Empyrea Part 1 Master Guide

Last November Kingsisle introduced Empyrea as one of the worlds our wizards can visit, and with this update we got the very first part of the world. So, while we wait for the highly anticipated Empyrea Part 2 update let’s take a look back at what we have so far. Empyrea Part 1 brought with it:

  • Maximum level cap of 125
  • Shadow Trickster and Donate Shadow spells
  • The most challenging crafting level yet – Revered Crafting
  • Treasure Card sorting
  • Beastman Fight Club Dungeon
  • Base Pip Conversion Stat
  • and lots more!

Read the full update notes here. If you are still to venture into this mysterious stormy world, you should read up on what to expect to be more prepared! You will also want to make use of misthead’s ‘Empyrea Part 1 Main Quest Line Guide‘ to track your progress as you are questing.


Zone Pricing

Empyrea Part 1 is divided in a total of 3 sections, each priced at the regular crown cost of 1995 crowns.

Shadow Spells



Click here to take a deeper look at how Shadow Trickster’s mechanics work and start guessing how you can incorporate this amazing spell into your spell deck!

Familiar Faces

Yet again, our dear friends Prospector Zeke and Eloise MerryWeather have found themselves stranded in a brand new land and require our assistance. Click on their images to find out more on how you can help Zeke finding the Hootie’s Blowfish and Eloise finding the Crown Empyreal Flowers.


Ready for a challenge?

Empyrea Part 1 brings us a couple of interesting challenges to face. Even though Kingsisle has set out to decrease the difficulty of main quest line battles there are still a couple places you can seek out to test your magical powers!


First, there is Medulla. Be warned! This foe is remarkably clever for a member of the Cabal! However, our very own Eric Stormbringer set out to defeat him in a solo battle.


Empyrea Part 1 - Finale Medulla

Then there is the Beastman Fight Club. Here you will be faced with the ultimate challenge against those three pesky Beastman! Check out our guide here.


Empyrea Part 1 - Yowck

Gear Up!

Now you can also find the Cabalist gear set and the Champion crafted gear as part of this update. Check out all the gear we found in this article and compare the stats next to the crafted options. To get started on crafting the Champion gear head to Aeriel Shore and track down Loligo!


It all starts with a bundle!

Indeed it does! We keep seeing the same trend for new world releases. First we get teased with a bundle that contains just a glimpse of what to expect and then we get the world itself. This time we got the Empyrean Castaway Bundle.


A new and NON-mandatory crafting quest is now available – Revered Crafting! This is not a mandatory quest due to the level of difficulty that some of the required reagents have. However, with great sacrifice comes great reward!

Get started by following misthead’s guide to revered crafting. You will also want to check out:



A side activity you will want to pursue in Empyrea is the hunting down of these marvelous set of pets. The Wartles are a set of pets (one for each school) that are dropped from side / roaming bosses. A great addition, Kingsisle! Click on the image to learn more!


Empyrea Part 1 - Dropped Pets


Check out some of these most interesting other features presented with this update, such as organized crafting recipes, deck changes, and jewel improvements!


Miscellaneous Updates

Big thanks to everyone involved in the creation of these guides!

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