Wizard101 2024 Spring Update Social Features

The Spring 2024 Update brought forward a plethora of changes, including some interesting new social features in the form of Pixie Post and Quest Friend Finder!


Pixie Post

Pixies around the Spiral have been working real hard and are now able to show even more of their talents outside of healing! The new Pixie Post system allows you to send mail to friends, similar to sending an email!

After eating enough Pixie Sticks, this Pixie might be able to turn blue and turn into a Mail Pixie!


Sending Mail

To start, when you open up a character inspect window of someone on your friend’s list, you’ll notice a new feature towards the lower right:

Press this ‘Send Mail’ button and it will prompt you with the screen below to start writing your mail to that friend! This feature also works on guildmates and adventure party members!

You’ll notice in the second line of the image above that there is an icon next to “Appointment Time. Clicking this will allow you to send both a date and a time (within a week of the send date) to another user to set a meeting time. This feature is available regardless of chat level in game.

After writing your message, you can send it for 250 gold. You can send up to 6 messages per day. When you send your message, there’s also a cute little blue pixie dust animation!



Receiving Mail

Now that we know how to send mail, what does it look like if we receive mail? Well, here’s the updated social tab if you DON’T have any mail first:

Lonely, isn’t it? But what happens when you HAVE mail to check?

Woah! A new icon that appears on the left! Let’s see what happens when I click on this.

Thanks Blaze!

Wow! Now this looks less lonely! On the bottom of the screen, there are options to read different mails, delete mail, replying, and even ignoring a player if needed.

Quest Friend Finder

The other new social feature that has been implemented is the Quest Friend Finder system!

This is a new addition to the pre-existing  Friendly Wizard options. Close to the lower left, there is a new button that will allow you to opt into Quest Friend Finder, prompting the message above. This will turn you into a Quest Friend Finder Wizard, which gives you more options. Similar to the standard Friendly Wizard Menu, you have the opportunity to help others with their quests. However, what makes this different, is that it will send a notification to all Friendly Players in your current world to invite them into a group. If someone accepts this invitation, they will be teleported to the wizard who requested help. If they decline or ignore that invitation, they won’t receive notifications from that wizard for the next 24 hours.


How will your wizard be using these new features? Let us know down in the comments below!

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