Card-Giving Triangle Jewels



Welcome to part 2 of this guide!

In part 1, we looked at triangle jewels that give attack, aura and enchantment item cards. Now, we continue with healing, shield, prism, trap, blade and minion item card-giving jewels!

Triangle jewels can currently offer you four things: an added pip chance percentage, an added accuracy percentage, an added shadow pip percentage an item card. In this guide, you can find all the card-giving triangle jewels, organized into categories based on what kind of a card they offer. There are also pet jewels (star-shaped ones) that offer an item card as a pet talents, but those will be added in a different guide.

Listed for each of the triangle jewels are the level of the jewel and where to get it. For jewels that are dropped by bosses, I have added a handy link to the wizard101 wiki, so you can find out more easily where these bosses are located. Some information may still be missing, because jewels are still a fairly new thing.


Some of these jewels can be crafted. Here’s a list of where to find the crating recipe vendors:

  • WC: Eudora Tangletree (Olde Town)wizard city crafting
  • Krok: Wul’Yahm (The Oasis)
  • MB: Felicia Worthington (Regent’s Square)
  • MS: Toshio (Jade Palace)
  • DS: Balthazar Dragonthorn (The Atheneum)
  • CL: Aegeus (Crustacean Empire)
  • ZF: Marwa Jadetusk (Baobab Market)
  • AV: Shane MacGobhann (The Wild)
  • AZ: Yaxche (Cloudburst Forest)

Healing Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels healing item card

availing hands

Availing Hands Citrine


Bubble Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels bubble item card

time of legend

Time of Legend Peridot


Darkwind Amethyst

Dispel Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels dispel item card

Minion Related Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels minion item card

sap health

Sap Health Citrine

steal health

Steal Health Onyx

buff minion

Buff Minion Peridot


Talos Peridot

troll minion

Troll Minion Peridot

Utility Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels utility item card


Blade Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels blade item card

(there is no entry in the wizard101 wiki for a single mythblade or balanceblade)


Deathblade Onyx

  • Level 95+
  • Death Jewel Pack


Fireblade Ruby

  • Level 95+
  • Fire Jewel Pack


Iceblade Sapphire

  • Level 95+
  • Ice Jewel Pack
  • Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack


Lifeblade Jade

  • Level 95+
  • Life Jewel Pack
  • Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack


Stormblade Amethyst

  • Level 95+
  • Storm Jewel Pack


Shadowblade Hematite

  • Level 95+
  • Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack

balanceblade 2

Dual Balanceblade Citrine

deathblade 2

Dual Deathblade Onyx

fireblade 2

Dual Fireblade Ruby

lifeblade 2

Dual Lifeblade Jade

stormblade 2

Dual Stormblade Amethyst


Dual Shadowblade Hematite


Trap Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels trap item card

myth trap

Myth Trap Peridot


Windstorm Amethyst

death trap

Death Trap Onyx

elemental trap

Elemental Trap Citrine

life trap

Life Trap Jade

storm trap

Storm Trap Amethyst

Shield Item Card Jewels

triangle jewels shield item card

glacial shield

Glacial Shield Ruby

forzen armor

Frozen Armor Sapphire

fire wall

Fire Wall Ruby

Prism Item Card Jewels

prism item card triangle jewels card-giving triangle jewels

mass death prism

Mass Death Prism Onyx


Mass Ice Prism Sapphire

mass life prism

Mass Life Prism Jade

mass myth prism

Mass Myth Prism Peridot

mass storm prism

Mass Storm Prism Amethyst

charm card-giving triangle jewels

brilliant light

Brilliant Light Jade

virulent plague

Virulent Plague Onyx



Are any of these jewels worth getting?
At what level and for what purpse?

Let us know in the comments!

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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • personally, I find the dual ice blade and dual death blade jewels very valuable for ice and death wizards as they allow for stacking of blades and can really lead to high hit values. Less so but still important for storm.

    • Agreed! I use those on my support wizards all the time!

    • i came here to see if there was any listing of a triangle bladestorm blade as that would be killer for my balance, and i have to say, dualblade gems have always been a joke. first of all, until you hit 100% pip chance, you should use pip % triangle. secondly, you get 2 gear blades from morganthe amulet (which has been available years before 2019) which is 1 more than what a good player needs.

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