Wizard101’s Arc 1 Speedrun

Have you ever wanted to finally level up your new character, but find it long and difficult to do on your own? Are you low on crowns,and can’t buy the level 50 elixir? Then this guide is just for you! Read below to find out how the Arc 1 speedrun was completed within less than 12 hours in Wizard101.

For the most efficient results, this Speed-run requires you to either have a Max character on a second account, or having someone who’s willing to help you go through it.

The Speed-run Plan and Why?

My plan was to do quests 2 hours a day, with exception for the first day where I did one more hour after a break. The point of this speed-run is to show how quickly one can complete the first (Original) Arc, which consists of: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre.

How long did it take?

It took exactly 11 hours and 48 minutes to get from level 1 to 42 and defeat Malistaire.

What do I need for this speed-run?

All you need is two accounts (or a friend who’s willing to help you) with membership or bought areas. Preferably a max character of ANY school. (Yes, this also works with max life, I actually used my life for this speed-run.). You also need high damage (around 100), a 4 pip AOE, and trained Epic. And for your second account (that you’re leveling), you need any version of Feint (TC, Item, Spell) and/or Blades of the relevant school to buff your main character. I used my max Life for this, without having Ratatoskr’s Spin crafted. Instead, I used Kookaburra’s Leafstorm Item Card. And for my second account, I packed Feint and Spirit Blade Treasure Cards.

Main Deck Setup

The deck setup for the high level character is pretty simple – it includes some AOE hits (Forest Lord, Lamassu and Leafstorm) with enchants (2x Epic) and some low-pip hits for finishing (Leprechaun and Wand Hit). Below you can see the max level deck setup for my life. Since you can only have 7 spells on your hand at a time, don’t stuff your deck with too many spells. You want to be able to hit quickly without having to waste rounds, so put fewer spells in. (Preferably 7 or 8).


My Arc 1 Speedrun Progress

Arc 1 Speedrun – Day One

Sitting I – 2 Hours

  • START – LEVEL 1, Commons, 00:00
  • LEVEL 5 – 00:14
  • LEVEL 15- 01:48
  • END – LEVEL 16, Grand Arena, 02:00

Wizard City took about an hour to do, most fights were done quickly with wand hits and the others with Leafstorm. The same applied to Krokotopia.

Sitting II – 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

  • START – LEVEL 16, Grand Arena, 02:00
  • LEVEL 20 – 02:54
  • END – LEVEL 22, Newgate Prison, 03:30

The second sitting went smoothly as well, pretty much every mob can still be one-shot with Leafstorm, except some bosses, who are either Life or cast any kind of debuff.

Arc 1 Speedrun – Day Two

Sitting I – 2 Hours

  • START – LEVEL 22, Newgate Prison, 03:30
  • LEVEL 25 – 04:37
  • END – LEVEL 29, Cave of Solitude, 05:30

Just like in Marleybone, everything can still be pretty much done with a buff and Leafstorm, although Mooshu mobs have slightly more health.

Arc 1 Speedrun – Day Three

Sitting I – 1 Hour

  • START – LEVEL 29, Cave of Solitude, 05:30
  • LEVEL 30 – 05:40
  • END – LEVEL 33, Ancient B. Grounds, 06:30

There was a slight struggle with same-school bosses, since they like to cast shields right before prism, so always have some Pierce on your second account, just in case.

Sitting II – 1 Hour

  • START – LEVEL 33, Ancient B. Grounds, 06:30
  • LEVEL 35 – 06:55
  • END – LEVEL 36, Tower Archives, 07:30

Prism, Feint and Lamassu took care of the Jade Oni. Cyrus Drake is the last thing I need to take care of before moving on to Dragonspyre. Unfortunately this boss is a solo fight, so don’t forget to change your 2nd account’s deck!

Arc 1 Speedrun – Day Four

Sitting I – 2 Hours

  • START – LEVEL 36, Tower Archives, 07:30
  • LEVEL 40 – 09:30
  • END – LEVEL 40, Labyrinth, 09:30

Dragonsypre mobs have around 1000 HP, so all my Leafstorm hits had to be buffed with a blade. As long as you can do around 1k with your AOE hits, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Arc 1 Speedrun – Day Five

Sitting I – 2 Hours & 18 Minutes

  • START – LEVEL 40, Labyrinth, 09:30
  • END – LEVEL 42, The Crown of Fire, 11:48

And that’s it. Arc 1’s storyline is now completed. And it only took around 12 hours to do so!


  • In order for your game-play to be smooth, lower your resolution, preferably to either 800×600 or 1024×768 (depending on your screen resolution.)

  • Go to less crowded realms and decrease your  texture quality and particles, if you have a slower computer.


  • 12 hours? Well, “X Y” made it in less than Z hours!

It’s possible that someone else completed the first arc in less time, but this guide shows a way to do it in a balanced and healthy way, around 2 hours a day.

  • Should I read the dialogues or should I just skip them?

Skip them. This guide is primarily for people who already read the dialogues and know the story. But if you want to read them, it’s up to you, but don’t forget it will take you longer to finish though.

  • My character doesn’t have a 4 Pip AOE, what should I do?

You can also use a 5 pip AOE (Deer Knight, Reindeer Knight), since Max Wizards usually start with 5 pips in the duel, but if you don’t have those either, check out my AOE articles to find suitable Item Card or Treasure Card versions of an AOE that could be useful for the speed-run.

  • I completed the speed-run, what should I do next?

It solely depends on your plans. You can either do PvP, or continue doing quests. Don’t forget that Celestia becomes available once you reach level 44. Assuming you are level 42, you still need to complete 2 more levels. You can either do side quests in already completed worlds, or you can start questing in Grizzleheim and Wintertusk (or Wysteria).

Will you try  this Arc 1 Speed-run?
Do you have any questions or is something missing in the guide?
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Wizard101 player since 2012. Stormbreaker is mainly interested in PvE and game’s storyline. Even though he’s not really into PvP, he likes doing tournaments once in a while. Other interest include crafting and fishing for rare items across the Spiral.


  • The easiest way to Solo the game fast is with a really strong pet, this is great for other characters on the same account. Examples include both kookaburras for life and fire, the mythdactyl for myth, gloomy eye for death, malefic strix for storm, any blade giving pet for Ice, and usually the opossum for balance.

  • Bro, I swear i beat this before soloing while making a pet

  • For people who are wanting to speed-run without the help of a max wizard consistently – I recommend purchasing your schools AOE spell as a treasure card from The Bazaar in Olde Town.

    Most times, your support wizard is only there to help crowd-control the minions, potential boss hits as well.

  • I was kinda hoping for a no help speedrun from hearing the title, but seeing that this is all about just boosting, its kinda boring. Maybe someone will accept the speed challenge of 1-malistare no help?

    • Me and my buddy got me from ftp lvl 18 to first 48 with my first membership back in the hay day, in under a week. The issue with trying to solo speed run is you need a good aoe spell. Death doesn’t get their first aoe spell till 48. After that, they’re the best school for soloing content. If Vampire was an aoe spell they’d be the best solo class. Life doesn’t get their first aoe spell till 48 either, but they get healing spells, which can help in soloing content. Ice doesn’t get their aoe spell until lvl 22, same with Fire, and Myth, making them pretty decent for soloing content early, where as Storm doesn’t get theirs until 28, regardless it’s pretty hard to solo as storm early, around 100 it becomes super easy if you have Shadow Malistaire gear. Balance get’s their aoe spell the earliest at lvl 16! Making them the king of soloing content early. Along with Balance Blade at 12, and balance of Power now giving bonus balance damage instead of power pip chance at 22. They’re pretty good at soloing content early, but even with Power Nova and RA late game, not having any damage convert really hurts them. The addition of Hyper Elixers help a lot, unfortunately it’s $10 a pop per 12 hours.

      TLDR: Each school has it’s pros and cons of trying to speed run solo, the issue is without heirloom gear like in wow, it’s very hard for most schools to level up quickly without paying money, or having a friend boost you.

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