Tower of Moo Manchu
Gear Guide

Are you farming this infamously “Nefarious” Tower for equipment and curious what you could potentially earn? Worry no more! This illustrated guide is divided into 3 sections to cover both class specific and boss exclusive gear that you can potentially find on your way up the tower. Welcome to the Tower of Moo Manchu Gear Guide! Let’s be off!

Tower Drops

Tower Gear

Class Based Tower Gear

These are often found and obtained as drops from battles as you progress through each floor of the Tower. Additionally, one piece is always dropped from the 4th and 8th floor 4 player locked chests.


Corrupted Shinobi’s Haratare

Corrupted Shinobi’s Gi

Corrupted Shinobi’s Tabi

Ornament of Moo Manchu

Right Hand Locket

Brain Thief Circle



Corrupted Warlord’s Headgear

Corrupted Warlord’s O-Yoroi

Corrupted Warlord’s Boots

Bauble of Moo Manchu

Right Hand Strand

Brain Thief Ring



Corrupted Samoorai’s Hotokedo

Corrupted Samoorai’s Yoroi

Corrupted Samoorai’s Geta

Token of Moo Manchu

Right Hand Chain

Brain Thief Band


Corrupted Archer’s Vestment

Corrupted Archer’s Jacket

Corrupted Archer’s Geta

Jewel of Moo Manchu

Right Hand Charm

Brain Thief Annulet



Corrupted Wushi’s Hat

Corrupted Wushi’s Robe

Corrupted Wushi’s Sandals

Talisman of Moo Manchu

Right Hand Amulet

Brain Thief Loop

Note: The same gear pieces are offered in lower level tiers from the Tower as well, providing the same powers seen above at levels 60 and 55, with just slightly lower stats.


Important Universal Tower Gear

The following items are often dropped in combat or from 2nd Chance Chests inside the Tower. They’re also fairly plentiful in the bazaar, so consider looking there if you want a certain piece.

Chou Sou Kasa

Chou Sou Hitatare

Wu Gong Jacket

Zayat Jacket

White Heron Raiment

Auric Peril Boots

Ornament of Sumuru

Death Spore Talisman

Seven Lamps Locket

Black Pearl Circle

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The Nefarious Five

These are the first bosses in the Tower of Moo Manchu, found on floor 8! They have lots of awesome drops for both stitching and combat

Nefarious Knives

Death’s Bargain Accessory

Dragon-Axe of Doom

Turncoat’s Gearset

Bound Oni’s Bulwark

Masque of The Lotus

Nefarious Novablaster

Nefarious Staff

Baron Samedi’s Masque

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Moo Manchu

The Final Boss can be found on the tenth floor. His drops include some of the previously mentioned items, as well as the following:

Moo Manchu’s Imperial Gearset

Imperial Hat of Moo Manchu

Imperial Robes of Moo Manchu

Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu

The Staff of Power







Credits for the Musketeer and Buccaneer Staff Of Power goes to Smart Steven Ovingham

Any Staff of Power weapon drops are based on the class you are currently running the tower on. Thus, you can’t get off-class staff of power drops.

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Which item(s) from the Moo Manchu gear are you farming for?
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