Azteca Sun Spells Overview

The world of Azteca brought with it lots of new magic to uncover. Amongst this magic, we have 3 very powerful Sun school enchantment spells – Sharpened Blade, Potent Trap and Primordial.

Azteca Sun Spell GuideWhat is so special about these spells?

How many blades and/or traps can you manage to stack to defeat enemies? Now you can have even more! These spells are used to enchant existing spells in your deck while in combat. For instance, a BalanceBlade that does +25% damage can be enchanted to do +35% damage instead. The same concept applies to traps and healing spells.

How can I get these enchants?

First of all, make sure your wizard reaches level 86 as these auras are all locked until you reach that level. Second, you need to complete the  side quest “Turn Up the Sun” from Azteca given to you by Pacal Redmask in the Zocalo. Make sure that you’ve completed the main questline until you complete the quest “Thorn in my Pride”.

What if I still can’t access this side quest?

If the above requirements were met and you still can’t find the side quest from Pacal, you will need to look back a bit further. First make sure that you unlocked the obelisk in Three Points for Star Magic. If that is still not activated you will need to go even further back. How far back? All the way back to Zafaria! Inyanga Whitestripes in the Baobab Crossroads will have a side quest titled “Bungle in the Jungle“. Make sure to fully complete that side quest to unlock the astral magic found within Zafaria. As soon as this is finished, simply head back to Pacal in the Zocalo and pick up your quest.

Sharpened Blade

  • School: Sun
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Effect: Increases the value of positive damage charms (blades) by 10%

This allows for even more blade stacking by doubling the amount of trained blades by two. A +25% BalanceBlade can be used with a +35% Sharp BalanceBlade thanks to this spell. Spells like Supercharge are included except for the fact that sharp and regular Supercharge do not stack.

Potent Trap

  • School: Sun
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Effect: Increases the value of negative damage wards (traps) by 10%

This is the same exact concept as Sharpened Blade. Regular traps and potent traps will be able to stack including spells like Windstorm, Elemental and Spirit Traps and Feint (+80% on enemy / +40% on caster). Backdraft doesn’t stack like other traps.


  • School: Sun
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Effect: Increases the value of a heal by 100

Any trained heal that you can think of will have an additional 100 base heal added to it. For instance, Pigsie that does a 550 heal to all allies, will now do 650 to all instead. This makes it quite a powerful tool for healers!

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