The Revised Bad Juju

Bad Juju didn’t always work the way it works now. Some serious changed have come to how Bad Juju works in PvP. Here’s how Kingisle announced the change back in June 2018.

new bad juju

How Bad Juju functions these days

  • Bad Juju will take 25% of your max health each cast. Example: If you have 4000 health, each cast of bad juju will deal 1000 damage.
  • Bad juju’s self-hit is unaffected by your damage boost or resist. It will always deal 25% of your max health every time.
  • Bad Juju doesn’t trigger any hanging effects. Blades and traps both positive and negative are unaffected by the self hit.
  • Bad Juju’s changes only activate in PvP, it remains unchanged in PvE


The Impact of the Bad Juju changes

Eric Stormbringer lists some effects that the change of Bad Juju in June 2018 could have on PvP prior to seeing it play out. Did he predict things correctly?

  • The first most likely impact is the destruction of the feared Jade/Juju stall strategy. At 25% max health each cast, a mere 2 casts will lower a Jade/Juju wizard to half health- necessitating a heal lest they stay within kill range for too long.
  • The flat percentage damage with the new bad juju leaves offensive death more opportunity as they no longer have to sacrifice their blade setup to use juju. However, 25% of max health- is a steep price to pay, which may preempt the spell’s use even by offensive death wizards.
  • Finally, Bad Juju becomes the first card in Wizard 101 to have a context-dependent function. In PvE, Bad Juju remains unchanged but in PvP the new effects take hold. This is a revolutionary change for Wizard 101 and if applied to other spells consistently, has the potential to stop the inevitable PvE vs PvP debates that ensue after every nerf or buff.

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