Pirate101 Skyfarer’s Pack

Alongside the second part of the Sinbad storyline, a new pack was recently added to Pirate101! The Skyfarer’s Pack, which will eventually receive a Wizard101 counterpart, is vaguely Mooshu themed and adds in a variety of weapons, mounts, stitch gear, and pets. The pack’s most interesting items, the weapons, are hybrid and offer some interesting powers that we have never seen on weapons. Although they may not be top tier PvP weapons, they appear to be quite strong for PvE. I opened just over 15,000 Crowns worth of packs. Later in the article, I’ll report what exactly I got with those crowns to give prospective buyer an idea of what they are likely to receive (hint: not great).


Like the Mustang Wrangler Pack that was released a few months before this one, the gear in this pack is glorified stitch gear. It only offers stats and not particularly great stats at that. There are 3 gearsets per class, for a whopping 45 pieces of utterly useless stat gear to clog up your inventory. Furthermore, the gear drops in this pack are not class-locked, which means you will get some gear that is literally useless to you, as well as gear that is basically useless by virtue of being stat gear. This gear is not dyeable. The secondary color scheme varies somewhat depending on the class of the gear.

Skyfarer Gear Appearance

Skyfarer Gear Appearance

Buccaneer Gear




Buccaneer Hats

Buccaneer Robes

Buccaneer Boots

Swashbuckler Gear


Swashbuckler Hats

Swashbuckler Robes

Swashbuckler Boots

Privateer Gear


Privateer Hats

Privateer Robes

Privateer Boots

Musketeer Gear

Musketeer Hats

Musketeer Robes

Musketeer Boots

Witchdoctor Gear


Witchdoctor Hats

Witchdoctor Robes

Witchdoctor Boots

Gear Evaluation

The gear looks… fine? It’s a slightly fancier version of some of the straw hats that already exist. The robe also looks vaguely familiar (somewhat like the Pirate Nightmare gear maybe?), but different enough to be identifiable. I’m not a fan of the boots. They look a bit too much like the armored Aquila boots. and clash with the rest of the theme.

This gear dropped relatively frequently for me in my opening session. Most off it was off-class. Because they are stat gear, these gear pieces are effectively relegated to stitch only. They’re a decent stitch though. Overall, I am disappointed that there are 45 pieces of basically useless gear that can drop from the pack and clog up spots that could go to the far more useful weapons. I would have liked to see this gear class-locked.

Kingsisle, please stop trying to make stat gear a thing. It’s not. Either give the gear powers, or have a non-class exclusive version with zero stats that is clearly stitch only. Inexperienced players will see this gear drop from the pack, assume it is good because it comes from a pack, and use it. They should not be using it. Even bazaar gear that gives powers is better, and the vast majority of no auction dungeon dropped gear is much better.


The weapons are the most interesting part in this pack and are the pack’s main draw. They offer 3 different item cards, Mojo Storm, Big Guns, and Hail of Cannonballs. There are 15 weapons in the Skyfarer’s Pack, spread across 5 varieties (each of the 5 varieties has 1 weapon with Mojo Storm, one with Big Guns, and one with Hail of Cannonballs). All of them have at least the Stabby subtype and all grant +1 rank of Pirate. One is pure stabby and the other 4 are stabby + one of the other weapon types (slashy, smashy, shooty, and staffy). Outside of the item cards, weapons of a certain type have identical stats.

Stabby Weapons


Thanks to Jack Evans!
Thanks to Jack Evans!

Stabby, Hail of Cannonballs

Stabby, The Big Guns

Stabby, Mojo Storm

Slashy/Stabby Weapons

Slashy/Stabby, Hail of Cannonballs

Slashy/Stabby, The Big Guns

Slashy/Stabby, Mojo Storm


Smashy/Stabby Weapons

Thanks to Jack Evans!
Thanks to Jack Evans!

Smashy/Stabby, Hail of Cannonballs

 Smashy/Stabby, The Big Guns

Smashy/Stabby, Mojo Storm

Note: These weapons are currently bugged. They are listed as stabby only, but they grant armor and have a shield. I assume they are intended to be smashy/stabby.

Shooty/Stabby Weapons

Thanks to Jack Evans!
Thanks to Jack Evans!

Shooty/Stabby, Hail of Cannonballs

Shooty/Stabby, The Big Guns

Shooty/Stabby, Mojo Storm

Staffy/Stabby Weapons

Thanks to Jack Evans!

Thanks to Jack Evans!

Staffy/Stabby, Hail of Cannonballs

Staffy/Stabby, The Big Guns

Staffy/Stabby, Mojo Storm

Weapon Evaluation

I think these weapons are really cool. In the last couple of packs, KI has released some powerful and interesting weapons. However, I doubt that these weapons are good enough to see more than niche play in 1v1 PvP. In 2015 or so, they would have been close to top tier, but weapons are one of the few things that have actually seen serious improvements between the release of Valencia II and today.

Right now, you can get a Super Charge, an Assassin’s Gloom one of a variety of epic talents, a Surge of Technomancy, or a Haywire Shot + Assassin or Super Strike (this one is probably a bit too good) on your weapon, just to name a few. These AOEs just aren’t powerful enough in 1v1 PvP. Maybe a melee privy would want musket bombs? The bombs or Big Guns would probably be worth considering in group PvP if not for the new AOE heal Albano’s Mercy).

However, I think these weapons are great in PvE, particularly the Hail of Cannonballs ones. They offer melee classes a powerful AOE that can be buffed by Old Scratch. The Hail of Cannonballs weapons seem a bit too overtuned in comparison to the other weapons though. Comparing to Mojo Storm, Hail of Cannonballs:

  • Does marginally higher base damage
  • Always has 6 range (as opposed to varying based on weapon type, so 3 for these hybrid weapons)
  • Leaves behind traps that deal good damage
  • Does not trigger Witch Hunter (niche, but potentially relevant)

It’s a no brainer. I’d like to see the Mojo Storm weapon somehow buffed to make it not strictly worse (maybe replacing the Pirate grant with +1 rank of Mojo Mastery).

Other Items

Like most other packs, the Skyfarer’s Pack has some pets and mounts. The oarfish mounts come in 1 day, 7 day, and permanent versions. The pets are either already existing pets or recolors of old pets. They do not offer any new talents that I know of, so are mainly there for collectors. Additionally, there are a bunch of Mooshu themed furniture items. These will be most of the items in any pack you open. Finally, you can occasionally get a Mark of Mooshu Doubloon, pet gear, or mega snacks. I found these to be relatively rare.


Deep Oarfish

Vibrant Oarfish


Lion of the Dawn

Lion of the Day

Lion of the Dusk

Inky Octopus

Pinky Octopus

Other Items Evaluation

I’m not much of a pet or mount collector, so this section isn’t really “for” me. However, the mounts are unique enough. I think the octopi pets had their sprites reworked. They look a lot different than previous octopus pets like the clocktopus. Much cuter. My main problem is the furniture. There’s way too much of it. You end up having to sit by the Skull Island furniture vendor outside the Spar Chamber to sell all the random junk you get in 5-6 out of the slots each pack. I’d prefer to see a more even split between the furniture and the pet snacks, which are actually useful.

My Haul

Using some crowns that I had lying around, I opened around 15,000 crowns worth of items from this pack. In order to give readers an idea of what they can expect to get, here are the items I got:

  • 3 weapons
  • 1 Permanent mount, 1 Seven Day mount, 1 One Day mount
  • 8-10 pets (the 5 mentioned in this article, plus duplicates)
  • 15-20 pieces of gear (almost all off-school)
  • A handful of pet gear and snacks
  • 150+ pieces of furniture, all trashed or sold

I don’t think this pack is worth investing money into. If you happen to have some spare crowns lying around and want to try to get your hands on a Hail of Cannonballs weapon (particularly melee classes or hybrid melee witches/muskets), open a few packs and see if you get lucky. Unlike the Ashes of the Armada Pack, which has a similar quantity of weapons, weapon drops are extremely rare.

The pack’s weapon drop rate is far too poor to justify going out of your way to spend money on opening it. You get way too much crappy stat gear (there are a whopping 45 pieces on the drop table!) and furniture and only 0-2 non-furniture/pet snacks/pet gear items per pack. The vast majority of the time that will be 1 piece of stat gear or 1 pet. The mounts and weapons, in my experience, were massively rarer. I would especially advise against aggressively going after a single weapon.


In conclusion, the Skyfarer’s Pack is a decent pack that is hampered by the premiere items (weapons) having an extremely low drop rate and having no “second tier” of items that are worth cracking packs for. The weapons are legitimately good though, unlike the “premiere” items in the Pirate Nightmare Pack or Tribal Pack. These packs’ best items are outright weak.

One of the things that gives the Grizzly Beast and Ashes of the Armada packs staying popularity is that they have worthwhile “second tier” items– mega snacks and energy gear in the Grizzly pack and a variety of powerful weapons with unique cosmetics in the Ashes of the Armada Pack. This reduces the cost of not hitting on premiere drops, as you are guaranteed to get something worthwhile. The Skyfarer’s pack on the other hand, has a whopping 45 pieces of stat gear that clog up the drop tables. This is a poor consolation prize.

Even without good non-premiere drops, a pack can still be worth purchasing. However, the weapons in this pack are not true staples nor sufficiently cool to justify the atrocious drop rates. Powerful companions like Baar in the Grizzly Beast pack or the Armada companions in the Ashes pack have very low drop rates, but are chase items due to their power level and extremely unique abilities. Even if you don’t want the aforementioned undercard items, the most desirable drops are still worth pursuing. These Skyfarer’s Pack’s weapons are just not collectible in the way companions are, nor are they noticeably stronger than other (FTP) weapons. Players will substitute towards other, more attainable weapons. Without a higher weapon drop rate, I do not see a strong reason to go out of one’s way to purchase the pack in its current state.

 Have you purchased the Skyfarer’s Pack?  Got any items we’re missing? Email us at finalbastion101@gmail.com with screenshots and we’ll credit you!

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