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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another Pirate101 Guide from Logan. September’s Pirate101’s Test Realm revealed a mysterious door. I’m sure you are wondering what lies behind it!

The Obsidian Door: Basic Information

The Skeleton Key Door

This Obsidian Door was introduced with an Old Scratch promotion quest. In order to learn about the Skeleton Key concept, you must have a level 70 Old Scratch and accept the promotion quest. Then, talk to Vadima in order to obtain your first ever Skeleton Key to start this wonderful adventure.

Once you arrive to Scrimshaw and enter through the sigils, expect to find four doors inside. Each door provides an entrance to a different creature. They all use the same kind of key to unlock them. In Skull Island’s Obsidian Door, you can find the following creatures:

  • Old Scratch (Nightmare)
  • Obsidian English Bill
  • Obsidian Captain Blood
  • Obsidian Brass Monkey


Without further ado, let’s look at the boss that is the main focus on this article!

Obsidian English Bill

obsidian english bill

Obsidian English Bill is a bit easier and less frustrating than Scratch, but definitely might be annoying due to his great amount of health and his cheat, Fan The Hammer.You can find him by taking one left and then going straight upon entering the dungeon


Obisidian English Bill’s Cheats

  • At the end of almost every round, Obsidian English Bill (Musketeer, ~7000 health) will use Fan The Hammer, a cheat talent that deals ~1,000 damage to all enemies.
  • Obsidian English Bill is Immune to all kinds of attacks until a player uses one of the silver basins in the battle.
  • The Blessings provided from the Silver Basins only lasts 2 rounds. After the 2 rounds of blessing is over, English Bill immunes to all kind of attacks once again and a player must hit one of the basins again in order to damage him.
  • Note: You can only activate each basin ONCE per duel. This means you have a very narrow window with which to defeat Bill.
  • He also has a handful of Lagoony Minions (buccaneer, ~3500 health)

Note: Bill has quite a few musketeer counter-epics, such as quick draw and true grit. This makes having a true grit unit of your own very valuable, as a combination of true grit and burst fire will shred him.

Crew for Swashbucklers

Anything in this battle works, but Nausica, Goro, and Fan as a combo is one of the best. Other combos such as Toro Fan Contessa/Toro Fan Sarah/Toro Fan Subodai/Toro Fan Ratbeard works perfectly too, as the battleboard is smaller here and slower companions can easily reach English Bill in a couple of rounds.

Strategy for Swashbucklers

  • Round 1: Make sure one of your companions hits one of the basins, while the others should use their buffs, if applicable. Use a valor’s fortress on either your pirate or, if you brought one, a true grit unit.
  • Round 2: Fog and CHARGE immediately with your companions, focusing on Obsidian English Bill.
  • Round 3: Bill should be dead, but if he’s not, finish him off with an assassin. Have your companions focus on the Lagoonies. Once Bill is dead, the rest will be easy. Lagoony minions aren’t that tough, but they’re annoying due to high Armor and dodge stats.

Crew for Buccaneers

  • Use Toro, Barnabus, and Peter Quint.

Strategy for Buccaneers

  • Round 1: Use a 50% Protection Shield on your pirate, while Toro uses his Espirit De Corps buff, Peter uses his Whale Might buff, and Barnabus uses one of the silver basins.
  • Round 2+: Charge English Bill immediately with your pirate and your crew. Continue to focus all of your attacks on Bill until he dies. Once you accomplish this, the fight is a simple mob battle.

Crew for Privateers

For free to play, I’d recommend Old Scratch-Contessa-Egg Shen. For crown companions, I’d use Old Scratch-Nausica-Goro. The 2nd combo has better results than the first combo after seeing how it works personally.

Strategy for Privateers

  • Round 1: Hit the Basin with your pirate, while using scratch’s 100% buff to get him ready to assist you with AoE heals, while Nausica and Goro or Egg Shen and Contessa run up  to charge English Bill.
  • Round 2: Make sure to fort your Main offensive companion and continue focusing on Bill. Use Old Scratch’s 50% Mojo buff. He might die. That’s okay.
  • Round 3: Try to heal your crew with AOE heals such as Reinforce or Regroup while your units focus on Bill. It will help a lot. Old Scratch, if alive, should use his Jobu’s Kiss on the lagoonies
  • If things get worse, you can kill on Round 4. Use your pirate to hit the basin again and kill English Bill. Only lagoonies will be left.

Crew for Witchdoctors

Best team is definitely Old Scratch & Mormo & Bonnie Anne/Ratbeard/Kan Po/Contessa. This might be a struggle for Witchdoctors to solo, but with a friend or a full squad, this battle can end in 3 rounds with Mojo Storm spam.

Strategy for Witchdoctors

  • Round 1: Fort your Pirate while using Scratch’s 100% buff. Move Mormo forward and have Bonnie Anne/Ratbeard/Kan Po/Contessa use a basin.
  • Round 2: Try to mojo storm English Bill, if you can reach him (otherwise use Mournsong), while old scratch is assisting with his 50% Mojo buff. Mormo should use his Mojo Storm on English Bill and Contessa/Kan Po/Ratbeard’s can hit English Bill as well.
  • Round 3: Finish off Bill with a mojo storm or Mournsong. Your other companions can focus on the minions. Eventually the victory will be yours. Remember to use the basins every 2 rounds to damage Bill. Once again, 2 Witchdoctors or a full team of Witchdoctors together running Old Scratch can finish this in 2 to 3 rounds.

Crew for Musketeers

Soloing this as a musketeer is much more fun and easier. I’d recommend Chantal, Old Scratch, and Contessa/Toro/Ratbeard

Strategy for Musketeers

  • Round 1: Fort your Pirate while Old Scratch uses his 100% Buff, Chantal uses one of the basins, and contessa uses her hide.
  • Round 2: Use bombs on Lagooniess or English Bill while Old Scratch uses his 50% Buff and Chantal Sniper Shots English Bill. Contessa should Backstab English Bill.
  • Round 3: Spam more bombs with your pirate, while Old Scratch uses his 9 Squares Jobu hit. Chantal should use her sniper shot and Contessa should continue attacking English Bill.
  • Round 4: If he manages to live to round 4, use your pirate to hit the basin and let Old Scratch chain hits on him as Chantal uses her Super Shot. He shall be dead eventually.


With this, English Bill is soloed! But again, always make sure you have friends to join you. That’s the goal from Obsidian Skeleton Key bosses. These bosses drops keys, and in Pirate101, Everyone gets an equal share of loot in 1 battle. So the more friends, the more skeleton keys you might get, and you’ll get drops quicker.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and hope your solo attempts will go as smooth as your sailing in the skyways!

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