forming a Path

As seen on the next picture, I chose to use five horizontal pieces, followed by a corner, a vertical piece, and another corner. This is however not the only solution! The length or form of your tubes has no effect on the completion of the game or on the drops. Next are two examples of different possible paths:



How to Move the Pieces

You can’t TURN these pieces! You are just changing where they’re located. A vertical piece will STAY a vertical piece no matter what. You’re just switching its location. First, click one piece, so it gets a yellow border. Then, click another piece. These two pieces will switch place. Create a path.


Tip: When you’ve got the hang of this game, you will start finishing them long before the timer runs out. You can skip the timer by pressing enter. Don’t do this before your path from beginning to end is ready though!


Good luck getting those shocked keys!

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