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The long anticipated Valencia II has already made it to the Live Realm of Pirate101, with more story content in the skyways of Calabria. Introducing new companions, boss fights, and even new items! Among of these bosses that drop interesting items is definitely the villain of the 1st arc we’ve all been waiting to cross swords against face to face, Kane!

Welcome to the illustrated guide to Kane’s drops. Straight from the Live Realm version of the game right into your Pirate’s hands! Let’s be off!


  • Class Based Gear
  • Universal Gear Pieces
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Housing Items

Class Based Gear



Inesite Chilote


Altafulla Chilote


Jalon Valley Chilote


Nuoro Mantle


Catania Mantle


Liberi’s Corsair’s Scarpones




Muserola Cordoba


Villarroel Cordoba


Frontalera Cordoba


Retana Cordoba


Mosquera Cordoba


Cordoba of Tirante


Baretta Bandolier


Liberi Greatcoat


Dardi Greatcoat


Brindle Sandals


Galician Sandals


Pangare Sandals

Admiral’s Medal

Capitano Necklace

Capitano Chain

Capitano Ring




Sabueso Busby


Sforza Field Jacket


Cutthroat Brabanti Brogans


Brogans of The Torear


Brogans of The Lidiar

Soldato Amulet




Nerja Campaign Hat


Murcia Campaign Hat


Mijas Campaign Hat


Bardigiano Cloak

Fulsileer’s Precisio Stone

Bresciani Chain

Bresciani Band

Bresciani Signet




Agrippa Greatcoat


Fabris Greatcoat

Magus’ Gildeed Globo

Benandanti Amulet


Universal Gear Pieces


Kane’s Mask

Electromancer’s Hat

Bishop’s Gears of War


Technomage’s Glasses

Sprocket Key





Swashbuckler’s Clockwork Steed

Buccaneer’s Clockwork Steed

Privateer’s Clockwork Steed

Musketeer’s Clockwork Steed

Witchdoctor’s Clockwork Steed

Clockwork Wings

Batacuda (Normal Speed)

The speed of this mount is basically the same as if you’re just travelling on your foot.


Housing Items
(Introduced in 2018)

Obsidian Skeleton Key

It is used to unlock special Nightmare Boss fights, see here for more details.

Gold Skeleton Key

This key only drops during Yuletide event to unlock and fight Krampus (Level 70) in Yuletide. See here for more details.

If you received something that’s not listed in the above Kane drops, please let us know.
Good luck!

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Pirate101 Player and enthusiast ever since the game announcement in 2012. I'm also a PvP Champion for all Pirate101's Ranked PvP Seasons. I make guides in order to help and reach the Pirate101 Community out. My goal is to bring Pirate101 back to the old days it used to be with a stronger and a greater community than ever. You can always find me in Brawlin' Hall or Spar Chamber or near the Team Up Ledger.


  • When I started playing this game I was about 6 years old, from that time I have had every weapon in the game had an amazing streak with pvp. I am glad to see many familiar faces return to this game I am glad to return to a game where we can play a game and have fun. I want to thank everyone for coming back to this game and making it fun it makes a og player of this game very happy to be part of this community. Although we are a small community we are a very happy one and friendly at times I hope to see more people playing pirate101 and I hope to play with you all.

  • You forgot the witch doctor ring with heated metal and will boost with 10 Magic resistance

    • If you have a screenshot, send it to finalbastion101@gmail.com and we will credit you

      • Is there anyway you can add drops on all bosses that would be helpful for example friar sand, bishop and so on.

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