Empyrean Castaway Bundle

Another world, another bundle! Empyrea Part 1 brought us the Empyrean Castaway Bundle filled with wonders themed purely from the first part of this mysterious world. Big thanks to Kingsisle for providing the bundle for us at Final Bastion to review and share with you.

The bundle provides you with the following:

  • Castaway’s Bungalow
  • Junk-Copter Mount with +50% Speed Boost
  • Puffy Packfish Pet
  • Raider Scrap Outfit
  • Raider Scrap Blaster Weapon
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Puffy Packfish

The Puffy Packfish is a Life pet that looks absolutely adorable with its enormous eyes and the way it wiggles from side to side. Its stats aren’t that bad for a first generation! It comes with two talents that haven’t been seen before: Myth-Boon and may cast Calm. In addition, it has two may cast heal talents: unicorn and sprite queen.

Empyrean Castaways Bundle


Junk-Copter Mount

The junk-copter mount comes with a 50% speed boost, woohoo!

Empyrean Castaway's Bundle


Raider Scrap Outfit

The Raider Scrap attire is pretty nice. Each level comes with two utility cards on each gear piece. That’s a lot of utility! The looks are once again a disappointment to me, as a girl. I’d like gear to look a little more female. This gender neutral gear just isn’t pretty to wear!

Female Wizard
Male Wizard

Any Level Raider Scrap Attire

Initiate Raider Scrap Attire

Adept Raider Scrap Attire

Magus Raider Scrap Attire

Empyrean Castaway's Bundle

Master Raider Scrap Attire

Grandmaster Raider Scrap Attire

Legendary Raider Scrap Attire

Transcendent Raider Scrap Attire

Archmage Raider Scrap Attire

Promethean Raider Scrap Attire

Exalted Raider Scrap Attire

Prodigious Raider Scrap Attire

Champion Raider Scrap Attire

Visionary Raider Scrap Attire


Raider Scrap Blaster Weapon

The weapon looks very cool! Starting from level 100, it has a may cast, like most bundle weapons have these days. This time, it’s a maycast Dragonspear (the blade that gives you 10% pierce).

Any Level Raider Scrap Blaster

Initiate Raider Scrap Blaster

Adept Raider Scrap Blaster

Magus Raider Scrap Blaster

Master Raider Scrap Blaster

Grandmaster Raider Scrap Blaster

Legendary Raider Scrap Blaster

Trascendent Raider Scrap Blaster

Archmage Raider Scrap Blaster

Promethean Raider Scrap Blaster

Exalted Raider Scrap Blaster

Prodigious Raider Scrap Blaster

Empyrean Castaway's Bundle

Champion Raider Scrap Blaster

Visionary Raider Scrap Blaster


Castaway’s Bungalow House

The house is pretty awesome, even if it leaks a little on the inside! I like how at times it’s raining really heavily and at times just drizzling. This house comes with a battle circle, so you can PvP all your friends in the rain now! The house has a bar inside, with behind it a “lost and found” box, that will grant you one item every day if you interact with it. It seems to offer a variety of things: I’ve gotten housing items (Short Tiki Totem, Pie and Bone), pet snacks (Hot Ginger Snaps, Sandy Corn), treasure cards (Mutate Shark, Mutate Wyvern, Giant and Colossal), seeds (Dandelion, Maltese Tiger Lily, Fish on a Vine) and reagents (Diamond).

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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • who is selling the receipe for dust to aethyr ore. Loligo does not sell it, only wearing apparel.

  • Like SELL the pack or the house in the game, already…

    Pet Snacks Information
    This Pet likes Storm Snacks
    1 at Baby
    Statistics Values Attributes Limits
    School Storm (Icon) Storm.png (Icon) Pet Strength.png Strength 235
    Pedigree 71 (Icon) Pet Intellect.png Intellect 240
    Egg Maelstrom Egg (Icon) Pet Agility.png Agility 250
    Hatch Time Varies based on parent age (Icon) Pet Will.png Will 240
    Hatch Cost Varies based on parent age (Icon) Pet Power.png Power 220
    Talents Derby Abilities
    (Talent) Epic Fishing Luck.png (Derby) Oil Slick.png
    (Talent) Spell-Proof.png (Derby) Bombardier.png
    (Talent) Spritely.png (Derby) Ultra-Rare.png
    (Talent) Death-Giver.png (Derby) Dead End.png
    (Talent) Drop It.png (Derby) Bananas!.png
    (Talent) Disarmament.png (Derby) No Passing.png
    (Talent) Infector.png (Derby) Super-Pass.png
    (Talent) Mana Bounty.png (Derby) Super-Stall.png
    (Talent) Storm-Dealer.png (Derby) Ultra-Rare.png
    (Talent) Curse.png (Derby) Super Hurry.png
    DROPPED BY (Pet drops are rare)
    No drop sources known
    Aero Plains Bundle Gift Card

    Read more: Pet:Squirreligig – Wizard101 Wiki http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Pet:Squirreligig#ixzz6NBUWwyx7

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