Final Bastion Winter Party

“Yule” definitely love this year’s events! Last year, Final Bastion didn’t have a Winter/Christmas Party. However, this year, we’ve got some pretty cool stuff planned out for you to come enjoy with us! I am happy to announce the Final Bastion Winter Party! We’ll be throwing a House Party–No social distancing necessary for this one though! Come alone, bring a friend, or bring a lot of friends! I’m sure we can find something for you. This event will be held on Saturday, December 26th, at 2 PM EST.

What will be in the Final Bastion Winter Party?

As with most of our bigger events, we’ll have a fully decked out castle for your every wizardly desire including games and much more fun! Dakota will once again be decorating his castle and opening his doors to us, as he did for the Fansite Fest earlier this year.

Prizes for the below contests will vary through many different items including bundles, packs and more!

Scavenger Hunt

Dakota will be hiding 10 items throughout the beautiful Candied Isle Village! He may use castle magic or advanced moves to make your life a little harder though, so try to find them as fast as you can! The first person to find them all and send them to us will receive spectacular rewards! We will also be selecting some runner ups so don’t discourage yourself if you don’t find them all. You can search for the items as soon as you are ported to the house. You must email a FULL screenshot of you next to the item with the window fully visible to

Ice Floe Siren


Work Hammer

The Gift that Keeps on Giving I


The Magic of Storm

The Gift that Keeps on Giving II

The Gift that Keeps on Giving III

Small Candle

Wooden Barrel

Fashion Contest

As usual, we’ll be hosting a Fashion Contest! Once again, we’re on the prowl for the best non-traditional gear sets out there! This means that you should stay away from commonly-used gear, such as PvP, Elegant or Santa gear. The winners have always shown a creative streak in the past, here’s to hoping there are some new gear sets we’ve never seen!

A previous Final Bastion Winter Fashion Contest 🙂

Whisper Game

If you’re lucky, a Final Bastion staff member may just whisper a secret word in your ear. If you hear this word, email a screenshot of your entire screen with the word clearly visible to You’ll receive a secret prize 🙂
Each word is to be single-use only – don’t share the secret!

Time and Place

Please note that the Wizard101 and Pirate101 events are NOT on the same date. The Wizard101 house party will be on December 26, 2020 at 2pm EST and run till approximately 4pm EST.

Times for other some other zones are as follows:

  • Pacific time: 11am-1pm
  • Mountain time: 12pm-2pm
  • Central time:  1pm-3pm
  • Eastern time:  2pm-4pm

Find your way to Unicorn Way and have a little chat with Diego until you can be picked up to go to Dakota’s house! With the weather getting frosty, we’ll be meeting in realm Kelvin! Final Bastion staff will have wizards available to transport guests to the party castle 10 minutes before the event starts and up to 20 minutes after it begins. We call these wizards “Portbuses”. Add these wizards if you would like to join in on the fun!

General Rules of the Final Bastion Winter Party

  • Absolutely no foul language will be tolerated. No warnings will be provided.
  • Please refrain from rude or unsportsmanlike behavior. You will only be warned once.
  • Please refrain from using exploits or bugs to get into areas that are intentionally blocked off.
  • Toxicity will result in a kick from the house.
  • Basically, for those who never read the rules: Have fun. Be nice. Don’t Cheat 
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