Understanding The Lore of the Ice School

As we wander around the spiral launching spells and defeating monsters, one may quickly lose touch of the lore. There is simply so much to do in order to be successful: crafting, gardening, pet training etc. As a result, we become lost in the mechanics of how to play the game and forget to check the lore of the spiral. This is unfortunate since Wizard101 has a rich history and lore.

This thread will examine the workings of Ice magic as it fits into the lore of Wizard101. Note- All information is drawn from the Wizard 101 main site, the history books throughout the Spiral and the Ice school specific quests.  All extrapolation present is based on the information given and is my interpretation of the information gathered.

The Creation Lore of Ice Magic


Ice Magic is one of the Original Schools of Magic in the Spiral. An Elemental School, Ice Magic is said to have been created by the Frost Giants, one of the Icy Children of Grandmother Raven and Bartleby. In Spiral Prehistory the three children of Bartleby fought a Great War against each other. The war was triggered by alleged grievances committed by each of the 3 children. The Giants, in particular, were accused of stealing the Storm Lord’s/Triton’s Water to use to build their Icy Palaces. On the other hand, the Giants were angered at the Fire Dragons for constantly melting their creations. The subsequent war was so intense the Giants invented the magic of Ice to combat their enemies. This war resulted in the shattering of the First World and the eventual sleep of the Ice Titan.

The Source of Ice Magic

Kevin and the Frost Giant

As an Elemental Magic, Ice Magic comes from external forces rather than internal forces of the caster. Ice Magic, in particular, comes from the magic of the Ice Titan and the remnants of magic that circulate as the Giant sleeps. Ice wizards tend to channel their magic into defensive spells. They gain the only universal shield in the game and have a number of other defensive spells including x pip absorbs and a Shadow Spell that deals a ton of damage while leaving behind the strongest universal shield in the game.

How Ice Magic Works

Ice Wizards use Chants to plead and bargain with the Ice Creatures that they summon. As seen in a Thaumaturge’s quests- Ice Creatures are not known to be yielding or forgiving. Several times while completing the quests Greyrose expresses how happy she is that we were not destroyed and references several other students who were not so lucky. Ice Creatures tend to demand a lot of respect and will only obey the Wizard if that student meets their exacting standards. It is likely due to the ruthlessness of the creatures they deal with that Thaumaturges plead and bargain with them rather than try to exert more direct control like some of the other schools of magic. So if you see an Ice Wizard chanting while handing a large stack of cash to the nearby Snowman….run.



The Goals of Ice Magic
and how it affects the Spiral


Unlike some of the other magic of the Spiral, Ice Magic does not have a particular stated goal when it comes to the larger overarching Spiral. Ice Magic’s motto is “with Persistence, Victory is Assured” reflecting their unique approach to magic. A Thaumaturge as such is built to endure. They will follow their goals unceasingly and strive to build the endurance necessary to achieve what they desire.

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