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As part of the 2019 Halloween festivities in Pirate101, Kingsisle released Pirate101’s fourth in-game pack: the Pirate Nightmare Pack. It features 5 new companions, new hybrid melee weapons, some dashing and spooky gear, new pets, and a Pocket Dutchman Mount. The remaining slots in every pack will have furniture and some valuable treasures in them.

Big thanks to Logan, Flint, Audrey, Jonathan, Plex, and Dorothy for their help with providing screenshots.

UPDATE 10/31/19: One or more of the companions in the pack have been updated. If you have any of these companions and can share any updates they got, please let us know in the comments!


Companions are generally a pack’s best selling point. How do these 5 undead units stack up to other pack companions? Not particularly favorably, if I’m being honest. They lack the enticing powers of Baar and the Haywire companions and have fewer epics than the class-specific bears and the Dinosaur companions. Outside of their look, which is admittedly a big plus, they don’t really have much going for them. They can train 2-3 units of the “special” epic that the Grizzly Beast companions get (Buccaneer- Merciless, Swash- Sneaky Sneaky, Musket- Eagle Eyes, Privy- Feeding Frenzy, Witch- Bloodsucker), but that cuts into their already low number of epics. But what do you think? Take a look!

Charred Buccaneer (Buck)

The Buccaneer can train Blade Storm, Vengeance Strike, Riposte, Cheap Shot, and Merciless. He starts with riposte 1, so he can train an additional 5 epics. He also gets a single epic strike upon receiving him.

Charred Mountebank (Swash)

The Charred Mountebank has Flanking, First Strike, Riposte, and Relentless available to him. He starts out with Flanking and Sneaky Sneaky, but no powers. In addition to this, he can train 3 more epics, for a total of 5.

Charred Officer (Privy)

The Charred officer has Relentless, Bladestorm, Vengeance Strike, Repel Boarders, and Feeding Frenzy trainable. He starts with 0 epics and 0 powers and can train 5 epics in total.

Charred Shaman (Witch)


Note: There is currently a bug with the third promotion of the Charred Shaman. When you go to promote it for a third time, he will transform into the privateer companion. KI is aware of this bug and is working on a fix.

Charred Crossbowman (Musket)

The Crossbowman can train Double Tap, True Grit, Return Fire, Parting Shot, Quick Draw, and Eagle Eyes. He starts with Parting Shot and no powers and can train 5 more epics, for a total of 6.


These weapons are hybrid slashy weapons. Each class gets one weapon designed for it. Many  of the weapons have a different primary stat, depending on your highest stat. For instance, the slashy/staffy weapon can be will or strength based, depending on whether your strength or will is higher. They also have the power “Blazing Berm”, which  does damage based on your spell power and leaves flame traps (like The Big Guns) for 3 rounds.

Assassin’s Grimblade

Vanguard’s Grimblade

Houngan’s Grimblade

Duelist’s Grimblade

Great Grimblade


Like the companions, the gear in this pack looks good, but is incredibly lackluster in combat. Each class gets a set of hat, robe, and boots. I’ll show the entirety of the buck set below, but know that the general look is the same for each class. The only difference is the coloration. If you have any of the missing screenshots, let us know and we’ll credit you for your contribution.

Buccaneer Gear

Swash Gear

Privy Gear

Musket Gear

Witch Gear

Pets, Mount, and Decorations

The pack contains one new mount: the Pocket Dutchman. It also has a couple of new undead macaw pets and some treasure-themed housing decorations. You can get some older pirate-themed pets and rental mounts as well.



The Pocket Dutchman comes in Permanent, 7-Day Rental, and 1-Day Rental versions.


If you love showing off your riches, you’ll love these decorations. The sell for copious quantities of gold (as well as some scrip items. All That and A Mooda sells for a whopping 1.5 MILLION gold, 6 times the current gold cap.

Is It Worth It?

Is the Pirate Nightmare Pack worth buying? It depends on your purpose. If you want cool-looking cosmetic gear, companions with unique appearances, and other visually appealing items, sure spend some crowns on the pack. However, if your goal is to get powerful gear or companions, you’re better off investing in one of the other packs. Nothing is particularly powerful (or even unique) in terms of functionality. Overall though, I’m glad the game got a new pack and I hope that we’ll continue to receive new additions.

What do you think about the Pirate Nightmare Pack?
Have you gotten any items we don’t have shown here?
Let us know, and we can credit you for any help you provide!

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Matthew was an avid Pirate101 PvP’er and was active in the PvP scene since the release of Valencia part 2, before retiring. He was a swashbuckler main, who reached champion repeatedly and innovated new, powerful companion loadouts. Nowadays, in addition to administrative work for the site, he will write the occasional article when new content is released and hosts Pirate101 PvP tournaments a few times a year.


  • It also has decoration Items that sell for scrip, and one for 1.5 Million gold I cant seem to sell with the current gold cap!

  • Why does it seem like KI almost totally ignores P101 over W101? Is it because of less ingame population? It appears that W101 always gets a ton of new stuff all the time compared to this game.

  • Um you guys is there a companion called captain blightbeard he is a cat pirate but he looks like one of the charred zombies he has some type of peg leg I think and he looks like the cat pirate but with albino fur and red eyes

    • Hello, I haven’t seen any evidence of this companion existing. However, it’s entirely possible it was added in a weekly maintenance to no one’s knowledge. If you have a screenshot of this companion or evidence that it exists in game, please send it to finalbastion101@gmail.com

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