Seeker Spells

It’s a new year and what better way to start it off than with some new spell ideas? Thanks to Legends of The Spiral’s awesome Card Creator tool (link here) I am able to bring these spells to you in the clearest way possible. Today’s article will center around a new spell mechanic I envision: Seeker Spells!

What is a Seeker Spell?

A Seeker Spell would be a type of spell that, when cast, adds another spell to your hand. The spell added to your hand would be added as a regular spell card, allowing you to enchant it. Seeker spells have numerous potential applications: they could allow you to summon copies of cards that you don’t have in your deck, and they could allow you to summon a card exactly when you need it. However, for my first batch of Seeker spells, I designed them to summon TC and item cards that typically aren’t available to the players to train or purchase. For the PvP top tiers, I designed spells that would be useful in PvE, while I gave the low tier PvP classes more potent PvP tools. In order to balance Seeker Spells’ powerful summoning effect, I made them deal 10% less damage than their equivalent pip counterparts. All Seeker spells would be acquired at level 78 via side quest.

Balance Seeker Spell


Explanation: As a top tier PvP school, I allowed the balance spell to add a PvE card to their hand. Balance struggles with Balance mobs and has no off-school AoE spells until level 108. Lernaean Hydra neatly addresses this issue.

Death Seeker Spell


Explanation: Death in PvP struggles to spike damage, especially from second. Deadly Minotaur addresses this issue while becoming more potent with the ability to further enchant it.

Fire Seeker Spell


Explanation: As a top tier PvP school, Fire’s seeker spell also gives it a PvE oriented spell. Between Meteor and Raging Bull – Fire has no burst Damage AoE, Fiery Giant bridges that gap.

Ice Seeker Spell


Explanation: Ice’s spell gives it a much needed high damage single hit for use in PvE.

Life Seeker Spell


Explanation: Life is in need of a low pip AoE for PvE and Potboiler certainly fits the bill. Note that Life’s spell was given a reduced cost of 2 pips to allow it to instantly use Potboiler the round after. There is little point in a low pip AoE if you still need to wait the same number of rounds to cast it as you would with Forest Lord.

Myth Seeker Spell


Explanation: A spell that offers less combo utility than Medusa, but does a lot more damage. Its nature as an AoE also makes it useful in PvE as a hard-hitting AoE until myth receives Mystic Colossus. Notice that myth’s spell was given a reduced cost of 1 pip. This is due to the fact that Lord Humongofrog would have to compete with Medusa and (in a PvP environment)-the more rounds Myth spends without stunning, the more likely they will not be able to stun at all during the match.

Storm Seeker Spell


Explanation: Storm has no offensive/defensive utility and struggles to deal with enemies in the late game. Water Efreet makes great strides towards mitigating this issue.


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