Beastman Fight Club Guide and Speed Run


New and improved 4-round speed run added on 1/21/2018!


With the Empyrea release, players who are seeking a greater challenge and excellent rewards will find it within a new side quest encounter called the Beastman Fight Club Gauntlet. Kingsisle considers it their hardest content to date and it certainly can provide a challenge that may cut into your sleep time!

This article provides you an overview of the dungeon and cheats. We also include a speed run strategy for a very well-coordinated team, as well as strategy advice that any team can use.

  1. Overview
  2. Cheats
    1. Mykedee
    2. Adrok
    3. Yowck
  3. General Strategy (Non-Speed Run)
    1. Mykedee and Adrok
    2. Final Fight
  4. Speed Run Strategy
    1. Mykedee and Adrok
    2. Final Fight


A. Overview

To get the quest, after you’ve completed the story-line quest “Crusher? We Barely Knew Her!”, you can talk to Yowck in the middle of Aeriel Jungle.  He will give you the quest “Fight For Your Right,” which takes you to a “Beastman Fight Club” cave in Aerial Shore.

The dungeon includes three fights:

  1. Mykedee only
  2. Adrok only
  3. Final fight: Mykedee, Adrok and Yowck together


B. Cheats

1. Mykedee Cheats


Mykedee is a Death boss with 24,780 health. His cheats include:




Blade Teammate

When you blade a teammate:

  • First time, he casts a Bad Juju on the Wizard receiving the blades (“No way, Wizard”)
  • Second time, he casts a Virulent Plague (“This ain’t no charm school”)
  • Third time, he casts Metalops on the caster, the version that leaves a 200% death trap and beguiles (“Third time ain’t a charm!”)
  • The cycle then resets to the first time


When you heal:

  • First time, he casts Infection on the caster  (“No healing. It time to get ill!”)
  • Second time, he casts a potent Infection on the caster (“Feeling better? I fix that!”)
  • Third time, he casts a mass infection (“Ha! Now everyone get ill!”)
  • The cycle then resets to the first time

Natural Attack

His natural attack includes a feint at the end (“Hold it —  now hit it!“).


If you are late, he casts a Metalops that leaves a 200% death trap and beguiles you (“You ready to fight for your right to be tardy?”)


2. Adrok Cheats


Adrok is a Storm boss with 22,140 health and 75% storm resist. His cheats include:



Beet Minion

You must cast a trap on Adrok every round in order to avoid him summoning the Beet Minion (“Eh, the beets are mmm… stopped”).

If you don’t trap Adrok in a round, he will summon a Beet Minion with 7,000 health (“Feel the beet!”)

In two rounds, the Beet will sacrifice itself and one Wizard (“This gonna hurt!”).  At least the music is cool while you’re dying…


If one of them fizzles, he will cast a Lightning Strike on the one that fizzled (“Check your head”)  Note that this will use up any dispel you have on him!


If you are late, he casts a Metalops that leaves a -100% accuracy debuff and stuns you (“I’m gonna set you straight for bein’ late”)


3. Yowck Cheats

Yowck is a Ice/Balance boss with 29,210 health. His cheats include:



Teammate Traps

When a trap is cast on Adrok or any Wizards,  Yowck will move the last trap placed on Adrok to a random Wizard (“See how you like it”)

Feints, Shields and Stun Blocks

When you cast a feint, shield or stun block:

  • First time in a round, he does nothing (“First one is on the house!”)
  • All other times in the same round, he casts a pierce on the receiver of the feint/shield/stun block and stuns the caster (“Second one has a cover charge!”)
  • The cycle resets each round, so you are able to safely cast one of these each round.


If you are late, he casts a mana burn on you and gives all members of his team power pips until they are full (“You’re missing the party!”)



C. General Strategy (Non-Speed Run)


1. Mykedee and Adrok General Strategy


Beastman Fight ClubIt’s important that all wizards join the fight together since the “late” cheats are pretty severe. We have all wizards get close to the battle circle (but not in it!) and agree on one wizard saying “ready”, then “set” then “go.” All support Wizards should run in right away when they hear “go”, while the hitter pauses for a moment and jumps in a bit later so they can be last. As Pork says, “We must work together!” — otherwise you can sabotage your team.

Note that Adrok is currently pulling the first wizard that arrives into the battle as soon as his dialogue starts. We suggest that wizard flee and come back when this happens. If they need health or mana quickly, you can get it in Aeriel Shore (or if it’s empty we’ve found Caravan in Mirage a good place to quickly get health and mana).

As for the rest of the battle, we suggest trap stacking. If at least one wizard has Feint and Potent Trap trained, one wizard has an item trap (the Jewel of the Feint is available in the bazaar), and one wizard has a Feint Treasure card, you can easily stack 4, along with other traps (e.g., school traps of the hitter, elemental/spirit trap TC, etc.) and blades from the hitter.

2. Final Fight General Strategy

For the final fight, we suggest having one hitter and three support wizards.

We also suggest approaching the fight in two “phases”:

  1. In the first phase, your objective is to defeat Yowck.
  2. In the second phase, your objective is to survive and finish the fight.

We’ll go over the phases in a moment.  First, let’s review the following key strategies for the final fight:

Shop for First

If you are second in this fight, we suggest fleeing and using dungeon recall to go back.  The fight is hard enough as it is without fun surprises like a stun, big shield or weakness right before you’re going to hit.

If there’s not enough mana in Aeriel Shore, you can quickly pop to Mirage to grab some mana (and health) quickly.

You also can mark next to the fight to make it faster to come back.

Avoid the Beet

You need to trap Adrok every round in order to avoid him summoning the Beet, which will defeat one of your wizards in a round.

While Yowck is alive, we suggest using life, myth or fire traps on Adrok.  This is because Yowck’s cheat will move those traps to your team whenever a trap is placed on Adrok or your team.  Since none of the Beasties use those spells, these traps won’t hurt you after they are moved.  At least two support wizards should have these traps (preferably 3).

Note that we suggest having several stun blocks in your deck and casting it early on the wizards that will be trapping Adrok.  Note that if you use more than one feint or stun block in a round, Yowck will stun the last one (although if the last one is a stun block, it will use one of the stun blocks).

After Yowck is defeated, we suggest using feints on Adrok to stop the cheat and increase your damage when you hit.

Limit Their Damage

One of the biggest challenges with this fight is that their hits can do a lot of damage.  And the fight gets much harder if one of your wizards is defeated.  We suggest two strategies to limit their damage.

First, cast a storm dispel on Adrok any time he has (a) a shadow pip and more than 4 pips or (b) more than 8 pips.  This will avoid him removing your blades with a Glowbug or Sirens — and also avoids the damage along with it.  It’s helpful if one of the support wizards is storm or has storm mastery.  Otherwise we’d suggest that a few wizards carry storm dispels.

Note that if the hitter is storm, they may want to carry a couple of “emergency” dispels, although they shouldn’t be doing this often since it’s more important for them to be casting zero-pip blades so they can hit quickly.

Second, we suggest casting Virulent Plague on them to reduce their damage by 45% (especially Mykedee, who can hit you hard).  Since they don’t typically cast smaller hits and Mykedee will cheat cast infections on you when you heal, we find this approach more efficient than focusing on healing.  If you have a death wizard on your team this is a great role for them.  We suggest having at least two wizards carrying Virulent Plague.

We find this approach more efficient than using Death Dispels since Myekee can run through the Death Dispels so quickly.

Make Your Hits Count

When you hit, make sure that you have several blades on the hitter and several feints on at least one of the bosses, so you have a good chance of taking out that boss with one hit.  If you don’t, your hits are going to be weak, it’s going to take you several turns to get pips and buff up for another hit, and you’ve got a much greater chance of dying during that time.

The hitter should be using zero-pip school buffs (regular school blade, sharp school blade, treasure card school blade) so they can buff and build pips at the same time.  They also can use an item school blade (usually from an amulet) and a pet school blade or dragonblade if they have it.

These bosses also have high resist.  When we tested with Storm, Yowck had 40% resist, Mykedee had 25%, and Adrok had 75%.  Against Myth, Yowck had 30%, Mykedee had 25% and Adrok had a 2% boost.  So if you don’t have at least 30/40% resist, we suggest either using an Infallible Treasure Card before you hit (adds 20% pierce), using an Unstoppable Treasure Card on your hit (adds 15% pierce), or using both if your pierce is really low.

Also note that if your hitter is storm you’ll want to prism Adrok.  While Yowck is alive, we suggest that a support wizard carry some Treasure Card Storm Prisms and cast them ONLY on the hit round.  Otherwise there is a good chance that Yowck will move the prism to one of your team when they trap, which happens often.  Once Yowck is defeated, you can prism whenever you’d like.

Lastly, the support wizards should be feinting the bosses when they are not busy casting their trap on Adrok, Storm Dispel, Virulent Plague or Healing.  We suggest having one support wizard focus on casting regular feints, one focus on casting potent feints and one focus on casting Treasure Card feints.  This approach will reduce the damage that they take when they get hit, since the feints won’t stack on the Wizards but will stack on them.

Make Your Heals Count

Most likely you will need some healing in this battle, even if you are limiting their damage.  Mykedee will cast infections on you after your first heal, which significantly limits the efficiency of your other heals.

Given this, we suggest only using large heals, such as Rebirth, Satyr, Dryad or Regenerate.  Although you want to carry a few smaller heals (sprite or fairy) to use if you have double infections on you.

To counteract the infections, we believe it’s most efficient to cast a Sanctuary early in the battle.  Alternatively (or in addition) you can cast Cleanse Charm on the healer, although this will stop a support wizard from doing other important things, so use sparingly.

Don’t Be Tardy

Their tardy cheats are painful and if you flee and come back after Yowck is defeated you don’t have a chance at his drops.

So be sure not to join the fight late.  And if you are defeated after Yowck is defeated it’s better to have someone heal you rather than fleeing and coming back.


Phase One

For the first “phase” of the battle, we suggest focusing on taking out Yowck, since you can stack traps on him and the fight becomes much easier without him:

  • Support Wizards
    • Be sure to cast fire, myth, or life traps on Adrok every round.  Alternatively, if your hitter is storm, you can cast a Windstorm
    • Get stun blocks on the Wizards that are casting traps on Adrok as soon as possible
    • Stack a regular feint, potent feint and TC feint on Yowck before the hit (if a Wizard has an item feint or a pet feint, these can be a good idea too)
    • Make sure they always have a Virulent Plague on them to reduce their damage
    • Use Storm Dispels on Adrok if he can cast Bugs or Sirens
    • Consider casting Sanctuary early in the battle to boost your healing
    • On the hit round:
      • If Yowck has several shields, consider casting Shatter
      • When your hitter is Storm, it’s good to cast a Storm Prism on Adrok on the hit round if possible (although our main focus initially is taking out Yowck)
    • If you get bored, sing the lyrics of “Paul Revere” in honor of the Beastie Boys during that phase
  • Hitter
    • Stack 0-pip blades
    • If you need more pierce, consider casting an infallible before you hit
    • Ideally hit round 3-6 (ideally high damage AoE, like Bugs or Sirens)

Phase Two

Once Yowck is defeated:

  • Support wizards can freely feint Mykedee and Adrok (be sure to feint or trap Adrok every turn).
  • If health starts to get low, your healers can cast a large heal (Satyr or Rebirth).
  • Continue to use Storm Dispels and Virulent Plague to limit their damage.
  • The hitter should blade up and hit again in a few rounds.
  • You can Storm Prism Adrok at any time (either the hitter or a support wizard).

Once you are done with the fight, be sure to collect your official Brass Monkey!


D. Speed Run Strategy

1. Mykedee and Adrok Speed Run

Both the Mykede and Adrok fights can be done in two rounds with Feint stacking (similar to our Baba Yaga farming guide). This also avoids both of their cheats.

We suggest coordinating with your team to have the support wizards cast most/all of the following stacking feints:

    1. Trained Feint
    2. Potent Trained Feint
    3. Treasure Card Feint
    4. Item Feint
    5. Item Potent Feint (Brendan DreamingCity sells it)
    6. Pet Feint

The hitter should cast a sharp blade on round 1 and hit on round 2 , we use a storm and cast either Triton or Rehab Lady (editor: that’s Rusalka’s Wrath).

If your team has sufficient damage from only 5 feints, we suggest having one wizard with high outgoing healing boost cast Satyr or Unicorn on the hit round to keep everyone’s health topped-off.


2. Final Fight Speed Run

For the final fights, we suggest the following strategy. It’s only four rounds, has a little extra damage in case you get a weakness or small shield, and includes some turns for dispels/cleanse/pierce/shatter, which give it a good success rate.  The only requirement is that the hitter is storm and has decent damage and, most importantly,  pierce.  Our calculations used 120%+ damage and 36 pierce (full Darkmoor set plus 3 jewels)

We highly recommend “shopping for first” in this battle (i.e., if you’re not first, flee and come back — you may want to mark there!).  When we’re first, this strategy works well around 90% of the time.  When we’re second, the success rate is lower due to them sometimes mucking things up (e.g., Bugs, Beguile, Enfeeble from the Beet, Kevin-esque Frost Giant, etc.).

Many thanks to Stephanie Dawnheart and Aursiniuria for the Dark Pact idea in this speed run.  They also came up with a neat 3 round strategy a team with balance and two fires — you can see it on her Youtube channel.

Wizard#1 Wizard#2 Wizard#3 Wizard#4 (“Hitter”)
Sharp Elemental Blade on Hitter Item or Potent Windstorm Item Sharp Elemental Blade on Hitter Sharp Storm Blade on Self
Storm/Death/Ice Dispel or Pierce (1) TC or Regular Windstorm TC Darkwind Item or Pet Storm Blade on Self
Death Dispel on Mykedee TC Elemental Blade on Hitter Storm/Death/Ice Dispel or Pierce (2) TC Dark Pact on Self
Item or Sharp Bladestorm (3) Shatter, Pierce or Cleanse (4) Indemnity Feint on Adrok Epic Bugs or Sirens


Be sure to have a pip deck.  Many of the spells cost two pips, so you’re going to need it!

The interesting part about this speed run is that it’s important for the support wizards to pay attention to their pips and the spells they cast and select your spell accordingly.  These comments refer to the numbers in the table:

Decision #1: First Dispel/Pierce (Wizard#1)

Our top priority is to stop a Bugs, Storm Lord or Sirens from Adrok.  So if he has 7+ pips, or 5 pips and a shadow pip, cast a storm dispel on him.

Second priority is Yowck: if he has 7+ pips (Frost Giant) or 5 pips and a shadow pip (Abominable Weaver).  If so, cast an ice dispel on him.

Third priority is if they cast a storm shield or Abominable Weaver earlier, pierce it off.

Lastly, if Mykedee has a 5+ pips and a shadow pip (Winged Sorrow), you can cast a death dispel on him.

Important Note: If you are second or if Adrok has 5 pips and a shadow pip on the first round, you may want to cast the dispel on the first round (and cast the Sharp Elemental Blade round 2)


Decision #2: Second Dispel/Pierce (Wizard#3)

Use the same priorities as the first dispel/pierce.

Again if you are second (or if Adrok can cast Bugs), you may want to cast the dispel a round earlier (and cast Darkwind on the third round).

Also note that this storm dispel should come after the blade cast by Wizard 2 — otherwise Adrok will use the dispel when Mykedee fizzles.  So the order matters!


Decision #3: Balanceblade (Wizard#1)

If you’ve got a balance wizard, they should be Wizard #1 and cast a sharp bladestorm here.

If not, you can buy the “House of Plague Greenstone” (level 82) amulet in the bazaar , which will give you bladestorm as an item card.


Decision #4: Shatter, Pierce or Cleanse (Wizard#2)

If they have a shield, we suggest casting shatter (if one of them has multiple shields) or pierce.  If several of them have shields, we suggest focusing on Adrok.

Alternatively, if your hitter has a weakness, you can cast a Cleanse Charm on them.


Additional Cards

Although it doesn’t happen often, in case one of them survives:

  • Your hitter should carry an additional tempest or two, preferably in the side deck, pre-enchanted of course!
  • Your support wizards may want to carry an additional feint (one with regular, one with potent and one TC)


If you come up with any other strategies that work well or any corrections for the cheats, please let us know in the comments!


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