Dreadnaught Fortress Weapon Drops!

haywire Dreadnaught Fortress Weapon Drops!


The Dreadnaught Fortress- A Farmable Instance in Pirate101! With this Haywire Dreadnaught Fortress setting its sights on Skull Island, Pirates everywhere are called to defend their home! Never Fear Pirates, with Great Challenge comes Great Reward in the form of Haywire Weapons! These Weapons include Long Awaited Combination Weapons with Brand-New, Unique Powers. Learn about them in this article!

Special Thanks To Brand Ghostspear and Olivia for Pictures!

Dreadnaught Melee Weapons

Dreadknaught Staffy/Slashy Dreadnaught Fortress Weapon Drops! stabby-staffy-dread Dreadnaught Fortress Weapon Drops!

swash-combo-dread haywire-fencer



Dreadnaught Ranged Weapons

Shooty Dreadnaught Pirate 101 shooty-staffy-dread

haywire-armada  haywire-cannon   haywire-enforcer


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Yarr Mateys! 

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