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As Wizard 101 approaches lvl 120 I believe it is time for us to receive some more utility spells. The Avalon update added a significant number of usable utilities to all classes. That meta also had the most balanced gameplay short of Pre-Celestia with 2 notable exceptions(Ice’s resist advantage and the advent of jade gear). I believe that an addition of suitable utility to each class could go a long way towards making schools more competitive although a real fix to the current meta would require a more comprehensive change to the PvP system. As such I have come up with some new ideas for spells using an entirely unique mechanic I will refer to as Shadow Lock Spells.

What is a Shadow Lock Spell?

A shadow lock spell would be a new type of manipulation spell.  Rather than costing resources(all shadow locked spells would cost 0 pips) they could instead only be cast when certain resource conditions were met. For example a shadow lock spell would require you to have  3 power pips and 1 shadow pip before you could cast the spell. Shadow lock spells would remain in effect until the caster no longer meets that resource requirement ending immediately if the caster does not meet the resource requirements.

shadow1This new resource mechanic would be referred as maintenance and would appear on the card above the spell description. The caster would also be able to end the lock prematurely but would have to pay the spell’s maintenance fee(in other words canceling a lock spell would require you to pay a price whereas casting and maintaining the spell comes at no direct cost)

As shadow lock spells are shadow spells they will have a downside. However, instead of backlash, shadow lock spells would restrict the caster or assist the opponent in some way while in effect.

Shadow Lock spells would also be further restricted by being single target only. In team PvP Shadow Lock spell’s of different schools can stack on one opponent but same school shadow lock spells cannot be stacked onto one opponent.

Note that while utilizing a shadow lock spell the caster would be unable to acquire any further shadow pips.

How would the Shadow Lock Spells help the current meta?

diego-renderAs I envision it, shadow lock spells would be designed with utility effects that are on par with shadow enhanced spells making them a viable choice in this meta. By having the cards focused on maintaining resources rather than using resources, it encourages people to slow down the meta saving pips and  creating combos rather than simply spamming a shadow enhanced spell as soon as they have the opportunity. Shadow Lock spells would also add restrictions to the caster while they are in play further diversifying the scope of options available.

The Shadow Lock spells share some characteristics based on the triangle of magic they draw from. The elemental shadow lock spells are very powerful addressing the weaknesses of those schools at the cost of being more expensive to maintain and restrictive(keeping with the theme of elemental schools drawing their magic from the powerful sleeping Titans). The spiritual shadow lock spells are less powerful but cheaper and less restrictive. Rather than addressing the weaknesses of the school they instead augment that school’s strengths(keeping with the theme that the spiritual magics are self maintained thus less powerful but more versatile). The balance shadow lock spell will have a median maintenance cost and focus on altering the rules of combat.

How would Shadow Lock Spells be Acquired?

Shadow-of-the-LandShadow Lock Spells would be acquired at specific questing intervals in the next world much as how the original shadow spells were acquired. They would be school specific and would not be able to be trained outside of the school of focus. Shadow Lock spells would come in several Tiers. First Tier Shadow Lock Spells would have a maintenance cost of one shadow pip and a certain amount of pips and are all single target spells. Second Tier Shadow Lock spells would come with a 1 shadow pip maintenance cost and a certain amount of pips and be more team oriented. This post will examine Tier 1 Shadow Lock Spell Ideas.

Shadow Lock Spell Ideas

Tier 1 Elemental Shadow Lock Spells

Name: Boiling Poultice

Cost: 0 pips

Accuracy: 100%

Maintenance: 1 shadow pip and 4+ power pips

Effect: DoT’s heal the caster for the amount of Damage dealt. In turn the caster cannot utilize any non-DoT spell for the duration of the effect.

Explanation: A powerful spell that gives fire a solid ability to heal. In return the fire is prevented from using any non-DoT spell which locks it out of important utility such as Efreet and the tri traps. This spell addresses Fire’s lack of an effective heal.

Why it isn’t overpowered: While on it’s face being able to attack and heal for a significant amount may seem overwhelming this spell does have the highest maintenance cost of all the spells while being the most limiting. It turns fire’s focus into a very potent tool but at the cost of becoming it’s only tool.

Name: Absolute Zero

Cost: 0 pips

Accuracy: 100%

Maintenance: 1 shadow pip and 3+ power pips

Effect: Opponent loses 5% of their maximum health each turn the spell is on the field. In turn the Ice wizard is barred from using any 0-6 pip spells.

Explanation: A more passive spell this spell allows an ice wizard to deal damage even when it is not directly on the offense. In turn the ice wizard is locked out from making non-costly moves. This spell addresses the trouble ice often has with closing down a match.

Why it isn’t overpowered: This spell is an incredibly potent finishing spell that can be used to lock down a weakened opponent. However the spell does leave you wide open for a period of  time and ensures that you will almost always break the lock if trying to use it in conjunction with a higher pip damage spell.

Name: Polarizing Bond

Cost: 0 pips

Accuracy: 100%

Maintenance: 1 shadow pip and 3+ power pips

Effect: Dispel all positive wards and charms the opponent attempts to cast. In turn all caster’s buffs are removed at the beginning of caster’s turn.

Explanation: A powerful utility spell that prevents the opponent from casting blades and shields while under the effects of the spell. In turn the Caster cannot buff and is forced to cast their attacking spell without buffs. This spell addresses Storm’s weakness to shields.

Why it isn’t overpowered: Remember that shadow lock spells would only remain in effect while the caster meets the requirements for that spell. This means that as soon as the caster uses a spell they will likely break their own lock. The caster is further restricted by being unable to cast or maintain any buffs while the opponent is locked down. Furthermore the spell only prevents the opponent from casting further blades and shields while in effect. Blades and Shields cast prior to the lock will be unaffected.


Tier 1 Spiritual Shadow Lock Spells

Name: Death Knell

Cost: 0 pips

Accuracy: 100%

Maintenance: 1 shadow pip and 2+ power pips

Effect: Each turn your opponent has a 5% chance of their hp instantly becoming 101. In turn the death wizard takes 5% their maximum health backlash damage each turn this spell is in effect. Every Death spell deals 10% more damage for the duration of the lock. Every self hit spell adds 5% to the spell’s backlash for the duration of the lock.

Explanation: A spell that augments death’s ability to slowly become more dangerous the longer the duel lasts. In turn it takes the death school back to their roots of sacrificing something to gain something else.

Why it isn’t overpowered: This spell has a very low chance of activating on any given round and comes at an ever increasing health cost to the casting wizard. As the self hit is backlash damage it will ignore the death wizard’s inherent resists so a jaded death would be taking the same damage as a traditional death. This spell is also the most costly of the spiritual shadow lock spells reflecting its exceedingly powerful potential.

Name: Reinvigorate

Cost: 0 pips

Accuracy: 100%

Maintenance: 1 shadow pip and 1+ power pip

Effect: Each turn you gain 5% of your max hp as healing at the beginning of your turn. In turn each round the spell is active there is a 5% chance of healing your opponent 50% of their maximum health at the end of the caster’s round.

Explanation: A powerful spell that is the antithesis to death’s spell this one allows the life to constantly gain health back each round. Note that this spell is affected by heal boosts and on field spells(such as sanctuary) so it can actually be quite a significant amount of returning health each round. This augments life’s ability as the premier healing school.

Why it isn’t overpowered: This spell while very powerful also comes with the risky element of healing your opponent a significant amount of health. Worse case scenario you could actually kill your opponent and have them return to life the very same round.

Name: Legendary Phalanx

Cost: 0 pips

Accuracy: 100%

Maintenance: 1 shadow pip and 1+ power pip

Effect: Summons 3 random minions to the myth player’s side of the field. The caster’s minions can only be killed via single target spells. When a minion is killed the caster is healed an amount equivalent to the minions hp. In turn the opponent may also summon more than one minion at a time and is healed 50% of their minion’s hp upon it’s death. Minions summoned by this spell can only be taken out with single hits and AoE’s that cost more than 4 pips.

Explanation: A powerful spell that allows myth to completely flood the field with minions. These minions ignore AoE spells for the duration of the lock meaning the opponent must dedicate precious rounds and pips to destroying the minions. If they do not then the minions proceed to provide utility for the master and with 3 on the field their presence will be significant. This spell augments myth’s lost minion role.

Why it isn’t overpowered- Even with 3 minions on the field the utility they add will be limited. This is further complicated by it being a random summon so you may get something like 3 golem minions or 3 low level troll minions. The opponent also has ways to address them via single target hits or summoning their own minions.


Tier 1 Balance Shadow Lock Spell & Counterspell

Name: Desideratum

Cost: 0 pips

Accuracy: 100%

Maintenance: 1 shadow pip and 2+ power pips

Effect: At the beginning of each round(during the card selection phase) a random card type will be displayed on the field(charm, ward, manipulation, damage, drain, aura, enhanced/enhancements, heal etc) The players must use that type of card on that round. If the opponent fails to cast that type of spell they will receive 2 -90% accuracy charms. In turn if the caster fails to cast that type of spell they will receive 2 -60% accuracy charms. Passing (whether due to hitting pass, fizzling, being stunned, or being dispelled) will not trigger the spell’s consequence.

Explanation: A spell that randomly requires one type of spell for the duration of the round. If the player casts that type of spell the turn proceeds as usual. If the player fails to cast the correct spell then consequences will be meted out. This spell perfectly fits balance’s role as rule changing while also applying significant pressure to both sides of the field. Do you want to cast your spell at the consequence of what could be a 2 round stun or do you delay your plans and meet the requirements?

Why it isn’t overpowered: As the effect is random it offers the least ways for the caster to exploit it to their benefit. The spell also has a significant negative backlash for the caster if he/she does not follow the rules they set themselves.

As shadow lock spells are very powerful I envision offering a counter-spell available to all schools for one training point at Diego the Duelmaster. The spell will require a PvP sergeant rank to acquire:

Name: Shadow Break

Cost: 1 shadow pip

Accuracy: 100%

Effect: Cancel 1 opponent’s currently active shadow lock spell.

Explanation: At the cost of a valuable shadow pip you can negate an opponent’s shadow lock spell.


Have thoughts on Eric’s Shadow Lock Spells? Have your own spell ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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