How to create your own House Glitch

Decorating homes is very fun until you come across a point in your wizarding career where your favorite housing item isn’t allowed to be placed in your favorite spot. Wizard101 housing items turn red to let home owners know that they cannot simply drop their items down. In order to use the full potential of housing magic, here’s a neat trick that can help add some life to your house. In Wizard101, this is referred to as a house glitch. It’s a way to give wizards a few more options on where they want to place down their housing items.

For a quick introduction to Castle Magic, check out my previous article here. Let’s see a few examples of what you’ll be able to create soon, broken down into steps:

house glitch

house glitch


Step 1:

Mot successful house decorators know how to get around housing boundaries but in case you don’t, watch this video I created explaining the few simple steps.

To save you some time gather the following materials:

  • wooden platforms (Can be bought in the crown shop for gold)
  • tatami floor mats (check the bazaar)


After learning how to create these special platforms, placing housing items in places such as in the air become easier. Therefore, now that you simply use tatami floor mats your options grow even more. Wooden platforms are really big however sometimes you’ll come across a housing item that’s too big to place on the wooden platform itself. By placing an item on top of a tatami floor mat then clicking on the mat itself, you can move around the item with ease as seen below:house glitch large

Step 2:

To make a shark attack allusion in a body of water, all you require is an invisible housing item such as pet bread crumbs or timers themselves (since only housing owners can see them)
It’s just a matter of buying the shark animation and a magical timer. If you don’t already know how to use one, reference my previous guide on how to enlarge things.

storm shark castle magic

Step 3: Enjoy the animations 

house glitch shark setup

house glitch shark

The arena glitch I made is based on the same idea. However, I simply used ice themed castle magic cards and a couple of make larger spells. It would take a lot of writing explanation to get my readers to understand how I did it exactly so here’s a visual instead.

house glitch arena

Learned anything new? Good luck glitching everyone 🙂 

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