The second of Pirate101’s 3 booster packs, the Grizzly Beast Booster Pack features Grizzleheim themed gear, companions, pets (and pet equipment), and snacks. Read on to discover what’s in this pack!

Grizzly Beast Boost Pack: Companions

There are 6 companions from this pack, 1 “Battle-tested Beastmaster” for each class and 1 premiere companion, Baar. Each of the Battle-tested Beastmasters has a class-specific, exclusive talent trained by default as well as 5 normal epics by Level 70. They can also randomly summon a pet to aid your team. Baar, the “face” of the pack, gets 7 epics and a bevy of exclusive powers at levely 70.



  • Weasel War Dance x3- 6 range. Damages and reduces the accuracy and/or dodge of the target by 25% for 5 rounds
  • Ruhr- Summons Ruhr within 3 tiles of Baar
  • Shrawk- Summons Shrawk anywhere on the battleboard
  • Note that Shrawk and Ruhr, unlike the other beastmasters’ pets, are not summoned randomly. They are instead powers



  • Merciless 2- Bonus “finishing blow” against low health targets
  • Ram-a-lam- Can randomly summon a Ram-a-lam to aid your team



  • Sneaky Sneaky- May hide at the end of its turn
  • Faunfaun- Can randomly summon a Faunfaun to aid your team



  • Feeding Frenzy 2- Gains a significant amount of health upon killing an enemy
  • Hedgehog- Can randomly summon a hedgehog to aid your team



  • Eagle Eyes 2- Increases attack range of all adjacent ranged units by 2
  • Tocktavian- Can randomly summon a clockwork spider to aid you



  • Bloodsucker- Heals back half of damage dealt
  • Heck Kitty- Randomly summons a heck kitty to aid your team

Grizzly Beast Boost Pack: Gear

Most of the gear from this pack is either cosmetic (Baar’s hair and facepaint) or provides pet energy. The Beastmaster banner is the only piece of gear that has functionality in battle.


Energy Gear


Note: there are also +3 and +4 versions of all of these items. Only the +5 versions are shown here, as they are the most noteworthy.

Beast Banner

This buffs the weapon power and/or critical of all Beasts (certain companions, all pets, and scorpion and treant summons) currently on the field.

Grizzly Beast Boost Pack: Pets

The following pets drop from the pack:

  • Clockwork Spider
  • Faunfawn
  • Hawk
  • Heck Kitty
  • Hedgehog
  • Hoggle
  • Ram-a-Lam

Various pet gear and high experience snacks (40-60 xp) also drop from the pack.

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