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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another Pirate101 Guide from Logan. September’s Pirate101’s Test Realm revealed a mysterious door. I’m sure you are wondering what lies behind it!

obsidian captain blood skeleton key

The Obsidian Door: Basic Information

The Skeleton Key Door

This Obsidian Door was introduced with an Old Scratch promotion quest. In order to learn about the Skeleton Key concept, you must have a level 70 Old Scratch and accept the promotion quest. Then, talk to Vadima in order to obtain your first ever Skeleton Key to start this wonderful adventure.

Once you arrive to Scrimshaw and enter through the sigils, expect to find four doors inside. Each door provides an entrance to a different creature. They all use the same kind of key to unlock them. In Skull Island’s Obsidian Door, you can find the following creatures:

  • Old Scratch (Nightmare)
  • Obsidian English Bill
  • Obsidian Captain Blood
  • Obsidian Brass Monkey


Without further ado, let’s look at the boss that is the main focus on this article!

Obsidian Captain Blood

obsidian captain blood

Captain Blood returns in a nightmare version as if the Pirate did not manage to defeat him at all back in Miranda and started to rise in power. This one is way easier but a bit annoying due to the summon spams. You can find him by taking one right and then a left upon entering the dungeon.


Obsidian Captain Blood’s Cheats

  • This boss has Super Charge, a power that reduces accuracy to 50% and is a guaranteed super hit. He also has access to Reckless Frenzy.
  • Every time the boss lands a basic hit or chain attack, he heals for twice the damage he did. This includes when he uses Reckless Frenzy, but NOT the initial hit of his Super Charge.
  • This boss summons more minions on rounds 3, 6, and 9, even after his death. On rounds 3 and 9 he summons undead spirits (Melee Witchdoctor mobs) and on round 6 he summons oni spirits (Melee Privateer mobs)


Crew and Strategy Against Obsidian Captain Blood

Crew for Swashbucklers

  • Fan-Toro-Contessa works.
  • Same for Fan-Goro-Nausica.
  • Toro-Fan-Ratbeard works as well.

Strategy for Swashbucklers

  • Round 1: Fog and use any of your companions’ buffs.
  • Round 2: Fort your pirate, as your companions rush and kill Captain Blood. Make sure to use a reduce on Captain Blood, should you be using Ratbeard or Goronado
  • Round 3: Kill Blood with your pirate’s assassin. Your units should begin to focus on the minions

Crew for Buccaneers

  • I’d go for Toro, Peter Quint, and Contessa/Barnabus/Bonnie Anne/Kobe Yojimbo.

Strategy for Buccaneers

  • Round 1: Use a hide. Move barnabus in front so Blood can’t reach Pete with a super charge. Peter Quint should use his Whale’s Might buff and Contessa should use her hide (if you’re using her).
  • Round 2: Charge, focusing all your units on Captain blood. Do note that he has repel boarders 5, so make sure you position your pirate in a way that lets your other units “walk through” his repel boarders.
  • Round 3: If he manages to survives he’ll die in round 3. Then you’ll have minions to easily deal with.

Crew for Privateers

I believe there are so many good combos for privateer.

  • Old Scratch, Emmett, and Marchioness/Contessa/Egg Shen/El Toro works nicely.
  • Or Old Scratch, Ratbeard, El Toro would also work great.
  • For crown companions you can also use Scratch, Emmett, Nausica.

Strategy for Privateers

  • Round 1: Use Boon on Nausica (or another offensive unit), while Old Scratch uses his 100% Mojo Buff. Emmett should use his Slow Movement debuff on Blood. That way he won’t super charge you.
  • Round 2: As soon as blood is in range, spam him with Big Guns and Old Scratch’s Jobu hit. Nausica should attack him from a distance, while Emmett reduces his Weapon Power and Will with Musketeer’s Mettle. Remember that he has repel boarders 5, which means that you will need a dodge buff on your units to avoid getting knocked back.
  • Round 3: Kill Blood, if he’s alive, and focus on his minions. This strategy is one of the easiest with Blood.

Crew for Musketeers

Definitely I’d use Old Scratch Chantal Contessa. It’s the only good choice for this fight.

Strategy for Musketeers

  • Round 1: Use knockback bombs as Old Scratch uses his 100% Mojo Buff, Chantal uses an agility buff, and Contessa hides.
  • Round 2: Use your Pirate to drown Blood in Bombs, as Old Scratch uses his 50% Buff, and Chantal Sniper Shot. Contessa should use her backstab on Blood. If he survives, Blood shall die by walking through the bombs to reach you, Chantal or Old Scratch. Voila. Minions are left to take down.

Crew for Witchdoctors

This might be tough for Witchdoctors, so make sure to have any absorb/Fort gear sets. As for crew, I’d go for Old Scratch, Ratbeard, and Contessa/Kan Po.

Strategy for Witchdoctors

  • Round 1: Fort your pirate, use Old Scratch’s 100% Mojo Buff, position your Ratbeard to protect you and Scratch from a Super Charge, and have Kan Po/Contessa use their hide.
  • Round 2: Use Mournsong/Mojo Storm on Blood, Scratch’s 50% Mojo Buff, Ratbeard’s knockback power, and Kan Po/Contessa’s Super Strike or Backstab.
  • Round 3: use Mournsong/Mojo Storm, Old Scratch’s Jobu AOE, Ratbeard’s reduce accuracy, and Contessa/Kan Po using a basic hit. He should be dead.
  • Now, clean up the minions that are still alive. As noted above, he will summon more minions on rounds 3, 6, and 9.


Thus ends this guide on how to solo the Obsidian Captain Blood. Hope you enjoyed it and hope your solo attempts will go as smooth as your sailing in the skyways!

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