Candied Isles Bundle

The Candied Isles Bundle is the first bundle released with a Karamelle theme! This “sweet” bundle  gives 5,000 crowns, The Sweetish Chef Set, the Whisk of Doom, a Marshfellow pet, and one of the most gorgeous houses to ever exist- The Candied Isles Village.  If you are a collector or house party host, “Do-nut” hesitate to get this bundle! You can get this Bundle through GameStop, either in-person, or online, at least in the United States.

The Sweetish Chef Set

Cook up an absolute storm while wearing the Candied Isles Gear! The Sweetish Chef Set provides some balanced offensive stats, and for higher leveled wizards, gives vast amounts of shadow pip chance and critical rating. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend using this gear if you have a better alternative, such as the Dragoon’s set, or similarly designed gear. Unlike the Pet Trainer’s Bundle, this gear does not give any useful cards, such as monstrology or unique heals.

The Whisk of Doom

This wand is definitely a more unique type of style. I personally can’t figure out if its a good option for PvP or not. It offers pierce, critical, pip conversion, and damage. It’s definitely a handy wand. Now here’s the really interesting aspect of the wand. It has a unique may-cast spell- Sugar Rush. For those of you who don’t know, Sugar Rush lets you gain 5 pips immediately, in exchange for not being able to gain pips each turn for the next four turns. It’s a bit of a “whisk” to sacrifice this ability. However, it can be game changing as well.


The Marshfellow Pet

This has got to be one of the coolest pets out there- and the cutest! The Marshfellow is a myth pet that gives a Myth Shield Card. Overall, its definitely a cool option for a questing companion. The Marshfellow starts off with some pretty impressive stats, allowing for some immediately valuable manifested talents. I wish the card was a little more useful, but I’d be fine rocking this little guy regardless of its cards.

Pet Talents

  • Myth Proof
  • Mana Boost
  • Durable
  • Spirited
  • Critical Striker
  • Health Gift
  • Myth-Dealer
  • Myth-Eye
  • ???
  • Armor Breaker

Derby Talents

  • Bomber
  • Super Sap
  • Sideswipe
  • Think Fast!
  • Huge Rally
  • Recovery
  • Eat My Dirt
  • Big Boost
  • Super Hurry
  • Super-Dizzy

The Sweet Ride!

This mount isn’t really much to impressed with. It’s a 40% Speed Boost, with no additional stats boosts or additional passenger space. It looks pretty cool though! The main thing that’s interesting about this mount is that it counts for the set bonus effects.

Set Bonuses

These Set bonuses are pretty lackluster. They require at least three items, which in my opinion should only be the Mount, Pet, and Wand, rather than wearing the gear. It offers a little universal damage, resistance, outgoing healing boost, and power pip percentage. There’s not a significant amount that makes this gear worth wearing, unless you are a lower level wizard.

The Candied Isles Village

I don’t even know where to start with this house. This is by far, my favorite house to ever exist in this game. It is absolutely massive, with a series of houses all linked underground, each with their own balconies. The house features a PvP circle as well, placed over a peppermint. In addition to that, an interactable chocolate fountain is in the middle, which can give items each day. The outdoors is absolute gorgeous, with an explorable mountain, and a sled experience from the top of the peaks. This house would also be perfect for a party, with plenty of space to hide objects…. I wonder how I could do that. Overall, I love this house, and if this appears in Throwback Thursday, I might end up a very happy wizard.

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