An Introductory Guide to Monstrology

Monstrology is a feature introduced to Wizard101 in April 2017. This feature allows witches and wizards alike to extract ‘animus’ from creatures. Animus is the very essence of creatures and once it is extracted it offers different possibilities:

  • create minion Treasure Cards of that creature;
  • create house guests;
  • create Expel Treasure Cards to immediately remove a creature from the battle circle.

If you are a person like me, you’ll just go after the creatures to collect them all for your Monstrology Tome. You can access the Tome by pressing ‘T‘ while not in battle. Do note that this feature is purely related to the PvE side of the game as the treasure cards you create cannot be used in PvP matches.

Monstrology Tome



Apart for the wide variety of minions that are now available to us through monstrology, Myth wizards aka Conjurers can summon up to 3 minions at the same time!

The minions available as of now are: Undead, Wyrm, Polar Bear, Parrot, Treant, Gobbler, Pig, Mander, Imp and Elephant. They each have their very own extract spell which you will need to be able to extract the animus from the creatures. Those spells can be bought for gold from Monstrologist Burke from the common areas of each different world.



Each creature can drop up to 3 animus without any boosts. The animus dropped is awarded by always using the appropriate extract spell enchant and gives:

  • 1 for dealing damage to the creature;
  • 1 for defeating the creature;
  • 1 for being above the rank of the creature.

That totals to 3 animus per extractable creature. You can also use the Triple Animus Elixir from the crown shop, along with the Double Animus member benefit. That gives a total of 18 animus per creature.


Badges & Ranks

There is a badge for every monstrology rank you gain. Starts from rank 1 with the badge ‘Rookie Monstrologist‘ all the way to the current max rank 23 badge ‘Renowned Monstrologist‘.

Monstrology Badges

There is also a set of 4 badges that are awarded for how much animus you have collected with the maximum badge obtained at 20,000 animus.



Finally, there is that extra feature Kingsisle introduced to make things even more interesting, the Monstrodome! This spectacular housing item lets you add the treasure cards you create from animus and fight those creatures yourself with your friends. Can you imagine the possibilities!


Our Thoughts

Overall, the Monstrology system proves to be a very rewarding experience to those that wish to farm and grind monster fights throughout the Spiral. This hobby forces players of any level to go back and review monsters they may have faced in the past. Furthermore, if you are a housing enthusiast, you’ll probably have specific monsters in mind that really capture your house’s atmosphere in some way. They’re out there for you waiting. Go and catch them!

What do you think about the new Monstrology system? Is it good for the Spiral? What monsters would you like to capture? Let us know in the comments below.

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