Azteca Sun School Quest Guide

In this guide, we will look into the details of the Azteca Sun school quest. If you want detailed information about this quest, then you are in the right place. This guide focuses especially on how to complete the battle as a Fire wizard. We do link to our video about how Myth and Ice manage as well.

The Azteca Sun spells are FAB-U-lous additions to PvP decks. They allow you to boost your blades, traps and your heals. Each spell costs one training point at the Sun Obelisk in Three Points. In order to train the Sun spells: Sharpened Blade, Potent Trap and Primordial, you must meet requirements:

  • Complete the Sun school quest by Koko Smokesign in the Drum Jungle, Zafaria.
  • Complete the Star school quest given at level 84.
  • Reach level 86 and receive notice to meet Pascal Redmask in the Zocolo, Azteca.
  • Complete the quest ‘Turn up the Sun’ given by Pascal Redmask to obtain Solar Shards from Clemente Moraga.

‘Turn up the Sun’


The quest leads to a 3v1 duel against 3 Fire enemies of the “Oo-oo ee-ee ah-ah” variety. Two minions with 2,840 health and Clemente Moraga, a Rank 13 boss at 15,000 health.

Azteca Sun Quest Video: Myth & Ice Version

Plan of Action


Strategic thought process:

  • Take them out one by one with Fire Prisms and Feints.
  • Take out minions first with converts and Meteor Strike or Fire Dragon. Then deal with the boss.
  • Completely overpower them in one hit with multiple blades, Mass Fire Prisms, Feints and a Rain of Fire, but this will require additional patience, Fire Shields and several heals. I decided to try this plan. I have a Life Amulet and I have trained Life school to Satyr. I also have trained Sun School’s Colossal and Death School’s Feint.
  • Afterthought: Fire Dragon is a better choice since the majority of the damage is done with base hit. Base hit is 540 and I planned two Feints already. (Base hit on Rain of Fire is 130, but has greater damage over time.)

Clemente-Moraga azteca sun school quest

Onto the Battle!

These 3v1 fights are difficult. Knowing how to handle these duels requires important wizardry techniques in Azteca. The biggest issue is the enemy’s ability to hit and literally take you out on their first turn. Minions START the battle with 5-10 pips and the boss with 7-14. Occasionally they will receive a white pip, but expect 10 pips for minions and 14 pips for bosses. In the video below, you will see there is only one white pip for them at the beginning of the battle. They have top level spells. They could theoretically blast you first round and you’re back at the Zocalo awaiting health regeneration before having any chance to cast a spell.

Most likely, one will fizz or one will use a meteor strike. Be patient and shield/heal off any damage. Eventually they run out of pips and their spell supply seems to take a dive. (Good thing they don’t seem to know about Reshuffle!) During this battle I received damage by Sun Serpent, Rain of Fire, Efreet, Fire Dragon, Helephant, Phoenix, Meteor Strike, Brimstone Revenant, Fireblade, Fire Trap, Fire Shark (3 pips 375-435 fire damage,) Fire Serpent (4 pips 525 fire damage over 3 rounds,) Magma Colossus (6 pips 460-540 Fire damage,) and Obsidian Colossus (5 pips 460 Balance damage & -25 Weakness.)  Oh and one more thing, beware! These monkeys have critical boosts! One way to take complete advantage of their hits over 4 pips is to use Empowerment Aura.  

Scrub the Deck


No! Not that kind of deck! (That is a different KI game.)

Clean out your spell deck! Take necessary cards into battle — ONLY. If you must take a back up or two, but be ready to delete them. Always take reshuffle into this type of battle. Even with careful calculations I have missed by the slightest amount thus having to start over since I had no cards. (I have a tendency to add one more blade or trap for this very reason.)


Tip: If you don’t want to change your ‘perfectly fabulous for you deck,’ start a new one. Changing decks is quick and easy.

My goal was to retain health long enough to set up for a Rain of Fire. They do possess significant Fire resist, converts are necessary. I only used treasure cards readily available. By this point in the game you will have received treasure cards of Sharpened Blade/Potent Trap and you can find treasure Elemental Blades in the library in Wizard City. Treasure card Feint(s) stacked on top of any other Feint(s) will get you out of the battle quicker.

You may also have a favourite pet with a Feint or gear with a Feint. If you plan to use a Dragonblade or Balanceblade or use a fire wand, I highly recommend carrying 2 or 3 Cleanse Charms in case of Efreet or Obsidian Colossus’ Weakness to salvage your blades. Off school wand would serve you best as a fire wand will also use your converts.

The Runway vs. Current Fashion


My final thoughts went toward gear. What would a typical wizard use for gear? By this time I was ready to hop in and try my strategy, but took a stroll through my backpack and found a robe with additional Fire resist. I popped that on. The bonus was a Triage spell, woot! (A critical Rain of Fire hurts!) Pictured below is the gear I used. There is better fire resist gear available, surely. I kind of wanted to prove it could be done with gear already in my backpack without additional research.


Success! The first time I went in, I put the first Feint on the wrong monkey, doh! I decided to flee start over. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Azteca isn’t going anywhere!

I was first, YAY! My spells appeared as needed. I was oh so patient. Their pips and spells diminished as I gained pips and built up my “WHAMO” of a hit.  I was excited when I got down to the end and clicked the spell. I had no doubt that it would work. (Actually, I could have done without the extra blades I put on from my treasures as you will see in the video.)

Happy Questing!

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