Wizard101 Hybrid Pet Audit

This article proposes a hybrid pet audit for some of the pets in Wizard101. Particularly, it upgrades the cards hybrid pets receive so that both schools receive spells that they can cast. One of our now-retired authors, Eric Stormbringer, reached out to Cori after seeing Cori’s ideas about this hybrid pet revamp in a thread on Twitter and proposed that she turn this thread into a guest authored piece on Final Bastion. Without further ado, let’s introduce Cori!

Hello everyone! You probably know me as Cori FireFountain in Wizard101, Alluka in the discord servers, Darius Abbott (Swashbuckler) and Galen Ashford (Privateer) in Pirate101. I aspire to make great pets for the hatching kiosk in Wiz and morph as much as I can with starting players in Pirate.

Eric Stormbringer reached out to me in February 2020 (I know haha sorry I have a severe case of procrastinating) when he saw a Twitter thread I had made about revamping the spell cards that school hybrid pets gave. It never made sense to me from a design perspective to have these really cool pets available to us but only one school benefitted from the item card. (i.e Forest Crawler hybrid between Wyvern and Forest only gives a 6 pip Frost Wyvern). So I said: “Hey, why not change the cards so that it benefitted both schools involved?” I am excited to see what different spell cards you guys would add or change in these old school hybrids! Let’s get hatching!

Cori FireFountain

Why should I care?

With the rise of Dual School Mastery in PvP and Kingsisle’s intentions for Dual School to become relevant in PvE, there are many creative directions in which they could push Dual Mastery. In this article, we will take a look at a sample of old school hybrid pets that could help push Dual Mastery in the form of Pet Cards!

Once dual school becomes relevant in the 5th Age of the game (not just PvP but PvE as well) we could see a potential shift for Rhoshambo to become increasingly important for higher level worlds. Dual School Mastery becoming important in PvE could be a refreshing take on boss and mob fights where players may soon have to actually think and strategize, using Dual School Mastery to accelerate themselves in boss fights, or even becoming a mechanic bosses themselves use (a Myth Boss Earthquaking every time a Death Spell is cast, for example). Additionally, if KI ever decides to lift the “PVP ONLY” flag on these pets and their spells, they could help PvE wizards in their adventures.

Additionally, the hybrid pets in this audit are hardly used anymore, as pets with better spell cards and set bonuses are already in the game (Kookaburra for Life PvE/Frillasaurs etc). We shall be looking at a small sample size of 2 pets per school and without further ado let us start this audit! Note that each Pet will give the first card at Ancient, the second at Epic, and its Gambit Spell at Mega.




Fiery Judge

Fiery Judge is a hybrid between Judgement and the Phoenix. Balance is tricky for me to get right. I have decided to focus on the Dust Storm Jinn gambit for this pet. Since a lot of gambits typically have (convert X to Tower Shields) I think having Meltdown to get rid of these triple shields would be great to leave your opponent open to the Dust Storm Jinn. Eye of Vigilance helps get pips quickly while getting rid of annoying weaknesses.

Desert Basilisk

Another direction that Balance can shift toward is “Anti-School”. Desert Basilisk is a hybrid between the Judgement and the Basilisk. Eye of Vigilance gets rid of Blades and Weaknesses that a Death Wizard may try to set up. Additionally, Delusion gets rid of Weaknesses and converts them into Myth traps. Spirit Trap accents a Myth Wizard’s trap stacking strategy, as it helps with their Scion Gambit. 


Mist Triton

The Mist Triton is a hybrid between the Bone Dragon and the Triton pets. I chose to focus on Turmoil Oni for this pet. Contagion gets rid of 3 HoTs from the enemy and converts them into 3 weaknesses. Oni’s Attrition gets rid of 3 DoTs from self, transforming them into 3 weaknesses. These 2 gambits cover Fire and Life perfectly and allow Turmoil Oni to deal a powerful 1670 Storm Damage. Dark Pact/Feint from a Death Wizard in addition to that 1670 Storm Damage allows for some even more devastating damage. 


The Grimzilla is a hybrid between Wraith and Stormzilla. The Macabre Jinn gambit is highlighted on this pet, as Energy Transfer converts a Life Wizard’s HoTs into Stormblades, shielding your Death Blades from removal. Additionally, Jinn’s Larceny converts enemy blades into Death Blades; soft countering Storm and hard countering a Life Wizard trying to blade stack.


Forest Oni

The Forest Oni pet is a hybrid between Helephant and Satyr. I chose these spell cards in order to accelerate the Infernal Oni Gambit. A Life Wizard could potentially use Fire Blade/Trap/Fuel/Feint TCs in order to deal huge amounts of damage. Or a Fire Wizard donning  a Life Mastery could also deal huge amounts of damage by first using Meditation. Oni’s Forge helps against Myth’s Jinn Gambit spell (Jinn’s Defense)

Fire Gnome

The Fire Gnome pet is a hybrid between Gnome and Efreet. I chose these spell cards to accelerate the Verdurous Jinn gambit. Jinn’s Affliction counters DoTs while simultaneously boosting Verdurous Jinn and Scion of Life. Backfire helps counter Myth’s gambits, Betrayal and Delusion. Since Life is supposed to counter the trapping schools (Fire/Myth) I find these spells to be fitting for the level 78 pet hybrid.


Frost Lord

The Frost Lord is probably one of the cooler looking hybrids out there in my opinion, being the hybrid between Wraith and Ice Colossus! I decided to focus on the Iceburn Jinn gambit on this pet. This pet is geared to hard counter Storm Wizards with Putrefaction and soft counter Balance/Death Wizards with Jinn’s Vexation. Death and Ice have incredible synergy: Iceburn Jinn’s gambit condition, Scion of Death, and Monster Mash all receive boosts thanks to the debuffs that are placed on the enemy wizard. 


The Darkwalker is a hybrid between Wraith and Ice Colossus. I decided to focus on the Doom Oni Gambit on this pet. Wall of Blades counters Life and Storm’s blade gambits, especially the extremely dangerous Scion of Storm. Oni’s Morbidity counters Storm’s Jinn’s Restoration and disrupts a Life wizard trying to set up a Life Scion. Finally, doom Oni could become a powerful 1000 damage Death Drain that a Death (or Ice) could abuse.


Crop Watcher

The Crop Watcher is a hybrid between the Forest Lord and the Scarecrow pets! Jinn’s Larceny and Oni’s Naturalism help accelerate Primal Oni to a respectable 1110 Life Damage! A Life Wizard or Death Wizard wearing a Life Mastery could take advantage of this awesome Oni. 

Astral Judge

The Astral Judge is a hybrid between the Judgement and the Forest Lord! In my opinion it is one of the cooler looking hybrids in the game. Dust Storm Jinn gets its x2 gambit from 2+ HoTs or DoTs on either you or your opponent, so Jinn’s Affliction is a big help for a Balance Wizard wearing a Life Mastery and a Life Wizard trying to get the x2 Gambit on Verdurous Jinn. I placed Righting the Scales here because it helps Balance versus Elemental Shields and Triple Towers. I found myself struggling a bit as a Life Wizard in PvP when a Wizard would spam their Triple Tower ramps and I couldn’t deal a lot of damage. With Righting the Scales, that could be a way to remedy this problem, while simultaneously giving a Life Wizard pips for their heals. 



The Wendigo is a cute hybrid between the Humongofrog and the Forest Lord pets! The Trickster Oni Gambit is the focus for the Wendigo, removing both weaknesses and dots respectively. The Trickster Oni can deal a whopping 1200 Myth damage if the enemy has 2 or more DoTs on them, making Oni’s Projection and Jinn’s Affliction a no-brainer for this pet. Additionally, this combination of ramps allows for Life Wizards wearing a Myth Mastery to utilize Verdurous Jinn without having to worry about weaknesses or infections from Death Wizards. 


The Frosthound is definitely one of the coolest pets I have seen! I even made it my Ice Crit pet back when those were good! Ice and Myth surprisingly have great synergy together, being able to get rid of both shields and weaknesses: the only things that could protect the opponent aside from Fortify and Brace. Jinn’s Defense and Glacial Fortress help Myth Wizards counter Ice and Death perfectly, and puts great pressure on the opponent as they see that they cannot effectively shield or weakness against a Myth with this pet equipped. And with Elemental Shields and Triple Towers being really good in the metagame, Phantastic Jinn has the ability to deal 1610 Myth damage if the x2 Gambit is achieved!


Rain Gnome

The Rain Gnome is a hybrid between Gnomes and Triton. I chose to focus on the Thundering Jinn Gambit for this pet. Tranquility counters a Fire Wizard’s Fuel or a Balance Wizard’s Elemental Trap and gives 3 HoTs to the Storm Wizard, allowing the Storm Wizard to deal a whopping base 2230 Storm Damage! Jinn’s Restoration allows a Storm Wizard to soft counter a Life Wizard’s HoT and a Fire Wizard trying to set up their Infernal Oni Gambit.

Cloud Beast

The Cloud Beast is a hybrid between a Forest Lord and a Kraken. I chose to focus on Life’s Primal Oni gambit for this pet. Oni’s naturalism counters Fire’s Fuel, Balance’s Elemental Trap, and Myth’s trap stacking antics! Then, casting Primal Oni will do a respectable 1110 Life damage. Reap the Whirlwind counters Fire’s DoTs and gives 1-3 Stormblades. So if a Life Wizard decides to Life Blade stack and then Reap the Whirlwinds before their Oni, the Oni gambit will clear the Stormblades instead of your Life Blades!

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