Miscellaneous Updates – Fall 2017

With each major update to Wizard101 we’re seeing more and more small changes to the game. In this fall 2017 update, we have Empyrea Part 1 as the major update, but what else made its way to the game? There are loads of miscellaneous updates to go through so I picked some of the ones that should interest you the most. Without further ado:



Apart from the new crafting ranks and the amazing Champion Crafted Gear, this update brought this handy new feature with it. You can now equip crafting recipes so that you can easily find them in your recipe book.


The ability to reach lvl 125 means a new jewel level. Introducing Sparkling jewels, the next level after Shiny jewels. Additionally, there is a new jewel vendor in Mirage’s Caravan, Gemeral, and he brings us jewels we can either buy or craft.

While still on the subject of jewels, there was another minor update that Kingsisle has kept quiet so far, but we noticed, we always do! There are new symbols on jewels that give flat damage and flat resist. This change is very beneficial for wizards who aren’t aware of flat stats.

More Space!

Castle magic has been a great addition as of late, but some of us decorators had castles already fully loaded with items. However, now castle magic items count separately from your other items.

For 2500 crowns, you can now purchase the Expand Backpack Elixir for a maximum of 2 times on each wizard for an extra of 50 backpack item slots per elixir.

The bank space has now been increased from 100 slots to 150! No more worrying about your backpack and bank overflowing while questing.

Daily Assignments Changes

There is a new daily assignment quest available to wizards who already completed all other daily assignment quests. This quest like all others will be available on day 12. Moreover, there is a new difficulty level for daily assignments now that Empyrea hit the Spiral. Say hello to Heavyweight assignments!


Pip Conversion

Starting from lvl 110, all wizards will get a base pip conversion rate (just like power pips and health). However, the wizard’s school and lvl will determine how much base pip conversion rate you get.

At level 110, each school gets the following base pip conversion rates:

  • Balance 217 = 5%
  • Death 217 = 5%
  • Fire ???
  • Ice 207 = 3%
  • Life ???
  • Myth 212 = 4%
  • Storm 187 = 2%

Deck Changes

Treasure cards now have their own section in your spell book. You will find the treasure card button in the upper left corner of your spell book. As an additional feature, you can also quick sell treasure cards AND you can sell all of the same treasure cards exactly like you can see in the image below.

One last thing for spell decks… so many changes! Whenever you acquire a new spell deck and equip it, you’ll be asked if you’d like to copy your existing deck setup into the new deck. Efficient!



Our dear friend in the Atheneum, the Loremaster, has acquired 3 new spells in her collection:

Which means that now you can get a total of 20 different spells from Loremaster. Good luck getting the one you’re after!

  • Loremaster
  • Ninja Piglets
  • Samoorai
  • Savage Paw
  • Deer Knight
  • Lord of Night
  • Brimstone Revenant
  • Hephaestus
  • Krampus
  • Angry Snowpig
  • Handsome Fomori
  • Winter Moon
  • Goat Monk
  • Luminous Weaver
  • Pigsie
  • Athena Battle Sight
  • Keeper of the Flame
  • Ninja Pigs
  • Catalan
  • Queen Calypso

Realms, maps and loading screens!

There are so many realms in the Spiral, but we all have that one realm which we prefer over other realms. With realm locking you can now select that realm and lock it so that when you switch areas, the game won’t accidentally switch you realm. This feature doesn’t forbid you from going to other realms, it just helps the game remember your realm preference.

From now on, whenever you’ll use a Spiral door and click on a world, you’ll be able to see that world’s map instead of the Spiral’s map.

Finally, with the addition of Empyrea part 1 a new and highly requested feature has been introduced to the game, a new transition screen! Do you think that there will be more transition screens to follow, and if so, do you have any interesting ideas for one?

Fall 2017 - misc updates transition screen

What other cool miscellaneous updates did you like?

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