W101 Spell Ideas:
Fire- Archetype [Card Burn]

In 120 levels of Wizard 101 we have seen all kinds of effects: buffs and debuffs, heals and attacks-all of which contribute to the game we know and love. One of the few concepts that wizard 101 has yet to explore in depth is direct card manipulation. This is likely due to the fact that unlike other ccg games Wizard 101 has unlimited card draw mechanics. Wizards completely fill up their hand on the next round while also having access to a sideboard that is a 1 for 1 trade. As a result, reshuffle is the only direct card manipulation spell we have, something I hope this post will change.

In order to bring some new mechanics to the table I have invented a few spell archetypes for each school. Each of these Archetypes will augment a particular aspect of the school. I invented a school limited 4 pip attack, a school limited 6 pip attack and a pure manipulation spell that can be trained by other schools (given for free to that school and trainable by the other schools for one training point). Since direct card effects are not often felt immediately, these cards will be at or slightly above dpp and/or leverage powerful effects for their cost.

A seven part series with a single school focus for each article. This particular article focuses on the Fire school and it’s Archetype [Card Burn]

Cards made with Legends of the Spiral’s Card Creator! Check it out here!

Cards made with Legends of the Spiral’s Card Creator! Check it out here!
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Fire School [Card Burn]

Archetype [Card Burn]

This archetype focuses more on using damage as a control mechanism rather than more direct control that the other schools may have. As such it has damage that is based on the opponent’s hand as well as the caster’s hand. The damage spells are DoTs which Fire has all but forgotten outside of Burning Rampage. These concepts emphasize Fire’s role as large damage but spread over time.

Name: Stifling Canopy
Type: Attack/Manipulation
 Accuracy: 75%
Cost: 4 pips

Description: 50 Fire Damage+ 100 additional fire damage per attack card in opponent’s hand over 3 rounds to one target

Explanation: A powerful spell that punishes your opponent for keeping too many threatening cards in their hand.

Name:  Firestorm
Type: Attack/Manipulation
 Accuracy: 75%
Cost: 6 pips

Description50 Fire Damage + 150 additional fire damage per attack card in your hand to one target over 3 rounds.

Explanation: A card that can become immensely powerful if you manipulate your hand correctly. At max it can deal 950 damage at base to your opponent- competitive with most shadow enhanced spells.

Name: Contact Burn
Type: Manipulation
 Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 2 pips

Description5% of your opponent’s current health times the number of cards they discarded last round (backlash damage)

ExplanationA powerful spell that punishes discarding. It is balanced by the fact that it can almost never kill opponents (it deals a percent of their current health which means they can only die if at 1 health) as well as being risky to use. It deals backlash damage meaning it is unaffected by attack boost or buffs/debuffs on the field.

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